Friday, 31 October 2008

Lovely Levi Roots sauce :

Free Advertising :

I like sauce and i have tried all the usual types that are bottled and really NONE of them compare to this stuff.

Jerk chicken/BBQ sauce.

I tried it the other day out of curiosity and honestly its finger licking good.Its a bit like spicy brown HP and that kind of thing only 10 times better.Its actually IS spicy and rich and quite hot and sweet and it almost or does seem like its homemade and natural rather than mass produced.It tastes like what i imagine a victorian sauce recipe would be like.Authentic


Try it

Feel the love.

Cruise to the Bahamas :

Not interested.Its always a cruise to the Bahamas *always* the Bahamas.

Not interested in cruises.Too many people in a confined space.

I am interested in the Bahamas but not interested in these dodgy you have won this or that things.I just hang up.

Pub for sale :

Not a bad looking building and actually a very good one .

Its looks like a largely intact frontage with a tiled upstand or short wall below it.

Very rare to find an intact wooden shopfront like that.

The hopperhead and drain pipe looks to be original and made of lead.Beautiful.

Actually its modern and plastic [never mind] and the surface paintwork is very unstable.It looks a mess but is not as bad as it looks.Mostly intact and would look stunning restored incorporating the mural like i said earlier with the red parts repainted by Banksy.

The way that the downpipe runs around the window is idiotic .

Reinstate the Georgian squared windows.

Research its history and going by the outside there must be some interesting stuff inside and relativly intact historically

It would make a very good pub

The streetlights need to be moved.Both of them.

Nice door as well.

Its difficult to see how the lower half of the mural can be worked into a development without disturbing it.

Keep.The top half and paint round it.

Remove the plywood panels from the windows and hang them up inside the pub or whatever it will be as individual bits of art.Where there is glass behind the panels reproduce the mural on the glass and repaint it across the woodwork above it as existing.

It looks like the whole street needs investment and if it was a thriving area it would make a good focal point as a pub but not some stupid Banksy theme pub or art pub or whatever although thats really inevitable.
Just an idea but i think its a waste leaving it as it is exactly as seen.

This building should be listed.

Looks like an empty plot next door with the edge of a wall

Liverpool is completely underrated architecturally.

Underrated city really.

I like the scale of it and the fact you can walk around the historic parts in a day and there used to be streets and streets and streets of derelict georgian houses.Council housing stock left empty by Derek Hatton.No idea if they have been done up.

Years ago i used to see little Banksy spraypaint stencils everywhere around the Brick Lane area

Ross and Brand and the Daily Mail :

Hasnt the Daily |Mail got anything better to write about ?

Not really no so its a stupid question really.

They do love to indulge themselves in this kind of thing dont they ?

They love it.

Small things please small minds etc.

The Daily Mail is like a cross between a tabloid and celebrity gossip magazine

Today they have paid someone to root throuigh a whole load of tv to look for faults in it like someone said this - someone said that - someone said something else.

Controversy over nothing.

A sick and senseless joke made about the queen or something or other.

This is a pointless topic really but with all the shit going down all people worry about is stuff like this ?


Its because they are paying for it and they enjoy working themselves up over nothing plus there is also an element of certain people liking to kick others when they are down.

The Daily mail are complete and utter hypocrites themselves and they should be reined in as well.

Andrew Sachs does seem to have the right attitude to it all which is that he doesnt appear to have any ill will towards Ross and Brand.

Shit happens - someone is guilty and apologises .

Thats all that needs to happen.

Why didnt Ross and Brand apologise immediatly after making the call ?

Because for some reason they werent aware of any consequence and got carried away with themselves and thought nothing of it like but they must have been feeling terrible about it later.

OH FUCK !!!!

I know how they feel.



"OOOhhh and his poor mother she must be feeling ashamed an i would wash his mouth out with soap .....its appallin it is disgusting an i never liked that Russell Brand not from the minute i saw im...oooh it makes me so angry ..."

"Its a disgrace to the BBC and i resent having to pay for this with my licence fee and i am so outraged that i am going to write a letter directly to the director general of the BBC and give him a ruddy piece of my mind.Its a ruddy disgrace".

"I feel that it is a symptom of the moral and social decline of this country and what with the amount of money they are paid they should be punished in the harshest possible way.A disgrace.He should be banished to the Outer Hebrides."

"Good riddance to bad rubbish ! we dont want you here ,Let America have him and its a pity Jonathon Dross isnt going as well"

"I hope he learns from this and grows up bit and gets a haircut."


Peter Mandelson :

Its always Peter Mandelson.

I have a theory as to why he always kept getting kicked out and then getting another job back within government.Its potentially libelous so i cant say what it is unfortunatly.Others who get kicked out of politics for whatever reason dont get their jobs back like he does.

Just like politics in the US politics here is a sham with a whole load of stuff going on behind the scenes.

And this is another example of politics being manipulated by Rothschilds and other interests.Its the same names over and over again.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Comment deleted :

Comment deleted. [poo-sender]

A case of OMG.

Apologies for getting carried away with myself and pointing my finger at someone on the board which inadvertantly meant everyone.

I feel bad.

Kind of ironic because i have made a point out of the same thing elsewhere and how its wrong yet did exactly the same thing which has added to what i was saying .Its almost like i made an example of myself to make a point.

No problems understanding irony or oxymorons etc here.

I never noticed it until it was pointed out and had forgotten about it until now.

Not making excuses as i typed it but that should never have been said.

Its just not the sort of thing you expect to happen.

Apart from that bit of the post the rest of it sums up how i feel about it.

Any sane individual would just have a rant about it or type one out like i do .That shouldnt have been difficult for a scriptwriter BUT the mention of "better scripts than that etc " might have been metaphorical as well ?

I hope whoever did send it feels some kind of guilt .

I hope they apologise.

Both unlikely.

US elections:

I am losing interest in it now as its bullshit on both sides.Neither party are the answer and it is just a slanging match between 2 sides neither much better or worse than each other having said that the Libs have sunk to an all time low.I dont get on with their collective mentality.

Another 4 years of Neocons ?

Awful but still preferable to Libs.

Not because i am this or that but because i dont believe in George Soros and i dont believe in Rothschilds and i dont believe in Brzezinski [Trilateralists etc] which is who the vote is for really.

I wouldnt vote for a candidate who bases his whole philosophy and outlook and agenda on Saul Alinskys Rules For Radicals [a book] and i wouldnt vote for a candidate who is pro PNAC and is a Neocon [McCain] and even if he isnt a Neocon then he is still working for them which is the same thing.

Hardly any of them can think outside of the 2 party system and see that there is an alternative.

Racism etc on boths sides but the winners for Racism are the LIbs.

Its demoralising following it and depressing.

Its a sham.

So really whatever happens happens .

One week and counting .......

I dont have a favourite to win either as its impossible to draw a conclusion either way as there are too many different factors to take into consideration.

Voting fraud ?

Voting machines/Diebold ?

Something happening prior to the election ?

If so time is running out and *if* it does it more than likely be contrived to happen and that is *if* they try to steal a third election.

Hundreds of thousands of fraudulant voting forms were discarded [acorn] but how many genuine voting forms may have been accidentally mixed in with them ?

I think voting machines or voting irregularities or recounts are likely again.

Also outsiders like Ralph Nader might get a few votes here and there and upset the apple cart.Outsiders like them can make or break elections if the voting machines dont lose their votes.

Who knows ?

Someone might vote for Ron Paul.

I would have done .

Its a wildcard.

America is being destroyed.

Failed economic policy and failed foreign policy.

Approx 1.5 trillion USD "disappeared " from funds within the Pentagon just prior to 9/11 and it has never been traced.Donald Rumsfeld cant remember if its under the floorboards or down the back of the sofa or deposited in an overseas bank account.If only he could remember.......

Its bad enough here but they are a lot lot worse off politically than the UK and really do feel sorry for them .

Nothing i can do except sit back and watch the result but there wont be a happy ending and they are all in deep shit either way and its a sad indictment on Americans in general for collectively letting things get as bad as they have.

They have advantages as well like the constitution and the second ammendment.

I dont disagree with gun ownership in principle as its a last resort against tyranny.

Obama was talking about a civilian security force [a militia] as equally well armed and funded as the military yet at the same time wanting to remove or restrict gun ownership.

I think this was hypothetical as it is against he US constitution but not if you were able to rewrite or reform the constitution as i have heard may be the case.

So hypothetically i would rather have guns and not need to use them than not have them and need them if there is an internal brownshirt security force.

Why not recruit more police instead who are non political and autonomous ?

Is this like saying police are ineffective ?

Is it somehow better to have a militia that are controlled by government directly ?

Thats has very negative associations as far as i am concerned and isnt what you expect to find in a free country.

They have the right to legally remove any elected government at any time if they want to.

IT may also just be a straightforward win for whoever but i doubt it really.

Divide and rule.

Works every time.

Here are some of the disgusted Sun Readers or whatever that want them both to be sacked.

Not a pretty sight is it ?

They look like the sort of people you find in a queue to go into a bingo hall.

"Ooooohh i think its disgusting it is ,absolutely disgusting !! , Jonathon ross has got a mouth like a sewer !! ...Sack him ,the amount of money he gets paid its disgusting...disgusting!! "

Its like they dont like the fact he gets paid a lot.

Jealousy and sour grapes from a load of losers.If they werent losers they wouldnt be hanging round at bus stops.

One of them looks a like Harry Enfield and this clip is a bit like something from the fast show.

What an ugly bunch of losers and only ONE of them blamed whoever it was that let it go out on air.

The rest are just vindictive and petty minded.

I find them and their faces offensive but i dont want to ban them.

I wished they read this blog.

"Ban this sick filth !! Its disgustin it is ! ,the language is filthy ! ,It shouldnt be allared !!,mouth like gutter !!"

Its like they have never uttered a swear word in their lives.

I bet the BBC wont sack J Ross.

Too popular.

No more edgy comedy.

We dont want anything edgy do we ?

Certainly not.

Middle England.


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Amazing artist:

These pictures are by an artist Jean Mansfield who is a friends mother.She just does still life watercolours like these.

She sells the originals in galleries in Yorkshire.

No information about here available online apart from the pictures that are a list from a charity art auction or sale.

320 for her picture or 4,800 for a scribble from the chapman Brothers.

Something for everyone on that list.

Human Garbage :

Go here : to listen to human garbage and the feeble minded speak.

They all look like inbred white trash to me.

White supremacists.

Funny and sad at the same time.

Monkeys shouldnt have guns but lets not insult monkeys.

National Socialism and Hitler belong in the garbage can like these inbred fuck ups.

And the cowardly POS cant even say straight up to the camera what he is but tries to deny it .

Pathetic POS Trash.

Bastards nicking my oxygen and using up resources.

Worse than the far left or as bad as them.

I would say its definatly a case of not letting these fuck ups breed outside of their own immediate circle so the rest of the gene pool doesnt become infected.

Not much chance of that happening anyway as they probably dont get much further than a second cousin anyway so no worries there.

"Dont worry...he/she is from Barcelona !"

The Manuels are milking it for all its worth now or at least the granddaughter is.

She must be desperate to be famous !

She will do anything !!

She will open supermarkets !!

Weddings , parties , big brother , please get me out here i am a celebrity ! , panto ,I am so desperate to be a celebrity i will do anything !!,the x third rated celebrity factor or anything at all !!

So desperate to get on the lowest rung of the fame ladder its just sad.

Why bother going there ?

The only way is down after that.

These idiots think they have a god given right to be famous for doing nothing or anything buy nothing in particular.

Why not try doing something where you have to earn an audience first because you are good at something and have a reputation instead of cashing in on someone elses prank call at your expense ?

Max Clifford and the sun newspaper.


6th rate.

Give her a part in Eastenders or something 3rd rate on TV.

Max Clifford and the tabloids and all those third rate low level celebrities are rather like the lowest division in the football league tables.

The Desperate wannabe celebrity X factor :

10 contestants !

10 rounds !

There can be only one !

Only ONE of these desperate wannabes will become a real celebrity !

Who will YOU vote for ?

Which wannabe willitbe ?


Competition is fierce because none of them have any talent or anything going for them.Not even personality.

Celebranonentities !

Celebranotalentities !

And those bloody kids on tropical islands.

Feed them to the sharks so they contribute something to the food chain for once in their lives.

Sometimes it works though like Jade from Big brother.She has personality.


Ever tried explaining irony or hypocrisy or what an oxymoron is to a Lib ?

Dont bother unless you like banging your head against a wall.

Explaining what an oxymoron is to a Lib is about as productive and pointless and ultimatly as self destructive as banging your head against a wall.

Metaphorically speaking and actually true in a real sense because after a while you will be doing just that if you even bother to attempt it.

It just goes over their heads and their little brains just will not compute and assimilate what i am trying to explain to them.

Their brains just work differently and its almost like they are retarded or autistic .

They contradict themselves and seem to communicate and think like machines that are pre-programmed.

And its amazing how creative they can be when they are trying to avoid the subject or the explanation to how they are contradicting themselves.

So it does seem like they are aware of it sometimes and activley try to avoid it .

Anything that they dont want to hear or dont like then they just deny it.

Weird simplistic psychology.

They wont admit to anything ever.

Weird people.







"NOW !!"






Fuck it writers block.

The really sad thing is about all this is that there really is a need for change but the opportunity is being wasted in this bullshit election with the Democrats.

The only thing that stops the progress of humanity is their collective stupidity.

Why cant they just realise that the political system is a sham ?

They could have it all but they just throw it all away every time.

Too stupid to realise they are being led by the nose.

I see the Democrats as opportunists like the Nazis who came to power by exploiting the climate of Germany in the 30s who appeared to offer a solution.

Also keep having to explain that the BushNeocons are not wholly representative of the Republican Party.They are the ruling faction within the republican party who have taken over.They lean ever so slightly to the far right.

Also people will just not have it that Obama is not African American or black.He is in fact Arab American.Not the same thing at all.

Does everyone else have to say they are a different race than they are to fit into some kind of category ?

I dont say i am Arabic or African or Native American Indian or whatever and neither does anyone else i know so whats the big deal about saying that you are African when your not ?

I was born in Africa as well but i dont say i am African by race or by birth so why bother ?

I suppose he is saying African by birth not by race which really is fair enough having thought about it.He did have a rootless childhood which means maybe not knowing what you are.

He should say Arab/African/Caucasian/American to be exact and despite the 10% African there are Arabs in Africa anyway.

Perhaps that explains it.

I wannabe an African.I wanna be Black.I wanna be a Flintstone.

I wanna be like you hoo hoo ,wanna talk like you hoo hoo etc etc.

Who cares anyway ? Its just nit picking and trivial.

There are more important matters like Policy.

Ross and Brand :

Making prank calls of that nature isnt very clever is it ?

Rather like a couple of 15 yr olds who dont know any better.

Slapped wrist time anyway.

What pisses me off is that politicians are getting in on the act and condemning it.

Gordon Brown and David Cameron in particular.

2 worthless bits of garbage who should really just STFU and stay out of it.Lecturing others about morality and condemning othersd.STFU.since they are part of something that is totally immoral they are hardly in a position to condemn others and really a prank call is nothing compared to what they are responsible for.

I wont be voting for either of these tossers in any election as they both amount to the same thing and are cut from the same cloth.

NO difference.

Just a perpetuation of the one party system.

I could fill pages with immoral acts that both are responsible for so they should fuck off condemning Ross and Brand and carry on doing what they do best like fucking up the country and bailing out bankers by giving them free money or in the case of Cameron taking bribes and cash from Rothschilds etc.

Politicians love all this kind of shit as they like to get all self righteous and get up on their morality high horse when really they dont have a leg to stand on.


They did it and they apologised .

STFU and get over it.

We dont need mealy mouthed sanctamonious politicians telling us what is right and wrong thanks.

Hypocrites and i detest hypocrites.

Weak people are ALWAYS Hypocrites.

I cant work out if i like Russel Brand.

I think i like him for various reasons.

Others dont like him which makes me like him more and he doesnt seem to give a toss what others think anyway.

Doesnt seem to take himself seriously which is obvious and he does say some interesting things as well if you listen.

Its just the hair business.He should stop that at once !It looks like it would ignite because of all the hairspray.

I dont think he is that funny but just a big personality.

Now over to Jonathan Ross.

I quite like JR.One of the best chat show hosts ever.He is very funny at times and appears to be spontaneous with it too which is good.He makes the guests feel relaxed and they have a laugh and also he lacks pretension and again is not up himself in the slightest.A *bit* of a twit sometimes.

I like the way there are 4 poofs and a piano and the fact they dont take themselves seriously and dont mind non PC jokes about themselves.

All good plus points.

What are about all the righteous frothing at the mouth Daily Mail readers etc who wanted blood ?

Well who gives a toss about them ??

I dont .

Forget about them and let them continue their gray joyless little lives.They can look after themselves but will always be there unfortunately.

Its amazing how vindictive people are.Its a very negative thing vindictiveness.

Sack them ????

Well the fact is others dont want them to be sacked as others enjoy them a lot like myself.

Sack them ??

A bit harsh isnt it ?

Havent they already been publicly crucified anyway and been suspended ??

Not enough ??

Vindictive reactionary little people.

Its a shame all these petty minded little FuckTards cant get themselves all worked up into a frenzy about something important like politics or the enviroment for example .

Pathetic but its what i expect.




This just proves how easy it is to manipulate people and whip them up into a frenzy yet when it counts and they should be furious about something like the bailouts hardly any of them say anything about it .

They just carry on in their own sweet way muttering under their breath and saying musnt grumble and all that rubbish.

NO Backbone the English on the whole.

Just a load of ineffectual petty minded whingers but quietly of course as we dont want to draw attention to ourselves and make a fuss in public now do we ?

Are they a waste of money ?

NO but there is a certain amount of output that is a waste of money on the BBC like Silent FuckWitness or Traffic Cops or Match of the day but not much else as their stanard of tv is preety good.

Where else would you get the learning zone or Weatherview ?

The BBC channels are the only channels worth watching.

I wouldnt pollute my mind with Murdoch garbage.

Purveyor of trash and filth and lowest common denominator garbage who makes it into an art form.

No one should have that degree of domination over popular media.

A waste.

No free market in popular media.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Corpus clock conspiracy :

What the bleedin hell are they on about ?

"The very day the US securities and exchange commission, fearing catastrophic collapse of the US stock market, banned short selling, the Large Hadron Collider in Europe allegedly suffered a catastrophic failure…
Wake up to what is happening

On September 19, 2008, Professor Stephen Hawking and John C. Taylor unveiled to the world the “Corpus Clock”, a mysterious clock now on display outside of the Taylor Library at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, UK. Stephen Hawking returned from the launch of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to unveil the clock.

John C. Taylor said that the clock “is terrifying. It is meant to be… I view time as not on your side. He’ll eat up every minute of your life…” He refers to the “Chronophage,” the locust at the top of the clock as “demonic”, and states “Time is gone. He’s eaten it.”

The inscription at the base of this mysterious clock, which incorporates six undisclosed patented inventions, and which had components constructed at a secret military research facility in Holland, is from the Vulgate translation of John 2:17: “Mundus transit et concupiscentia eius” … “The world passeth away, and the lust thereof.”

This passage is in reference to John 2:13 to John 2:16, in which Jesus throws the moneychangers out of the Temple.

On September 19, 2008, the US securities and exchange commission, fearing total collapse of the US stock market, banned short selling, and the Large Hadron Collider allegedly suffered a catastrophic failure. Stephen Hawking had a $100 bet that the collider would fail to find the Higgs-Boson particle, otherwise known as “The God Particle.”

On September 20, 2008, Treasury secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress they must back a government buy up of $700bn dollars of bad mortgages.

We, a group of concerned individuals, have since the unveiling of the Corpus Clock been conducting heavy research concerning the creators of this clock, and the strange occult symbolism embedded within it’s design.

We are working to make our research public, in order to inform the public and allow people to draw their own conclusions about this mysterious device and its origins and purpose.
Corpus Clock conspiracy

At the top of the clock, is a mechanical device that John C. Taylor refers to as “The Chronophage,” from the words “chrono” (time) and “phage” (eat). The Chronophage, according to Taylor, is a “demonic” locust which “devours” the minutes of the day. Created by sculptor Matthew Lane Sanderson, the Chronophage is an implementation of the “Grasshopper Escapement,” a low friction escapement for pendulum clocks invented by British clockmaker John Harrison in 1722.

We find Taylor’s choice of the word “demonic” in reference to the Chronophage, combined with the quote at the base of the clock concerning the end of the world to be deeply disturbing in light of this passage from the Book of Revelations:

9:1 The fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from the sky which had fallen to the earth. The key to the pit of the abyss was given to him.

9:2 He opened the pit of the abyss, and smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke from a burning furnace. The sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke from the pit.

9:3 Then out of the smoke came forth locusts on the earth, and power was given to them, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

9:4 They were told that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree, but only those people who don’t have God’s seal on their foreheads.

9:5 They were given power not to kill them, but to torment them for five months. Their torment was like the torment of a scorpion, when it strikes a person.

9:6 In those days people will seek death, and will in no way find it. They will desire to die, and death will flee from them.

9:7 The shapes of the locusts were like horses prepared for war. On their heads were something like golden crowns, and their faces were like people’s faces.

9:8 They had hair like women’s hair, and their teeth were like those of lions.

9:9 They had breastplates, like breastplates of iron. The sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots, or of many horses rushing to war.

9:10 They have tails like those of scorpions, and stings. In their tails they have power to harm men for five months.

9:11 They have over them as king the angel of the abyss. His name in Hebrew is “Abaddon,” but in Greek, he has the name “Apollyon.”
Corpus Clock conspiracy

“It has taken seven years research and construction, incorporates six patented inventions, and is predicted to run for at least 250 years assuming the world lasts that long.” — Maev Kennedy, The Guardian, Sept. 18, 2008.

“And the locust went up over all the land of Egypt, and rested in all the coasts of Egypt: very grievous were they; before them there were no such locusts as they, neither after them shall be such.” — Exodus 10:14.

We will release our research here as quickly as we can compile together our data.

We provide here for your curiosity and convenience, the officially released video of the unveiling of the Corpus Clock and the Chronophage."

"The partys over ":

By Cindy Sheehan

The title for this piece was a very unfortunate statement that Nancy Pelosi made after she handed the banksters on Wall Street 700 billion dollars of our money. This was a whopper of a crime that bailed out fabulously wealthy people who took risks that made them rich on the way up and now again on their ways down. I don't know about you all, but I could have a heckuva party wit More..h 700 billion dollars!

One of the corporations that has now received around 100 billion dollars in federal bailout funds is AIG. This firm has continued to party all over the country: treating its associates to fabulous retreats at taxpayer's expense. Not only is AIG still partying hardy, but according to the Pelosi's recent financial statement, they own between 250-500 thousand dollars in AIG stock. Can we all say, conflict of interest?

I think it's about time that the establishment media here in San Francisco quit giving Ms. Pelosi a free pass on her unethical and non-progressive values and actions and start asking her some relevant questions. I think the new paradigm can begin this week when Nancy is on The Forum with Michael Krasny on KQED. We brainstormed a few questions that Michael could ask Pelosi…well more than a few!

• Why do you say that you are against the occupation of Iraq when you have given George Bush billions of dollars of "blank checks" to wage it?
• Why did you vote to give Bush the authorization to attack Afghanistan, when Afghanistan never attacked the US? Why did you vote for the freedom and Orwellian named stealing USA PATRIOT Act?
• What did you know about the administration's inhumane and grisly policy of torture and when did you know it? Why did you allow it to continue?
* Why do you support the No Child Left Behind Act that is effectively destroying our education system and allows for the active recruitment of our young people by military recruiters?
• Why did you give telecoms and BushCo immunity from warrantless wiretapping? Why did you destroy our 4th amendment by the FISA Modernization Act?
• Why did you give the banksters on Wall Street 700 billion dollars when people are starving and sleeping on our streets?
• What is your plan to pump liquidity into the people's economy to allow prosperity to gurgle up and no longer trickle up?
• Why did you take impeachment off the table when the Bush Administration have clearly committed high crimes and misdemeanors and why did you say on The View that you didn't know of any crimes Bush had committed after Congressman Dennis Kucinich charged him with 35 impeachable offenses? What are and what will the implications be for allowing BushCo to slink off unpunished?
• Why did you cave into the Republicans and allow the ban on offshore drilling to expire?
• Why do employees in your companies not belong to labor unions? Why do you support free trade agreements that oppress workers and destroy the environment?
• Why are you claiming in campaign literature that you obtained federal funds to clean up the Hunter's Point Naval station to help the community of Bay View, when the funds were to be used to decontaminate the area where you hope the new stadium for the 49ers will be placed?
* Why did your Congress not work to protect our elections from fraud and tampering of voting machines that can be easily compromised?
• Why haven't you held a town hall meeting in the district since 2006 but you have the time to sell books and fund raise all over the country?
• Why won't you debate your Congressional opponents? What are you afraid of?

I would love to tell Nancy Pelosi that her party is over, but I highly doubt that the establishment media here in San Francisco will suddenly grow some journalistic integrity and actually hold her feet to the fire where they belong.

I would also love to tell her this to her face, but like her best buddy, George Bush, she won't face me and answer questions about issues that truly affect us all.

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root---
Henry David Thoreau Less..

Fucking Disaster ' 08 :

Accident waiting to happen if these morons win.


Dont believe it ??

See you in 4 years then !!

You will get your "change" alright.

Seeing Nancy Pelosi and listening to her almost makes me feel like making a Nancy Pelosi effigy and sticking pins in it !

Thats how bad it is !

Unbelievable moronic incompetent idiot.

I dont recognise the Democrats any more.

And never ever ever did i ever think i would rather have the Fascist Neocons to win than that worthless garbage in the Democrat party.

I dont as i would have voted for Ron Paul instead.Ron Paul is a traditional conservative Republican in more ways than the BushNeocons are.They are a seperate breed who hijacked the republican party ever since Bush Snr was elected .


Ron Paul is from the Libertarian party.The Libertarian party stand up for what the founding fathers of the US stood for.

The Bush family are Nazi sympathisers who funded the nazi Party amongst others.

Still not as bad as democrats or what they have turned into.

Dont believe it ?

Their tax plans for businesses will result in streets and streets of boarded up shop premises and small industrial units.

Just you wait.

The taxless black market economy will grow to be bigger than the official economy.

And the funny thing is that polls dont prove anything.

More people here vote democrat than Republican !!

Not exactly because loads of people are replying Obama to the polls when really they will not vote Obama or Biden.They do it over and over again !.

Funny isnt it ?

However they might win but i can count my blessings for not having to live there.

Lazy builders :

Here we go:

Heres a tin of wood primer.

Heres a paintbrush.

This is a piece of timber that is pine or fast grown softwood as is the case these days as decent quality wood cannot be bought off the shelf.It has to be ordered or you find reclaimed timber.But lets not confuse the matter by counting the annular rings in the wood or anything like that.

This piece of wood has endgrain which is the bit where you count the rings not across the grain.this piece of wood if exposed to moisture inside or out will suck up water like a straw and it will rot away if it happens over and over if its outside in particular.

So take the brush and dip it into the tin with the primer in it after you have thinned it down and stirred it of course as you want the primer to soak into the wood NOT sit on top of it.

You will also make sure you prime all 4 sides of it AND most importantly the endgrain on either end.This is critical because wood will absorb moisture through each end instead of across the grain much more easily.

Easy isnt it ?

Why not DO IT then ?

Its like these lazy idiots are part of some work creation scheme where i follow them and correct their sloppy work .

I have to do this over and over and over again.Ripping bits of wood out again and again or windows or door frames or whatever.You name it i have condemned it and redone it again and again.

Building surveyors are just as bad who write out specs for repairs etc.NO idea some of them.When this happens to me with surveyors i have to correct them quite often as they give out a lot of wrong information.I am not professionaly qualified to do it on paper but my word has some weight behind it so it overrides their opinion of how to do a repair in the correct fashion.

Building seems to be the only profession that you dont need to know what you are doing to work in it.The whole industry needs to be much more tightly regulated as all that Guild of master craftsmen bullshit doesnt mean anything.Anyone can stick stickers on their van.

Meteorite :

I cannot explain this any other way.I have been through all the books on minerals etc and comprehensive guides and better or more knowledgable minds than mine have tried to identify what this is but no one can so far.

It does not correspond with anything i have ever seen.

It is heavy for its size and is the colour of lead yet the crystal formations are totally unlike lead ore [galena etc].The crystal formations are elongated and very thin but dont seem to form a typical shape as they are all massed together randomly and some appear to be hollow and are crossed over each other in no particular order and at conflicting angles.They seem more like layers than crystals.It is metallic in appearance.

Its 4" across.

It smells like matches or fireworks or gunpowder yet it wont burn when exposed to a flame.Normal heat temperatures dont affect its integrity at all so it must have been exposed to an extreme temperature and even that had very little effect.

It seems to be a part of something as either end of it has a scorched pitted surface that looks like it has been exposed to intense heat as the material itself is very hard.The heat burned surface extends to about 1 cm below the surface.this is not the symptom of having been formed or exposed to volcanic activity either

It needs to be analysed more.

I say its hard but if i scratch it leaves a grey deposit like graphite.

Weird .

It came out of an abandoned folly in the grounds of a country house in was called the shell house and the walls inside were covered in shells and mineral specimens and crystals that were bedded into the plaster.A lot of them had fallen out and were lying on the floor with all the crumbling plaster.Some of the rocks and minerals were deteriorating.The surface of the shells that were important specimens were ruined by a white bloom on the surface that was impossible to remove.The whole thing was unrestorable.The shells and rocks and cora were probably a collection from someones grand tour.

I took a few home.

Why cant some people read ?

Honestly you explain something and make it crystal clear but others can still get it wrong and miss the point !

Why is this then ?

It all depends who is doing the reading really and it really helps if the individual who gets it wrong is more often than not someone i am not liked by so they have a slant already and it influences the way they read and interpret the comment.They look for convenient little points of entry to reply to the comment which suits their agenda just to have a little dig at ones self.Sort of loaded really and if you meet someone who has a loaded agenda then they are incapable of having an objective opinion of the individual they are having a go at.

Sort of like forming an opinion about someone they dont know or dont like and reading what they like into someone elses character even if its not there.Its all an assumption.You become what they want you to be .

Hypothesis :[Just to spoonfeed it for them !]

For example : Peterwolf is a convicted rapist .[bit of an extreme example but its suits the point i am making [If the morons can read properly]but no more extreme than the allegation of Racism.

PeterWolf was convicted of rape but later aquitted and exonerated of all charges because the case was thrown out of court for whatever reason but i dont have time to explain all the whys and wherefores of how this could happen but we work under the assumption that the defendant is innocent of all charges now and before and we will stick to the actual event.

Now others who are friends of the prosecution who were present at the time of the alleged event [but not at the time that the incident allegedly took place] say they saw peterwolf talking and looking at the woman in question and later on they saw Peterwolf insisting that she take him up on the offer of a drink.They also saw Peterwolf touching her leg while sitting at the bar with the prosecution.The prosecution said yes to the drink and made small talk.

Shortly after that the prosecution made her excuses to leave for a few minutes to use the bathroom.

No problem.peterwolf thought i might do the same.Now is a good a time as any.WE also work under the assumption that the bar had gender assigned washrooms not mixed.

Peterwolf left the washroom after a duration of 4.00 minutes and returned to the bar.

The prosecution was not present at the bar at this point .

Peterwolf still sitting at the bar 5 minutes later wondering where the hell she is .

Then she appears back at the bar and looking disturbed and ruffled.She started to tell everyone in the room that the defendant had just raped her.The defendant was shocked to say the least and denied it.

The other witnesses and friends of the prosecution all the while asserted that their friend would have no reason to make a story like that up.

The defendant was arrested and gave a statement that was correct.

The prosecution also gave a statement to the opposite.Her friends gave statements about the lead up to the incident.

Anyway blah de blah de blah long story short NO rape took place.

The prosecution tried there hardest to make the lead up to it look to all intents and purposes as if 2 + 2 = 5 when in fact 2 + 2 =4 and used it as ammunition to try to stitch someone else up .All based on an assumption and that suited their agenda and their slant against the defendant.

Why the need to do this ?

Why the need to falsify an alleged rape that never happened ?

Why ?

It turns out the prosecution already knew or at the very least was due a certain amount of familiarity from the defendant because they had chatted before once or twice in the same place.

The defendant had previously said something to the prosecution that in hindsight was NOT such a good idea.

The prosecution played on and exploited this fact that the defendant never denied.

The defendant was subjected to having to provide evidence that NO rape took place as did the prosecution as it was decided that other witnesses saw the defendant enter and leave the washroom was not good enough as they could have been paid off or were friends of the defendant.

Only one way to settle this .

Use the evidence [DNA] that the prosecution was forced to provide to be able to file a charge of rape.

The evidence said negative.

The prosecution and her friends etc still allege or at the very least say that the defendant was still guilty to others.Same thing.

The case continues.

The defendant cannot escape the stigma of Rapist .

NO matter what.

It seems like whatever you say is never good enough for some individuals who for personal reasons have a slant against the defendant.The refuse to listen and want it their own sweet way so they latch onto the charges that were dropped because they cannot get over themselves and either forgive and forget OR study the evidence OBJECTIVLY.

Important word that is objective.

Objectivity does not suit the individual with the biased and bigoted agenda while at the same time and heres the funny bit they accuse the defendant of being bigoted !

Tell you what though i never bear grudges and i can forgive others especially if they are not guilty or even understanding their position if they were or are.

Quite honestly some people are pathetic .

No sense of irony or hypocrisy.

I think people who are hateful ,spiteful and bear grudges etc are fucked up and i would hate to be in their inadequate fucked up shoes for whatever personal reason that is.

Simple psychology.

Textbook predictable psychology.

Either that or a poor grasp of English.

Theres no way i am not going to defend myself when others call me a loony or a Racist or a bigot online.

Its like being labeled a Paedophile.

If i was i would stick my hand up and say i am because i am not scared of anyone or anything.

I am honest to the Nth degree to my detriment with EVERYTHING.

"Exposed". I dont fucking hide anything.

Hypocritical sanctamonious POSs.

Its only the third time it has happened but if it continues i can and will file cease and desist order.Its very simple but before you know it i am claiming damages for defamation of character.Lots of damages for damages to my reputation but anyone who knows me doesnt believe bullshit like that but what about others who dont ?

Libel plain and simple unless its proved unequivocally that i am insane and a racist.

What might they be thinking ?

Dont take me for a loony either as i am known to a lot of people and i can of course provide plenty of unbiased character statements as well.Professional people who like me dont lie.

Personally i think its a lot more sensible to let sleeping dogs lie.

If they stop then i stop but if they dont then i wont.


Its not my call to make.

I am as clean as a whistle myself.My conscience is clean.

If i wasnt clean i would not be posting this post .

I still have the Urban dictionary thing to sort out as well.

My bite is much worse than my bark .

I also have the decency not to name names.

Axe to grind anyone ??

Bring them all here .

Also i am used to a higher standard of intellect than this [the accusers].This is boring.I can do this in my sleep.

No challenge.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Clocks going back :

"OOh an extra hours daylight ! "

What was that ?? An extra hours daylight ? Its not an extra hours daylight stupid.You have just moved the clocks back by one hour thats all.Not quite the same thing as an extra hours daylight is it ??

Its a bit like having to teach young children or explaining to idiots that the earth isnt flat.

Beautiful picture :

I love this picture.It reminds me of From Hell by Alan Moore.

I just need someone to photoshop out the incongurous goods vehicle as it ruins it !

The sky in the picture is fantastic.

Nature killers /general rant about life here :

People make me sick.

People like killing nature.

I live in a house that has no garden of its own ,only a courtyard with parking spaces in it that has a bricked surface that are laid in a herringbone pattern.I share the space with 2 other houses that are both rented out like more or less every fucking house or flat that is rented out.I am sick and tired of everything being rented out here.Its like renterd acommodation city.

"flat to rent - House to rent - Flat to rent - house to rent ...."

Aw fuck off the lot of you.Try getting a job and earning money instead of living off the backs of others.


Anyway to get back to the point of this post:

Little bits of nature had managed to establish itself in various places in the yard.About half a dozen different species to be exact.

Over the course of the weekend i have had both sets of houseowners next door doing their tidying up which means that they have stripped out all the plant life that was growing including the daisies that were growing in a clump outside next doors house which i thought looked beautiful and i always looked at them when i was outside.


Its like i have had my space invaded by others who dont live here .


I caught one set on saturday who were weeding and i had a chat and asked them to leave the daisies alone because i like them.

She said "Why they look horrible ...etc etc ".

She left them but stripped away everything else but i went to work today and came back home and the other set of homeowners have stripped out the daisies so now there is NOTHING.Just a sterile empty yard which i dont even like anyway.

I understand that Mr + Mrs Suburbia who live elsewhere want to rent out the house again and must have been concerned that the Daisies might be offensive to the new tenants who will move in at some point.

Fuckers but its alright for them as they most probably have gardens of their own and it doesnt take much to work out what their gardens are like.They probably have lawns that have lines on them .

Cat liked one corner and would always sit amongst the leaves and tall plants.It was his little bit of nature.Now its empty.

Most humans have NO understanding of nature whatsoever and see nature as an adversary rather than something to enjoy.They are always fucking about with it like clipping bits off trees or cutting them down and polluting the soil with weedkiller or panicking about the length of the blades of grass on their lawn.

Clueless fucking idiots who only deserve to live in a concrete enviroment with no trees.You cant even plant saplings in town because some fuckwitted little **** comes along and snaps them in two.

None of them give a fuck about nature .All they care about is stuffing their faces and watching TV and shopping.

Honestly if they all got wiped out with some plague or virus i would celebrate and have a party.A bit like I am legend.I fantasise about being in that kind of situation and oddly enough i was listening to a Ricky Gervaise interview on Steve Wright and he was saying exactly the same thing.

Peace at last !!!!

Humans just destroy their own enviroment.

Perverse and i never will understand it.

The human species sickens me on the whole.

Across the road is a church garden that is a mess because it isnt looked after at all .The flower beds are just soil mostly.You are not supposed to see soil in flower beds.They should be fully stocked up with plants.Stupid fuckers.People sit in it but just drop their litter and tread their fag ends into the lawn and wear the grass away and stuff litter in the hedge [out of sight - out of mind].There are 5 Horse Chestnut trees on one side.Someone was saying that they are diseased.Jesus H Christ they are not fucking diseased.Its wind burn from the sea because the wind blows up the road opposite like a wind tunnel off the sea and it kills off the leaves if you get gales or stormy weather in the spring.

Why not just cut the fuckers down anyway and have done with it ??

Every bit of green space is under seige around here.What little there is.

I am off in the spring to pastures new and i am going back to live next to nature and woods again like before as i am deeply unhappy living in this enviroment.I need to get back to nature again badly.I loose track of the seasons and miss hearing the dawn and dusk chorus and the crows and ther wood pigeons and the owls and the foxes at night.

Fuck people and their litter and noise and pollution.

There is a garden at the back of the house here that is just used as a dumping ground that is attached to a house of multiple occupancy that is full of transients and it looks like a fucking slum.They are always tidying up the garden.The landlord sends round some dipshit who mows the lawn every so often and cuts down all the weeds at the edges.None of the tenants use the green space or even give a shit about it.

As long as the lawn is kept short then everything else can go to hell.

How about a coat of paint on the front of the house [the HMO] as the paint is all peeling and looks like shit ??

No chance.Too much expense for the slum landlord from Shithole south east london.

How about cleaning the windows once in a while ??

How about curtains in the windows or blinds instead of bits of fucking filthy rags or sheets ?

I knew this street would go downhill when they took over that property.

They made a piss poor effort of painting the ground floor but they leave the rest as they seem to think that no one looks up and sees the state its in.

I had to fight a planning application with others to stop them extending the building and filling it up with an extra 24 bits of transient trash.

I am sick of transient people .

I am quite into the idea of ley lines and earth energies and Brighton is polluted by negative earth energies and i can feel it all around like bad vibes.Brighton is particularly bad for this and i find Hastings has a much cleaner , clearer vibe to it.

In the spring i am off never to return for the sake of my sanity.

I need some headspace.

Theres no real darkness either at night.Too much light pollution etc.I prefer pitch black as that is what i am used to until i moved here.

The road i used to live in in Hastings was private and not owned or ruled by the local council and their fucking parking restrictions.I can park where the fuck i want there and do what i want.

Good riddance to the guy who lives in the mews behind here who continually sticks up notices outside here on the bit of land owned by us that has got nothing to do with him whatsoever and who tells my friends that they cant park on it when i say they can.Its none of his fucking business.Its my fucking business OK NOT yours.

Plus he places traffic cones or bits plastic rubbish and stolen roadworks signs as obstacles to stop parking on it when he parks on it himself when he has NO right to.Its at my disgression that i allow him to.I ask him nicely NOT to place ANY more traffic cones etc on it anymore.

SO whats this then ??

Another 2 or 3 traffic cones have appeared after i specifically said NO more.

Here then you have them back .I dont want them.

He is charm personified to my face but as soon as my back is turned he is scurrying around replacing the cones or sticking notices up saying "Cars will be clamped etc etc".Sticking notices on my friends cars when they are in here.

He seems to have a very poor understanding of English apparently because he doesnt seem to understand mine mostly because i am too reasonable and polite.

Which bit of what i have just said dont you fucking understand ?

I need to assert myself a bit more and scare the shit out of him to make him sit up and take notice.People always take advantage of my pleasant and easy going nature until i show them the not so easy going side of me but no one can say i dont try.I dont shout or even raise my voice.I dont need to.

I wish i didnt have to resort to that but people give me no choice and they have to learn the hard way over and over again not to take the piss and learn they do as they never do it again after that happens.Never.

Unbelievable and sooner or later i am going to clamp his fucking neck with both my hands and lift him up off the ground with it.I probably wont do this but its a nice thought anyway.

Elsewhere along the road i am working on a flat with a friend and i park my bike to the railings outside and lock it up.The guy from next door asked if i would stop doing this because he doesnt want others chaining bikes to his railings.Fair enough i say.No problem i say.Reasonable is my middle name.So what does this idiot do ?

In the basement next door lives a girl called Susie who has a young child or 2.Her bike with a childs seat on it was locked to the railings outside her flat temporarily today.

So what does the nice charming guy who asked me not to park my bike on the railings do to her bike when her back is turned ??

He pours superglue into the lock on her bike !!!

Unbelievable !!!

He doesnt wants bikes there but he sabotages her lock so she cant move the fucking thing at all !!!

What kind of fucked up twisted logic is that ???

I know he did this and he could just as easily have chatted to Susie instead about it ?

Always fucking cowards these people as well.

WTF is wrong with these people ??

If that was my bike that he sabotaged then would have sorted him out as well and he would have to pay compensation.


I have to cut through her lock with a disc cutter now.

I am never going to talk to that guy again after that disgraceful act.

Bloody people.

Moving is the path of least resistance but the best thing.

Life is too short to spend somewhere you dont like.

Fucking load of trash with their antisocial behaviour.

I never used to have problems with neighbours before living in Brighton and all my old neighbours in Hastings want me to move back there.

I need some sanity in my life.

And just WHO is it that continually vandalises bikes in the street by jumping up and down on their wheels and bending them out of shape etc ??

I never seem to see them do it.

AND i have had a dozen mountain bikes nicked since i have lived here.

A dozen !! plus various other examples of theft.

I have often thought of setting traps for them like leaving a bike unlocked and then watching and waiting .....

I caught a pisshead/drughead who tried to nick my bike and the POS has a go at me and wouldnt let it go !!

"This is BRIY-UN " or some kind of shit like that plus loads of abuse.

I dont give a fuck where THIS IS so give me that fucking bike back before i fucking take your head off.I have got a short fuse and i get can get pretty fucking pissed [angry] so give it up before i lose it with you.

City/town life is not for me.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Somethings cooking :

Obama And The Predicted World Crisis

'It all began when former State Department chief, Colin Powell, endorsed Barack Obama for president on Meet The Press, October 19 2008. Obama responded by saying, “Powell will have a role as one of my advisers.” Attached to his endorsement of Obama, Powell leaked an Obama-camp agenda about a coming crisis: "There's going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January which we don't even know about right now." On the very same day, (what a coincidence!), while at a Seattle fund raiser, Obama’s VP pick, Joe Biden, expanded on Powell’s prediction, by saying that the ‘crisis’ will be one of “international” proportions:'

“There are going to be a lot of tough decisions Barack’s gonna have to make, including foreign policy. Mark my words, it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.

I guarantee you it’s gonna happen. And he’s gonna need you to stand with him. Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially that we’re right. So there’s gonna be some tough decisions. They may emanate from the Middle East. They may emanate from Russia’s newly-emboldened position because they’re floating in a sea of oil."

A crisis that they dont know about yet even though a date has been fixed for it ?

Trilateralists are taking over or have already taken over.

Brzezinski , Rockefeller , etc.

Trilateralists have been influencing politics behind the scenes officially since the 70s when Jimmy Carter was elected and a good while before that unofficially.

Trilateralists are those who own the Democrats and Nobama but some of the Rothschilds have defected to the right [Rockefellers] as the Democrats have swung too far to the left with NoBama and are scared shitless by the taxation as if they would pay any anyway.

If this is the case then the election must be a foregone conclusion.

Not so unless the right have already decided that they dont want to win.

It depends on voting machines and a whole load of other factors.

Its going to be very very interesting what happens and potentially mass civil unrest if the Democrats lose which says rather a lot about their voting base and supporters.

I always thought Liberals were anti - violence but they are in fact worse than the right such is the case with Hypocrites.

According to some Brzezinski has taken over US foreign policy and was making changes to the US Airforce 9 months ago that included spending on it.

In preparation for something ?

Not sure if this means Iran.I dont think it does as there is talk of a peaceful settlement to that and a peaceful solution for Israel and Palestine.
The Israelis say so themselves.

So i think it will involve Russia.

I was talking about this months ago

unfinished :

Another wet Sunday :

Anyone ever noticed that a disproportionate of Sundays are wet ??

This goes way beyond the law of averages.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Unexplained phenomena :

Never mind dark matter.

Never mind quantam mechanics.

Never mind black holes.

Just why is this woman popular ?

It defies rational sense and logic.

White flag

Shite flag.

I cant stand it and the new song sounds like a parody.


Insipid wallpaper coffee table

"I'm not a happy bunny today ,

I'm not a happy bunny today ,

Make those grey clouds go away ,

Make those grey clouds go away ,

Yesterday seems so far away before my boyfriend went away...

I'm not a happy bunny today

I,m not a happy bunny today

"I might have been a singer .......

Who sailed around the world.......

I might have woken up without you...

Just here all on my own ...

I might have forgotten to write a tune .......

To go with the words i sing ........

[chorus - every song i sing etc ]

My music is so very boring .....

I should probably have a sign ....

To warn off unwary listeners ....

As all i do is winge and whine ....

I always sing about the same thing ....

Time and time after time ....


Every song i sing sounds just the same...

Every song i sing sounds just the same ...

Every song i write is utter shite ....

All my music just sounds trite ...

Every day is always so grey .....

Make those dark clouds go away ....

Every time i write a new song.....

It sounds just like before

Every time i sing a new song ....

Its a complete and utter bore....

The way i sing will never ever change ....

Because i just dont have any range .....


If i dont believe in love then i dont believe in ..... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz ...snore.....

The aural equivelant of a tepid cup of tea.



I just dont get it.

I dont even like her look either and i dont like her accent and the way she talks as it grates in the way quite a few womens voices grate on my ears when they talk.

Out of listening to both albums i like 3 tracks.

No more than that.

The rest of it is unmemorable.

"With this album i wanted to experiment and do something different .just go with the flow and see what happens and learn a bit more about how to write songs"

The experiment failed and she sounds exactly the same as before.

A definate choice to dump in room 101.


Its amazing how much i like Bob Dylan when its not Bob Dylan singing.

Apart from later Bob Dylan which is more tolerable as his voice isnt so grating on the old shell like.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Holocaust denial :

Whats all that about then ??

Why the controversy ?

Either it happened or it didnt.

I dont know myself as i wasnt there but i cant imagine its all lies somehow.

A friends grandad [now deceased] was there when Belsen was liberated so i am told but he would never talk about it.

Lily Savage :

I used to know a plofessional Lily savage impeersonator liche an dead fookin good she was liche an all.

Piss off !! gerout !! Bloody cheek !!

She even looked similar and has exactly the same broad scouse accent.

As i was saying :

October 23, 2008

"Wow! The arrogant, crusty old thief and Darling of Wall Street finally admitted that he, "made a mistake" by deregulating the financial system throughout his 18 years as head of the most powerful criminal syndicate in the history of the world - The Federal Reserve. Now, after he and his gang have finished their controlled demolition of the US economy and robbed the country, he stands before congress and glibly says he made a "mistake". Now that's Hutzpa, folks! Poor Alan goes on to say,

"If we are right 60 percent of the time in forecasting, we’re doing exceptionally well. That means we are wrong 40 percent of the time. We at the Federal Reserve had a much better record forecasting than the private sector, but we were wrong quite a good deal of the time."

"... a good deal of the time" amounts to the 18 years he served the Illuminati, manipulating, controlling and stealing the people's money through the ruling elite's own private corporation - a mafia - known as The Federal Reserve.

Greenspan said "You know, ... I have been going for 40 years or more with very considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well." He lied that he was "very distressed" and in a state of "shocked disbelief" when he realized the banks inability to regulate themselves. Considerable evidence? There is also considerable evidence the entire crisis is the result of a "long term strategy", as F. William Engdahl put it, planned in order to collapse the system and thereafter achieve a greater concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the very few who continue to control the U.S. and other world economies.

As Greenspan stood before Congress, Bill Sali, Republican from Idaho questioned Christopher Cox, the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Sali asked Cox, "Is somebody going to go to jail?" (for these crimes). Cox "quickly backed off a hard line approach", according to the NYT and answered,

"There’s no question that somewhere in this terrible mess many laws were broken. You know, cleaning up the mess through law enforcement after the fact — while important, is not ideal."

We have 2 rather obvious questions about that exchange:

Mr. Cox, "law enforcement" is your job. The Security and exchange commission, "holds primary responsibility for enforcing the federal securities laws and regulating the securities industry, the nation's stock and options exchanges, and other electronic securities markets." The supposed purpose of this hearing is to investigate the crime and to "clean up the mess", as you call it, which was caused by deregulation! Your answer, Mr. Cox, clearly indicates that you are still not willing to enforce or regulate.

In his cynical response, admitting that "many laws were broken", Cox continues to abrogate his responsibility to "enforce and regulate" by stating that imprisonment of the criminals, "is not ideal". Can you hear a sitting Judge telling the prosecutor that prison "is not ideal" for a bank robber or murderer in a U.S. criminal court? It would certainly not be ideal for the thief or the killer!

The US government has always used law enforcement and punishment to fight and "clean up" other crimes ranging from smoking marijuana to armed robbery and murder. Have their crime-fighting tactics suddenly changed for those behind these high crimes? "Impunity" comes to mind.

Alan Greenspan should not be standing in front of the so-called "firing line" on Capitol Hill. He should be standing before a criminal tribunal to be tried and convicted of his crimes. He should then spend the rest of his sordid life in prison and not in a "country club" like the federal prison at Allenwood, with its horticulture training, outdoor courts for tennis, basketball, handball, bocce, and horseshoe pitching, running track and indoor gym. I'm sure the nation's poor and many of those who have lost their homes and retirements due to his deregulation policies would agree. Instead of Allenwood, Alan Greenspan should serve the rest of his natural life in a real prison, alongside men who have committed far lesser crimes than he. In my 8 years working in U.S. prisons, I met a number of men behind bars who would like to get to know him.

Those lawmakers and law enforcers who supported this capitalist system of theft and corruption and who are now "grilling" Greenspan, should be housed in barred cells along the same catwalk. In the unlikely event of their imprisonment, our advice to all of them is, "Pick up the soap".

- Les Blough, Editor

© Copyright 2008 by


This material is available for republication as long as reprints include verbatim copy of the article its entirety, respecting its integrity. Reprints must cite the author and Axis of Logic as the original source including a "live link" to the article. Thank you!"

Thursday, 23 October 2008

School of make it up as you go along:

clubs :

I wouldnt be a member of any club that wouldnt have me as a member.

I wouldnt be a member of any club that would have me as a member.

I wouldnt be a member of any club that would have anyone as a member.

I would however be a member of any club that wouldnt have just anyone as a member.

I dont know what i want but i want it now.

I cant remember what i was supposed to forget.
I have forgotten what i was supposed to forget.
I have remembered to forget what i had thought of.
I have forgotten to remember.
I have ..................


Work to get on with.

Posting Shit :

I read of an unfortunate incident of a comic writer for 2000ad [stalag 66] being posted shit by yes you guessed it .... Anonymous.

Too chickenshit to put a name to it while frothing at the mouth with his psychotic hate towards Tony Lee.

POS Trash [The shit poster].

The upshot of this is that Tony Lees writing gets published in 2000ad and Anonymous shit poster doesnt.

Even if anonymous shit poster put his name to it no one would know who he was because no one gives a shit about anonymous shit poster.


Whoops ! :

Bad idea.

Thats no good at all.

I dont know when to laugh when watching these 2 or even if i should laugh at all.

No good.

Dammit i asked for comedy .This isnt comedy.Its meant to amuse NOT annoy.

Get them out of my sight.

Next ....

"May i introduce to you Mr Alan Carr ?"

No you cant.Not interested.Cant stand the sight nor sound of him.Sounds like an old woman.

Next ....

"May i introduce to you Mr Harry Hill ?"

Always thought he looked a little bit like how i imagine a Nonce to look like.A wierdo school laboratory assistant.And the way his horrible tongue rolls around the outside of his mouth when he is speaking .


My patience is starting to wear a little thin and you know what that means and i havent had my dinner yet either.

Next ....

"M...M.M..May i ..i...introduce you ..ttto Mr S Sean Lock ....?

F F S !!

"David Walliams and Matt Lucas ??"


Sean Lock looks like something from the early to mid 60s like an office worker/civil servant type like you see in old b+w photos.Its his whole look but particularly the glasses and the side parting and the sort of half combover hair.

The worst of the lot are Skinner and Baddeil with Baddeil winning by a very very large margin but fortunately no one really gives a toss about David Baddeil.

None of these comedians are any good.

I am NOT amused.

None of them are as good as the comic strip presents or the young ones.

Its like everything else.If you want it doing properly you have to do it yourself.

Never mind the Buzzcocks

Never mind Never mind the Buzzsuckcocks.

I blame Channel 4 for the decline of tv comedy.

Whatever *happened* to Channel 4 ?


It reminds me of fuckwitted shallow students.

20 somethings.

They can be the most annoying age group.

I am going to put the tea on and make a nice cup of kettle.

2 sugars and 2 milks or at least enough sugar to make it difficult to taste the tea.

Lost sense of humour :

Its gone and i dont know where.

I miss it terribly so if anyone has it then please return it here as soon as possible.

£10,000,000 quid reward to anyone who knows of its whereabouts.

£10,000,000 payable upon safe return once it is verified as mine and not someone elses.

bloody bleeding hell.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Hair ! :


john McCain - War hero :

for crying out loud STOP going on about McCain being a war hero.

He IS NOT and never has been a war hero .He only got medals because he was the son of an Admiral in the US Navy.

He had to be seen to be winning medals otherwise his father would have lost face.

Its bullshit.

Ok he spent 5 years in a ivetcong concentration camp but he had lots of special privelages partly because he was the son of an admiral who was valueable as a POw and because he sang like a Canary to the Vietcong.

Whats so special about that ?

5 years in a POW camp is a hell of sorts but it doesnt compare to being in the firing line fighting in Vietnam.

Not the same thing at all.

Overrated and dont mention the USS Forrestal fire.

Pantheism :

What next after Atheism ?

After all Atheism is there to answer one fundamental question .

After you have arrived at your decision that there is [probably] no god after either buying and reading Richard Dawkins books or whatever then what next ?

|Richard Dawkins describes Pantheism as "sexed up atheism " which is a little bit dismissive and it rather trivialises what Pantheism is about but Richard Dawkins does realise that it is compatiable with Atheism as it involves atheism but it offers a lot more in some ways .The fact that richard Dawkins acknowledges the Pantheist outlook makesme like him more but its not as if he could deny it .

Pantheism fits my outlook on life a lot better than Atheism does.

Atheism is just really science and logic and is a starting point unless you dont want anything else.

Pantheism doesnt acknowledge the metaphysical/ supernatural so add a bit of that myself.

"There is probably no god so enjoy yourselves and stop worrying and appreciate the wholeness and oneness of nature and the universe and life "

I really do feel pity for people who have no connection or appreciation of nature and the universe.I have always been connected with nature and the outdoors.Man made modern culture is of virtually no interest to me at all.Nearly everything revolves around self gratification.I have had my fair share of self gratification and perhaps even more so but there is always something else.

If you want to feel alive then go and spend a few nights on your own in a forest with just a fire for company and a book or whatever .No radios , music , mobiles or anything and just sit there and listen and feel what is around.Cook on the fire.No messing about with camping stoves or other paraphenalia.Keep it simple.Dont even bother with a tent if its fair weather.Whenever i do this which hasnt been for a while all my senses that have been dulled by urbanised living come back to life or more than they already are.

And if i am lucky i wont get disturbed by dogwalkers early in the morning which is often easier said than done.

I am not a tree hugger as such but i always like to sleep under a tree.I sort of feel more at home especially if its an old tree.

The call of the wild is never very far away.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Financial Meltdown / Hegelian Dialectic / The Culprit :

I have just listened to an interview with Noam Chomsky about the financial crisis and he makes a very important point about the cause of it that i have pointed out as well.

It concerns the federal reserve and Alan Greenspan who was head of the Federal Reserve until fairly recently.Alan Greenspan was head of the FED all of the time that this problem was slowly getting bigger and bigger and either no one noticed or no one wanted to notice.

Those who didnt notice didnt know any better and thought it would go on and on.

I was having conversations with my Dad 3 years ago about the coming house of cards that was waiting to collapse .

Those who didnt want to notice were the banks and financial institutions who were to a certain extent controlled by the liberalisation of the financial shytstem and market forces.Every bank will do what the next bank is doing because that is the nature of people.To do what the others do.To not do what the others do is potentially a risk and that risk multiplies expotentially when the risk involves money.The fear of potentially losing out is a greater risk to the bankers than projecting ahead and seeing a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Greed overrides logic.

Logic goes out of the window.

Chomsky talks about democratising the financial system and allowing it to be controlled at least in part by the public .

This already happens partly because financial institutions lobby politicians to pass or abolish legislation as in the case of Fannie and Freddie.

The evidence for this is undeniable.

Their is no actual public intervention or participation in the financial sector because they cannot afford to lobby politicians generally speaking.Only business has any control or influence or participation in lobbying politicians especially when it concerns finance.

The system is corrupt.

Its idiotic to think this scenario is just the result of a deregulated financial system and it will fix itself and we will live happily ever after same as before.

Perhaps this scenario is the result of a series of unfortunate events but the Machivellian aspect creeps in and becomes as far as i am concerned the real reason behind this scenario that is unfolding.

The Machivellian aspect is our old friend the Hegelian Dialectic and who has been the controlling current events by creating the problem that they themselves stand to benefit the most out of it.

Those who have created the problem are those who own and control the FED.

The FED is more powerful than politicians.

The FED has influence and control over the financial markets and what the FED wants the FED gets.

The FED and Alan Greenspan and the rest of them who own it who belong to the club of individuals who created this problem.

The scenario plays itself out exactly as predicted resulting in the endgame that they required.

The scenario they want is to take control and ownership of the financial institutions in the form of bailouts.

Bailouts should have been called Buyouts.Bailouts as a term of description is misleading to the uninformed.Bailouts imply that the government is saving the banks by giving/loaning them money.In a sense this is true but its the fact that the Government /Fed now owns a large percentage of those banks.They are no longer independently owned.

In the crash/depression of 1929 there were over 300 independently owned banks in New York.The banks crashed and they either were bankrupted or were seized by the government /FED.

This happens every time there is a depression.

All economic cycles are cycles that only end in one thing.Depressions and asset seizing which channel wealth into the hands of the few.

Today in the US virtually all of the banks have received funding from the FED.This means that those banks are now under direct control of those banks.The FED now owns all of those banks the percentage of which depends on the amount of dollars loaned.The FED DOES NOT just lend them the money in the normal sense .That being the banks pay back the loan and thats it.They are now owned by the FED.

Think about it.

A tiny clique of criminal bankers own the entire financial system plus the institutions that have been bailed out.

This means that .0000001% or some ridiculously tiny amount of individuals own everything and control the planets financial system.By owning the FED and controlling the flow of mickey mouse Greenbacks they have direct control or influence over the economy of the planet as the rest just follow.

The UK follows the US and has its very own credit crunch.

The UK and US financial and banking systems are inextricably linked and have been since the US was founded.

The end result of the played out scenario and the solution to the played out scenario/Hegelian Dialectic is the asset seizing of banks by the FED.

If anyone suggests that Alan Greenspan etc did not forecast this scenario happening and didnt expect it i will laugh at them and tell them to wise up.

Idiots who say this wasnt a conspiracy are saying instead that financial geniuses had no clue.

2 + 2 =4 and nothing else.

Alan Greenspan could have curtailed this scenario 3 - 5 years ago but didnt and its not just as Noam Chomsky suggests that Alan Greenspan believes in the fairy tale happy ending of unregulated banking etc.

I believe it was designed to fail.

"We want less regulation in the financial sector !!"

"We want more regulation in the financial sector !!"

Those who wanted less regulation in the financial sector won partly because of the FED/Alan Greenspan and because of left wing policy and political lobbying on behalf of left wing policy.

We pay for them to seize the banks either by taking money that already exists within the system in the form of taxes OR the FED prints the money for nothing THEN lends it to the government who charge it to the taxpayer.

This could be called Socialism [state ownership/funded by taxpayers] and that would be correct EXCEPT the FED is not a state owned institution. It is a privately owned institution that provides a service to the government.It is independently owned and they are not about to open themselves up to the great share ownership democracy.

Not today.

Not next week .

Not next year.

Not ever.

So this situation is quite unique as you can appreciate.

I dont think there is a terminology yet created that describes public funding of private enterprise by taxation.

Scam of the century will have to suffice for now.

Plus of course the Globalists/Communitarians get what they want as a global credit crunch needs a globalist solution because the problem is not confined to an individual nation or region and is too large for the US to solve on its own as the problem has spread worldwide form the US and the FED.

Hegelian Dialectic in action.

The FED is a criminal organisation owned and runned by parasites that suck the host body or nation dry .

I wonder if Nobama is going to impose taxes on them and nationalise them ?

Dont think so and like every good little Socialist they know which side their bread is buttered and the super rich never pay taxes under Socialism.

The very rich under Socialism are called party leaders etc.

The audacity and hypocrisy of socialism.

Liberalism is like a virus.

Its highly contagious and easily spread unless you have a natural resistance to it.

The virus spreads and infects huge numbers for a set length of time.

After that the virus starts to become weak and dies leaving behind a decimated population and the uninfected.

The uninfected are left to clear up the mess and rebuild.

11 years of Liberalism has fucked up the UK.