Sunday, 30 November 2008

Meltdown Man/Armageddon :

I had my own version of it this in a dream this morning when i found myself at the scene of a Nuclear warhead going off overhead.No idea if it was an air or ground detonation but i remember looking up and seeing the pillar of black smoke that went upwards to the mushroom cloud that was dark grey /black.The location seemed to be somewhere that was high up and dry and mountainous like Afghanistan.The light all around became orangey with a lot of dust being blown around.The air temperature became very very hot and objects and debris were igniting and burning and i was trying to escape it and saw a rectangular pool of water and thought about sheltering in that but thought it wouldnt be a good idea as the water started to boil and instead chose to run for a steel door in one of the buildings but then i thought it would be pointless.

The whole scenario seemed to be slowed down from real time.

I have logged this here just as a record.

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