Sunday, 23 November 2008

No snow :

I just wish that people would make sure that if they have an argument or a point about something that they are unhappy about would just think things through a little bit better to make sure that their argument is a valid one otherwise its just a waste of my time.
No snow so i had a playfight with cat instead [I have never met a bad natured cat]and extended session of cat fuss then had to go up in the attic to investigate a leaking roof which involves going up through the lofthatch without a ladder which is like gymnastics but very easy if you are able.Horrible itchy skin from crawling around next to loft insulation.Just listened to another rant from Micheal Moore about finding alternative means of transportation which doesnt involve an internal combustion engine.He has been well and truly fattened up on the Al Gore diet as he just appears to get BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER so Micheal Moore ought to try out one of the greatest inventions that mankind has produced which is the bicycle.Micheal Moore could do with a bike to get exercise and shed those unwanted pounds or tons of fat that he has accumulated.FAT chance of that happening as he is a Liberal and Liberals tell others what they should do without doing it themselves of course just like Al Gore.Micheal Moore is an overweight hypocritical profiteer who even invested cash in Halliburton of all things .Now thats what i call unprincipled especially from someone who is a Liberal anti capitalist.

I talk to my cat here to a certain extent and he definately gets it and this is one of the smartest cats i have come across and with Cats i find that there is a form of communication that is beyond talking that is more like an empathy plus i also find that cats communicate when we make eye contact as they are able to convey what they are feeling/thinking that way instead.Cats also like people who have balanced Yin/Yang like i have which means being Masculine while having a certain amount of femininity if that makes sense and i find all cat species to be Yin and Yang at the same time.

Very very intelligent creatures that when i have fights with them they never bite with excessive force as they realise its only a bit of fun.

An equal or fairly equal balance of male/female energy within a person creates a very powerful third energy which is a bit like Chi or even is Chi.


Get on your bike Mike but in the case of bailing out car companies in the US you are right except for asking Government to do the restructuring etc.BAD MOVE unless they follow the lead of Audi/VW etc who know what they are doing by way of an example or any of the Jap companies.

I am actually surprised that Chrysler are involved in this as they actually make good cars or at least the Jeep subsidary company do.

Sometimes he does talk sense and i share some of his views but i dont like him as a person and looks aside is it really necessary for him to have that baseball cap permanently glued to his head ?

Why should 3 US carmakers be given bailouts simply to keep them going as they are without any terms or conditions ??

This doesnt make any sense to me because if a company is failing then that company should be subject to troubleshooting to investigate and asses the problems within that are caused by bad decisions and inefficiency and stupid management/directors/CEOs and if necessary sack the Directors/CEOs and replace them.

They should have been subject to troubleshooting ages ago as they have been failing and they need this doing by talking to and hiring those who know what they are talking about instead of government.Study Euro and Asian car companies who are successful and build cars that dont fall apart and guzzle gas.Restructure and reprofile these companies.

If they are going to hold out their begging bowls then the CEOs/management/directors and unions need to be forced to make concessions that should be imposed on them after they have been subjected to troubleshooting which will involve creating new products that Americans want to buy instead of gas guzzling shit products that are badly designed and fall apart and break down every 5 minutes.

THeres NO reason for this not to happen in my opinion.

Unions wont make concessions and CEOS wont make any concessions at all .

Throwing good money after bad to simply keep existing jobs going that involve making shit products that no one wants to buy especially in this climate makes no economic sense or any sense at all.If they are failing now and wont change then surely later on they will fail anyway ?

If this is the case then let them fail or call in some foreign investment who know what they are doing as an alternative to taxpayer bailouts /nationalisation that doesnt solve any problems in the long term and surely if taxpayers fund bailouts then those taxpayers have a right to expect these companies to be troubleshooted and restructured otherwise its a bad investment ??

Stupid Liberals.It is they who are proposing the bailouts.

Clueless as ever and only interested in listening to Unions.

Fucking Idiots all of them.Liberals dont like capitalism and business because they are no good at it and clueless and giving them money is like giving money to children and letting them invest it.

Saving jobs for the sake of saving jobs in the long term WILL NOT solve anything in the long term.

And why is it that after all the taxpayer funded bailouts the government offers them nothing in return ??

Its no use telling us that its a good investment for the taxpayer if they get nothing in return is it ?? Thats not investing money thats giving money away and anything that comes out of the stupid fat ugly mouth of gordon brown is simply not worth listening to .This government has failed to build up a surplus of money instead of a deficit in 10 years of economic boom and has wasted vast amounts of money on what Americans call "Pork" and endless quangos plus the councils investing money offshore in Iceland.All of it is total ineptness.

This government wastes so much taxpayer/public money on bullshit and the EU and just about everything that you simply would not believe the figures.

MORONS and STILL people applaud Gordon Brown for taking "action".It doesnt matter what action is taken as long as action is taken and the DumbFuck Plebian Proletariat go along with it all even if they dont understand Politics and Economics and sound business sense even if its the wrong solution.Even so if everyone told the government they were making bad decisions they wouldnt listen anyway.

I was at work last week and listening to all this stuff ion the radio and i was overwhelmed by a temporary feeling of depression and hopelessness over how ultimatly fucked everything is and how its the fault of the people as well as government.

But i snapped out of it.

Its no surprise that the average Joe is a failure and Non achiever as they lack the intelligence to be anything else.They deserve to be losers.

Police in the UK are to be given more Taser guns.GOOD.Tasering drunken yobbish violent disrespectful anti social Fucks and Chavs in town centres at night/weekends should be encouraged as much as possible.I would love to be able to do this without any comebacks as there are far far too many of these idiots who just dont know when to shut up even when asked [even if its for their own good] and if they cant hold their drink and behave responsibly then thats not the behaviour of an adult.

Taser the bastards and bill them if they incur expenses from time wasting the Police and NHS and emergency services for example and bill them for all damages to others property for example and imprison and fine them if they assault doctors and nurses etc and give them some more ECT and keep doing it until they learn.

Electro - convulsive therapy sure does work and it shuts them up and teaches them respect and unfortunately its the only language idiots understand.One idiot i watched in a video [a white BNP thug] who was bragging to his friends about knifing or threatening to knife everyone in a chip shop or takeaway.I was involved in an incident like this less the knife where i had to "assist" the shopkeeper in ejecting a drunken abusive thug/moron from the premises and i enjoyed doing it.Great fun to be had there.I was accosted by an abusive drunk in Marylebone High St so i just kicked him up the arse into the road.Easy.

The only way to deal with chavs is to give them a slapping down that puts them in their place and teaches them a lesson they wont forget in a hurry.

Tasers are not really any good as i would want the kind of stungun that featured in the game Urban Chaos that doesnt fire projectiles but just fires a very high voltage charge that locks onto its target by itself and holds them there for as long as you like.This device would carry enough charge to electrify multiple targets if they are within a certain distance of each other enabling the user to not only kill/incapacitate 2 birds with one stone but up to half a dozen.Stop /start the ECT for added effect.

I dont advocate killing them but rather incapacitating them for easy arrest and processing.

Taser the weekend toughguys and Human garbage who wouldnt say anything to anyone if they werent drunk or in a gang with a good dose of unqualified ,arbitarily dispensed ECT and they wont bother anyone again for a long time and carry your own electric shock device .Shame they are banned in the UK.

I advocate Judge Dredd style instantly dispensed justice in this case with ANY kind of antisocial behaviour like Drunkenness and violence etc but i dont have a problem with them fighting amongst themselves though as it does more harm sometimes breaking up fights and i have been involved in fights that were broken up which was a shame because i was enjoying myself [not when drunk as i dont get drunk as a rule ] and they should stay out of it as its not their business.

I wouldnt mind trying out a Taser on Jacqui Smith after pointing the red aiming dot at her head.

I despise Weekenders and Weekend culture and it makes more sense to go out during the week or eat out at weekends and dont go in town centre pubs at weekends depending on the nature of the clientelle.I used to run a bar in a nightclub years and years ago and it was my policy and company policy to tell abusive and obnoxious MFs to either smartenup their behaviour and show some respect and ask nicely and politely or fuck Off and leave.

I find myself in the peculiar position of disagreeing with Al Gores man made climate change Horseshit ,carbon emissions etc while not tackling Deforestation etc while at the same i support the idea of finding and using and developing alternative solutions to fossil fuel like HEMP !!! but i have to draw the line at Agenda 21 if it goes too far in its proposals that possibly include an 80 percent reduction in human population for example .

Or DO i draw that line at all ?

Just wipeout 80 percent of them anyway and be done with it.More room and peace and quiet for the rest of us and the animal kingdom.

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