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US Elections/Trilateralists '08 ! :

Interesting article that sums up how i feel about it all which i have cut and pasted because i am too lazy to articulate myself in my own article .

Perhaps later.

I fully endorse this article and a lot of the authors other articles that are posted online.

"The Democrats winning Congress and the White House just had to happen. If we are ever going to change this country from an empire to a representative democracy, we have to rid ourselves of the notion that one corporate political party can do anything toward that goal. Barack Obama will be the catalyst for a new movement, away from false hope and false promises, not because he will deliver to the p More..eople of this country anything worthwhile, but because he won’t. This will be the final nail in the coffin of our corporatist society.

There are so many so-called “progressives” that have believed that it was the Bush Republican neo-cons that have gotten us where we are. This is wishful thinking. The Democratic 110th Congress did nothing but rubber-stamp every bill that was put before it. Democrats have blindly caved in to fear of being called “anti-patriotic” if they voted against the meaningless war in Iraq. They put their political fortunes ahead of their conscience at every opportunity, from Pelosi taking impeachment “off the table” to voting for the new FISA bill that granted telecoms immunity from illegally working with the executive branch to illegally eavesdrop on US citizens. They passed every military budget and went along with almost every Bush attack on our civil liberties. How one could possibly imagine that Barack Obama or any other Democrat could undo the damage they helped to create is just wishful thinking.

This election had to happen this way if we are ever going to understand what we are up against. I voted for Barack Obama because it happened to be a win-win situation. The truth must be told and this is the only way to tell it. When the phony left, the ones who claim not to be liberals, but “progressives”, understand that there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Corporate GOP and the Corporate Democrats, then we will see our way to a rebirth of our civil liberties. This is the only way to convince the die-hard Democrats that their party has changed, and not for the better. The American Empire is alive and well operating in concert with the DNC, make no mistake about it. I wish I was wrong, in fact I would welcome any type of change towards a real representative government that put the people first, but I am saddened when I write that all indications don’t point that way.

The time for real change is now. I must tell you that the change we seek will not come from the President-Elect, but from the disgust and anger we will all feel when corporate interests and the Military Industrial Complex (corporate welfare) dominate the Democrats agenda. War will not end; it will be moved to different theaters. We have seen both Obama and Biden accuse the Russians of aggression towards Georgia when most Americans realize that it was the other way around. These facts should not be lost on anyone. Many Progressives tell us that they will “hold the Democrats feet to the fire”. This is also wishful thinking. They said the same thing after the 2006 election. Their feet were unfettered and the only thing that was held to the fire was their concern for the majority of Americans that have been disgusted with their county’s behavior. Nothing changed with that Democratic Congress; excuse after excuse was silently borne by those Americans that should have known better.

Now the time has come to actually put up or shut up. Mr. Obama has already chosen a Democratic interventionist in Joe Biden, a man who never saw a war he didn’t like. The self-proclaimed Zionist that has stood with AIPAC since its inception, a man that ranks right up there with Bush when it comes to Iran and Palestine. Obama has also kowtowed to the Israeli’s, and there doesn’t seem to be any hope for those that want America to look at both sides of the tensions in the Middle East. We will blindly follow the Israelis as far as they wish to take us, for their own self-interests.

This is what we have to look forward to. We can count on the Democrats to put Wall Street first with more massive bailouts instead of fixing the root of the problems we have. Corporate self interest and government intervention will be the norm. I can see four years ahead when the Democrats will claim that President Obama only did what he had to do to ensure another term so then he will really be able to “fix” things. Maybe by then the majority of Americans will realize that they have been taken for a two decade ride. I can hope that by the time the next Presidential election comes along; both corporate political parties will be regulated to the dustbin of history.

I don’t want to make money or live in a militarily strong country. I don’t want to see America rule the world. I just want our country to do the right thing when it comes to its citizens. I want the middle class to grow again. I want our children to get a first class education. Terrorism is overstated and used to disguise wars for resources. We should be spending our time devising new alternative energies. We should be spending more on cancer research and less on weapons of war. We should be able to feed and clothe our poorest of citizens. We should stop borrowing against the future and we should be working to cure the ills of today. One more M1A1 Tank will not feed a community. The statues quo is criminal. It was devised and put in place by criminals. They should be charged for crimes against humanity.

Will this happen? I don’t believe it will. The next chance that comes along, recycled neo-cons will be put back in office four or eight years hence. We will continue to use the world for our military stomping ground. That is, unless we learn from what the new Democratic Congress and the new Democratic President will bring. I’m afraid we will again be hoodwinked. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. I’m hoping that won’t happen, but I have my doubts. I can only hope that Americans see this for what it is, and that’s just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Unless the Democrats develop some kind of conscience, or the American people develop some kind of awareness, I believe we are in for a very rough ride. Still, it has to be this way. I couldn’t have planned it better myself.

-- November 07, 2008 "Information Clearinghouse"
By Timothy V. Gatto

Really though i dont want to piss on anyones bonfire but real change doesnt happen by voting in a figurehead who represents and is backed by rich white elitists.A different set to the last bunch who backed the NeoFacists but really all part of the same club who have been fucking over the planet and its population for decades.

Change wont happen and it never will unless this matter is addressed.I have named a good selection of these individuals who are the cancer that is destroying this planet.

Democrats voted for the bailouts as well as Bush.

They all work for the same team.

Left or right it makes no difference whatsoever. You will only get the same old shit year in year out.

Nothing will change and it will take decades to sort out the mess caused by our presidents/prime ministers elect.

Nothing will change because people simply cannot grasp what the problem is ,what causes it and how to solve it.

I point this out constantly.

I speculated about Martial Law which was imposed to pass the bailouts.This much was true but the martial law was never imposed because the bailouts where passed.I speculated that it may have been or could be extended.It turns out it wasnt but thats the nature of speculating.It can be wrong but so what if it is ?

There is no need for big money to rule an election campaign.As the Obama has demonstrated the people can fund their own election campaign and get off their lazy asses and vote.

Shame it couldnt have been for a better party or candidate .they had their chance to vote for a third way which was Ron Paul but they blew it and the second that Ron Paul was out of the picture i knew it was over.People are too caught up in the Left/Right false paradigm to see beyond it.

However this very positive in the broader sense because they all participated and gave a LOT of money to the campaign.This is very encouraging as it shows that they havent all given up.

The democrats voted for just about every bit of Neocon legislation including Iraq and Bailouts.

NO word from the Democrats about removing the Patriot act from the constitution.

NO word from the Democrats that they will not adopt an aggressive foreign policy .

NO word from the Democrats about the problem with the FED.

Taxes WILL go UP not down.

You will get a depression as it is bigger than a change of presidency who helped cause it.

Joe Biden will bring change ??

Jesus ! Joe effing Biden !! But dont take my word for it look him up yourself and if you think he is going to look out for the little guy then you are reading seriously wrong information.

Dont think so somehow because if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem and that extends to voters as well.

There will be NO "Change you can believe in" unless you all wake the fuck up and face reality.

There will be NO change you can believe in because you all voted in a party/president that is part of the problem.

Theres too much of a mess to sort out in 4 years and its part of a much larger problem that the president elect partly helped cause.

The Democrats will fail because of this not to mention a myriad of external factors that will make this impossible to sort out by a new president in a 4 year term of office.

"Change you can believe in !" wont happen and when it doesnt everyone will vote Republican [not a bad thing if the NeoCons were kicked out of the party]or NeoCons or whoever the big money white elitists will put up as a candidate and then the whole sorry mess will repeat itself all over again as it has done for decades.There will always be Liberals.They are an unavoidable fact of life.

NO change.

NO progress.

Just the same old shit and it will carry on until everyone wakes up to reality and then maybe you might join me over here .Keep reading here and you will learn a few more home truths.

Its a depressing scenario but very easy to solve.

There is NO real difference anymore in the main political parties.Only superficial differences that soon disappear once elected.

"Is all this just words ? ......Just speeches ??"

Yes thats all it is because you vote in a party and they do what they like for 4 years.

NO accountability.

The Neocon cowboys ride off into the sunset taking the billions that they have scammed off everyone with them.

No chance of being indicted for war crimes.

NO chance of the NeoCons being investigated for other criminal offences.

Tony Blair is the highest paid public speaker ever after cheating and lying and selling us out to the EU.

Gordon Brown [unelected] approves bailouts and sells us out to the EU.

Banks are forced to cut their interest rates that they should have done anyway especially after they have been given billions paid for by fucking taxpayers.The bankers will be having a nice fat juicy Christmas while others face hardship.

The Lisbon Treaty even though it was tecnically defeated by the Irish comes into effect from January sometime.

Watch out.

NO comebacks.

Beginning to get the picture yet ?

HOW many more fucking times do i need to keep saying this ????


When you all finally choose to wake up out of your collective coma then you will get the change you can believe in but NOT until.

And just WHAT is all this bollocks about repairing relations with America and Europe for example ?

Just WTF is that all about ???

The governments of Europe or at least a large majority of them stood shoulder to shoulder with the US/NeoCons regarding Iraq and Afghanistan.

There was an international coalition remember ??

Short term memory loss isnt that bad is it ?

More or less everyone lapped up all that bullshit about "terrorism" the same way that they lap up everything else they are told by the media.

They were all complicit in it .

Its a hypocrisy really and as for "hating america" that i keep hearing about its really not difficult to differentiate between a country ,its people and its politics is it ?? The politics stink so hate the politicians NOT the country and its people.

Whats the solution for Racism in america ?

Racism - divide and rule.

We are all the united NIGGERS of the RICH.

Stop fucking talking about it and join up together black and white and bring about some real change we can all believe in by demanding an end to the above and having fair and open government that represents the people instead of big money because they are going to ruin it for everyone.

The next generation that could change thing are mostly a bunch of morons who look up to past revolutionaries like trash like Che Guevara etc and they see a partial failure of capitalism happening and book sales of Das Kapital go up by 300 percent !!!

Thats all they are capable of really .This doesnt work so lets all refer back to the teachings of Karl Marx !!

Fucking idiots.

Fuck all that stuff and all left wing ideaology like communism.

Thats NOT progress IS IT ??

Jesus Christ.

It doesnt work and will never work so lets have something new.

And forget Communitarianism as well which wont work and is already failing.

Globalism is failing and the WTO is a failure.

Its all spiraling out of control.

People are so stupid that they need an elected president to tell them they CAN do something when they could do it anyway.

How lame is that ?

This election also shows what a powerful medium the internet is for influencing politics.

This was lost on the Republicans.

FOX news is no worse than any of the other liberal Cock sucking media.It just has a different viewpoint.

Look up the Trilateralist Commission yourself online.

You all need to wake up and see the bigger picture.

The get out clause for Democrats having failed to deliver real change will be the mess "left behind by bush etc" while conveniently forgetting that Democrats helped cause it and also "global" problems like the "Credit Crunch" stopped it happening.Stuff like that and i can hear it already.

You are all being fucked every which way left right and centre until you WAKE UP !!!

And in the meantime either deal with it but dont start crying about it when things dont start changing when i have pointed out the problem.If you do this then you are part of the problem.


What is everyones contingency plan if this doesnt work out ??

In the valley of death i shall fear no evil because fear isnt in my vocabulary.

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