Saturday, 8 November 2008

Brian Eno :

Brian Eno on question time.Not bad on the whole but i dont know how much he actually knows about politics as one comment was not that well thought out or unnecessary but whatever.He is affiliated the the LibDems as an advisor but i need to know his position regarding the Lisbon Treaty before i start taking him seriously.Normally i dont really like musicians getting involved in politics but Brian Eno isnt your average musician anyway .

I dont take LibDems very seriously any more .

LibDems are an irrelevance.

I dont hear much criticism of the Lisbon Treaty or referendums from them which is curious.Thats left to UKIP and the BNP so its therefore tainted with Nationalism and immigration etc .

Its racist to talk about immigration apparently.So say the left anyway.

I am an immigrant and i will talk about it as much as i want thanks.

What do the LibDems say about ID cards ?

"If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear !"

Quite right except for fear of the government knowing my DNA and encroaching into my life FAR TOO MUCH and failing to do their own job properly and sharing info with private companies and ANYONE else and creeping totalitarianism.

Thats enough to be going on with anyway.

You are left voting for minority parties that only exist to address a particular problem and dont have a broader gameplan or policy for anything else.

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