Saturday, 29 November 2008

Flips - Flops for Fuckwits :

I had to laugh at this article and obviously its a waste of money.Nice choice of colours and its tough to choose between pink and lilac.Really its pathetic.

Drink less and wear sensible footwear.Easy and its not like they do the samething a few times and learn but they KEEP doing it do they must be incapable of learning and also since i used to run a bar in a nightclub it was always club policy to stop serving an individual alcohol if they were paralytic so whats the problem ?

Poor delicate little things cant even walk in barefeet.Aaaaaahh...there there have a pair of pink flip flops for your poor little feet.

Why not take some shoes to walk home in in a rucksack or something ?

Dumb idiots.Tax them all.Tax the stupid.

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