Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More money than sense :

Some people are paying upwards of 100 GBP for Austrian 1 ducat bullion coins that are 98.75 carat gold and weigh in at 3.2 grammes on Ebay.

They possibly think that they have a numistic value which they dont as they are still produced.

3.2 grammes of 24 carat gold will cost you 62.50 GBP at todays prices.

3.2 grammes of 28.75 carat gold will cost you a little bit less and i have seen these for sale online for 42 GBP from the US.

Under seige :

This is what life feels like at the moment.

One thing after another plus the scale of it all.

There just some very peculiar and unprecedented things going on at the moment and it just feels like a build up to something which it partly is of course.

What on earth was the US Govt thinking when it chose to not make any kind of announcement that Air Force One plus a single fighter plane escort was going to fly very low over New York and cause unnecessary panic given recent events ?

Of course they cant announce it because of national security etc but it would have been far more sensible and considerate not to have flown Air force One very low over New York in the first place just for the purpose of taking pictures allegedly.

I just get the feeling that something isnt right here at all.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Interesting article on lSunspot activity in the Independent:


This is surprising to see in the Independent but its an excellent article that contradicts all the PC CO2 hysteria that has been around of late .

Well worth reading plus the comments that have been posted in reply to it.

Its just like i have been saying all along and once again i am not wrong.I dont care if i am wrong as its just my opinion but its always nice to find my opinion isnt wrong when so many seem to think it is on this particular subject.

Perhaps Al Gore and David Rothschild and other criminal frauds can find a way around this problem and think up another tax scheme that will produce more sunspot activity while ignoring just about another symptom of enviromental destruction.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Funny videos :

Kirsty Wark interviews Caroline Flint on newsnight :

Kirsty - Kirsty - Kirsty - Kirsty - Kirsty - Kirsty ..............


Watch her insolent looking face and objectionable little mouth open and close like she is lipsynching a stuck record.

CNN calls Gordon Brown a Poodle !!!!!

Shallow fake sycophantic weak PM sucks up to the US:


File under comedy.

EU map of the UK :

This is the new map of the UK courtesy of the previously mentioned Totalitarian Federal EU superstate.

Seen this before ?

It looks like something out of a childs colouring book that has been coloured in by a young child with whatever coloured felt tips that were available at the time or at least those coloured felt tips that hadnt had the tops left off them so that all the ink has dried out leaving a choice of blood red ,turquoise,green ,a sort of muddy orange and that funny kind of yellowy cream colour.

An unpleasent choice of colours which all clash.

Which bit are you in ?

I am in the green bit just next to the English Channel .

[Did you just see what i did then ?!?!]

Lets stick with calling it that for now because i dont know what its new name is but no doubt there is some new proposterously stupid name for it that has no bearing on its geographical location but who needs Geography when you have EU Leftwing Geographical political revisionism ??

Take note of the disparagy in the different sizes of the newly created ,colour coded and non autonomous "regions" .

How does this work out ?

The North Sea region:

"Lets join up the central and eastern half of the UK with a very large part of Sweden with a little bit of Norway,Denmark,a small bit of Germany,a little bit of Belgium ,a little bit of holland.

Makes sense doesnt it ?

Just look at the borders and notice how idiotic they are.Look at the Atlantic region and how it slices through the UK.

Look at the Ireland/Wales region which allows them the privalege of still calling themselves Ireland and Wales while northern Ireland or at least a large part of it if you exclude the small area at the top of it that is part of Ireland and Wales is still part of the UK which is really going to help with the problems in Northern Ireland.


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mis-informed :

Apparently i am "Ill-informed" in my views and comments regarding the EU.

"ill - informed" !!!!

Ill informed about what exactly ??

I may have misconstrued the comment but i feel like a rant anyway.

Here we go then Shit for brains :

Ill informed about the Lisbon Treaty that has been foisted onto the people of the UK by treacherous fifth columnists within the New Labour party who are nearly at the end of their 12 year wrecking spree of the UK ?

The very garbage who have lied and cheated and who are currently led by that filthy overweight slack jawed mentally unstable sorry excuse for an unelected PM and the rest of his filthy Communist Party member friends ??

The same cunts who claim to be a member of the political party that claims to have the interests of the little person while at the same time being responsible for the worst economic downturn since WW2 ?

The same party that has imposed the largest ever multigenerational tax burden on the UK since WW2 ?

And thats going by the false and inaccurate figures that are provided by their own dept that are slowly but surely being proved wrong.

The same party that tells you to go out and spend when the cost of essential services like utilities keep going up and up ?

Spend Fucking what exactly ?

Tell that to someone in the UK who has lost their job

At least then there was a fucking war that was to blame but not this time there isnt unless you include war in Iraq which was also foisted onto the people of this country against there wishes because there was an imminent threat to the security of the UK because there were some non existant warheads that were aimed at the UK that werent hidden in the dessert in Iraq ??

The same party that never listens to the voices of the electorate and is in complete denial of all the things that i have listed here ?

The same party that has passed or paperclipped over 3000 bits of legislation that attack the civil liberties and privacy of every single person in this country all in the name of fighting "terrorism" or protecting national security ?

The same party that is obsessed with hording DNA collected from Babies,children,those arrested and released without conviction etcetc the list goes on and on ?

The same party that is obsessed with spending and wasting a currently unspecified amounts of public money on databases and ID card schemes which no one wants ?

The same party that has a home secretary by the name of Jacqui Smif who is obsessed with the above and just will not let it go no matter what ?

The same Jacqui Smif whose husband hires Porn films and jerks off to them while she is busy a work fucking up the counry and who then has the fucking cheek to charge the cost of hiring them to the taxpayer as well as all the other crap she has filled her house up with also at the taxpayers expense and then pleads ignorance [she got tha right] and then jus says "I have given the money back now !"when if she hadnt been caught out she would no have returned i ?

[I dropped most of the Ts in that sentence just to add a convincing Jaki Smif style Glottal stop]

The same party that has a lying ,treasonous ,self serving predatory gay man who says how much he would like to appear on Strictly come Dancing in a cynical attempt to gain popularity while selling out the business interests of the UK ?

The same party that sanctions the disgraceful behaviour of jackbooted thugs to stop protestors protesting and instead orchestrates cynical fake protests outside the RBS building ?

The same party whose Chancellor of the Exchequer famously said "There will be no more return to boom and bust economics" while either being incredibly stupid and irresponsible or knowing full well it was one massive lie ?

The same party that now presents itself as the solution to the problem ?

The same party who now plans to spend massive amounts of public money - 12 to 14 billion at the last count - on a massive database that will collect and store every single bit of electronic communication which even includes web searches which will inevitably cost even more than that and will also go wrong like every other one of their silly ill conceived vanity projects and all because of "Terrorism" and "National security" ?

The same party that is so obsessed with control that visiting foreign nationals from Russia and China comment on how the surveillance culture in the UK is "excessive" ?

The same party that is forcing you to explain why you want to travel outside of the UK and provide credit card details to be stored on yet another database ?

The same party that constantly loses private and sensitive information and leaves it lying about on trains etc and then blames it entirely on the private contractor or individual civil servant who lost it and then expects everyone to trust them with even more personal info that they are in the processes of forcing you by various means of coercion to part with against your own interests ?

The same party that says you dont have to have an ID card and then says that you either wont get a passport or it wont be renewed or enters your name on to a No - Fly list if you refuse ?

The same party that after 11 years of falsely generated economic boom has NO money to show for it ?

Where the Fuck did all the money go to ??

Misuse or misappropriation of public funds including gold Reserves =FRAUD.Plain and simple.

The same party that sold off all of UKs gold reserve for well below its market value ?

This is apart from the money that was thrown away by giving it to the EU year after year ?

A conservative guess based on known figures = 240 billion.

Broken down it equates to 20 billion per year for 12 yrs.

240 billion that has been paid into a financial black hole never to be seen again ?

The same party that is preparing everyone in the UK to be a part of federal Europe ?

The same party that has subjegated the people of the UK to a Federal Totalitarian Marxist superstate ?

The same party that is affiliated to the Marxist Federal Totalitarian superstate that once it has finished bribing ,ridiculing ,cajoling and bullying every country that hasnt ratified its garbage treaty into passing it and then imposing an unelected,permanent dictator in the form of Tony Blair onto everyone which will finally destroy any right that the UK or any other country in the EU has to govern itself ?

The same party whose last irritating POS PM commited crimes and then baled out and took the money and ran leaving Incapability Brown to fuck up the country even more wothout even being elected who is so fucking mentally ill and deluded to think that he has any fucking chance of winning another election ??

The same party who filled up the House Of Lords with whichever bit of trash paid them the most money for the privelage ?

The same party whose solution for fighting a downturn is for everyone to buy and drive electric noddycars or pokemobiles that are most probably built abroad as its oh so racist to be a "protectionist" in their owned fucked up little fantasy world ?

The same party who trot out the same old tired cliched smears against anyone who doesnt support any of the different points in this post as a "Racist" or a "Nationalist" or an "Extremist" ?

Dont all rush forwards to deny any of these points or answer any of the questions all you Leftists out there.

They will ignore it instead which is what they usually do when they dont have an argument.

No room for apologists either.

Beginning to get the picture yet all you stupid uninformed Leftist fucking dickheads ??

The PM - Incapability Brown is a shallow fake Buffoon and a genius at incompetence [deliberate ,or mentally unstable or delusional or whatever] and prolonging the disaster and making himself a laughing stock except it isnt funny because everyone is suffering.

He can shove his restructuring of the world and his NWO up his arse where it belongs because we will be waiting .When i say We i am talking millions .Into the hundreds.

This figure gives you an indication of what i am talking about among the ranks of the "Misinformed" etc.

You have been warned.

We will be waiting to receive it and kick it back out again.

The only good Communist is a dead one.

Time to stop for now but theres plenty more where that came from.

Lastly though i wonder how many of the informed or anyone else have actually read and understood any of the 900 odd pages of the Lisbon Treaty ?

5 percent ?

2.5 percent ?

1 percent ?

0.5 percent ?

I have only read 10 percent of it but i only read the important bits that matter.

How many politicians in the house of commons actually bothered to read any if it before they were forced to vote Yes by a 3 line whip ?

Being forced or coerced by three line whips is what Newspeak "Democratic discussion blah de blah really means.

You have to reverse Orwellian Marxist Newspeak.

Get these Cunts out of office and i will stop ranting but not until.

I didnt sanction them because i didnt vote for them.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Forever young :

"AWwwww Mom that so unfair !!!.....Please let me go to Decs house for a sleepover !!!"

These 2 need to be medically/scientifically studied to find out the secret of eternal youth as they seem to be under the influence of some kind of growth/age retardation which means that they perpetually look like a pair of under 18s or teenagers.

What is going on here ?

Do they ever get asked their age in pubs or off licences etc ?

Not to mention the enlarged foreheads that look like someone out of a Tefal advert.

A bit freaky really.

I cant get drunk :

I cant get drunk.i dont particularly want to but i cant anyway no matter what as it just doesnt do anything.

For instance : I have been drinking steadily since lunchtime when i was working. 8 cans of imported Stella since then .Not that much but it results in nothing more than a warm glow and certainly not enough to affect my work.

Another example : 6 500ml bottles of cider like Westons Organic or vintage in 2 hours at 7.2% or 8.5% which is a reasonable volume of alcohol and it still has relatively little effect other than a warm glow and not even merry.

I have drunk more than that but not a a habit.

I dont get hangovers either ever so i am not entirely sure why this is.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Obama administration open to prosecuting the GW Bush :

This could be interesting but it remains to be seen what will come of this in the long term but its one way of removing a rival faction or crime family from the equation.

Why stop with Bush ? You cant just prosecute Bush without prosecuting the whole lot of them otherwise its just tokenism and doesnt really amount to very much but realisticly if Bush is prosecuted there is enough evidence that will prove that it wasnt actually GWBush making executive decisions and deciding to start illegal wars ,torturing plus all of the rest.

Who ever thought that GWBush planned anything or made decisions ?

Stop being so stupid.That what always made me laugh about idiots who said that GWBush planned 9/11 or was responsible for it when he wasnt.

The probability is that Bush wont be tried for violating the US Constitution or unlawful wiretapping or lying about WMDS in Iraq or anything else because how can you prosecute an ex POTUS for violating the US Constitution when the current administration is doing exactly the same and then some ?

How can the current administration prosecute for the Iraq war when the current adminstration has no intention of completely pulling out of Iraq ?

Doesnt make sense does it ?

So my guess is he could be prosecuted for the torture and human rights issues in Gitmo.

The Obama administration want to close down Gitmo as a symbolic gesture to their voting base and the rest of the world that says that Torture is a violation of human rights etc etc that will please anyone that is naive enough to think that torture and indefinate detainment without charge is suddenly going to end and not continue in other undisclosed locations.

Good bit of PR for Obama and his Muslim fan base as well.

I dont imagine for a second that the prosecution will have any teeth and i doubt very much that Dick Cheney etc will have to return any of the billions that they made out of Iraq to the US taxpayer for example but you never can tell.

My conclusion is that GWBush was always going to be set up as a fall guy to take the rap while the rest get away with it unless the current Leftist Obama administration since they are like kids in a sweet shop decide to go in for the kill and do prosecute the Neocons as a full scale assault on the Conservative voting base in the US to undermine them even more.

I wouldnt rule this out.

That would actually please an awful lot conservatives in the US because GWBush wasnt a Conservative anyway.He just got in on that ticket.

The Leftist Obama Useful Idiot fan base will wet themselves if this happens while at the same time they are doing exactly the same thing because i dont hear any of them campaigning to revoke the Patriot Act .

Fema / Rex 84 anyone ?

There are presently about 3,500 Fema Detainment camps within the US.Nothing to be concerned about of course.

Makes you wonder why not.

I know why.

They can and are using and abusing the Patriot Act to attack the conservative voting base in the US instead.

What a surprise.

Personally i never trust Leftists for the simple reason they cannot be trusted .

Political "dissidents" and "extremists" will be or are already on lists as in the previously mentioned DHS list and report as enemies of the state.

Still its to be expected really as the "Radicals" are in now for the next 4 years and they will do their thing and it will be a disaster.Its not like they could be mistaken for moderates as this bunch are corporatised , pro zionist poodles who are owned by big money.Corporatised Leftists.A contradiction in terms if ever there was one.

Look at them rushing to build an omnipotent big government like there is no time to lose.

Look at the evidence since their inception and see for yourself as it cannot be denied.

Enough said.

History also proves that these kind of takeovers of governments that are fronted fronted by charismatic "Leaders" tend to only have a finite lifespan but that is not always the case.

It depends on their popularity but popularity is not across the board for the Democrats in the US .

Far from it and most of the followers are Fuckwits anyway and part of a hive mind fanbase.

I would rather listen to KRS-ONE than a load of fucktard Hollywood celebs or entertainers and musicians like Moby and Micheal Stipe or Will.I.Am endorsing Moveon.org which is nothing more than a front for George Soros to accumulate funds and votes.

Micheal Stipe/REM [Worlds Most Boring Band tm] campaigned against Bush/Iraq etc but sadly are too stupid to see the bigger picture.

Moreon.org are no longer relevant for that reason.

What they dont realise is that a huge amount of the US/UK/EU voting base that are intelligent enough to see through the rhetoric of career politicians/Poodles want the entire political system purged of the criminal filth that occupy the White House and No 10 Downing Street and the EU respectivly and a token prosecution of GWBush isnt going to be nearly enough to fill their appetites for change that actually means something .

All this amounts to is the Bush regime with a different face and clothes with opposing values.

Listen to Cynthia McKinney who speaks the truth .Watch the videos on Youtube.

Cynthia Mckinney is Black and is also a woman yet she is marginalised which must be because she is the wrong type of African American or Woman.There were plenty of AfricanAmerican candidates that were ruled out and marginalised because they too werent the right kind of African American but the majority if not all of of those were also actually born in the US unlike the present incumbent of the White House.

Dismiss the Democrats divisive "Racist" bullshit out of hand and talking of which i didnt see much bailout money doing anything to help the interests of African Americans.

The sellout Uncle Tom gave all the money to bankers instead.

Liberals will say that if you didnt vote Democrat then you were Racist or Sexist .I didnt vote democrat because i dont live in the US but i would have voted for Cynthia McKinney so their childishness doesnt stand up to any scrutiny.

The deception is beginning to be exposed to anyone who didnt notice it in the first place.

Rather like the UK.Personally i think New Liebour are far worse than the Thatcher ever was for the simple reason that Thatcher refused to submit the sovereignty of the UK to the EU which was proposed to her during a Bilderberg meeting.She lost her job as a result and in came a Poodle by the name of John Major and the rest is history.

She is lost to Alzeihmers now but i respect her for that even though i never voted for her.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Liberal/Democrat doublestandards and hypocrisy :

Yes i can.

Typical example:

Liberal : "Thats really great !!! and really funny !!! Looks just like Hitler...i mean Bush !!!

Sanctimonious Liberal : "Thats offensive !!! Do you realise how offensive that is ?? You cant say that about the POTUS !!!....blah blah blah.....its offensive and racist !!!..it should be banned !!![toys being thrown out of the pram].....

Liberal : "We all stand for free speech as long as we agree with what you are saying !!"

Heres where their argument collapses.No one ever stopped Liberals or anyone else from expressing their views about GW Bush , Neocons , War in iraq etc etc etc when they were opposing the Bush regime and protesting.

Yet the Liberals will not tolerate any criticism about Obama to the extent that they have named and labelled anyone who is right wing or basically anyone who doesnt support the trash i mean the Obama Administration and anyone who protests about the recent bailouts as one such example or anyone who is patriotic to the US constitution or anyone who opposes abortion or anyone who defends the second ammendment as an "Extremist" in the latest Department Of Homeland Security report.

It all seems very familiar doesnt it ?

As if we have been here before.

I thought i heard Liberals saying that the DHS was Fascist and was introduced by "Fascist" GW BUSH after 9/11 as well as all of the anti terror legislation which was "Fascist" as well but i dont hear Liberals making much noise about the DHS anymore particularly when it can be used to their advantage to smear and criminalise anyone who doesnt subscribe to their politics.

Hypocrisy is the refuge of the weak.

No Fairness Doctrine here.

Notice the use of the word Doctrine.

Doctrine is learned Dogma/Newspeak and instruction that is verbally regurgitated by repetition and is used to control others.Usually some form of coercion is involved.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Everyone should get paid the same :

I had another conversation with the same idiot who advocates everyone being paid the same because "Its fair".

The fact this individual is incapable of working and hasnt worked for over 20 yrs and lives off the welfare state is beside the point i suppose.

Theres nothing quite like the childish politics of envy is there ?

Everyone gets paid the same regardless of what they do so where is the incentive to work harder ?

Where does the rest of your pay or earnings go to if you are in business for example ?

Why should someone who is highly qualified and has worked or studied hard be paid the same as someone who hasnt ?

Why should someone who is highly skilled be paid the same for their work as someone else who does work that you could train a monkey to do ?

Why should everyone be paid the same just to make life seem fair to childish ,lazy,irresponsible envious layabouts ?

What about taxation ?

It sounds like this naive childish Hippie idiot is advocating Communism to me where the state gets everything.

Egalitarianism is fine if it means equal rights etc but not economic egalitarianism because thats Communism or Marxism which is what this idiot was preaching which ultimately coercion on the part of the state upon the individual whose property is going to be stolen off them.

Or alternativly this may involve totally restructuring the economy and trade somehow so that everyone gets paid 100 quid a week and there is no surplus cash or its all equally redistributed among the people.

Who pays for everything if everyone gets paid the same ?

How would wealth or jobs be created ?

How do you incentivise everyone ?

So many unanswered questions .So many questions that this idiot couldnt answer because he doesnt know what the fuck he is talking about.

"Because its fair and equal..."

Because you are a Moron and a Loser more like.

Stupid failed 50 yr old Hippie Student with his stupid student politics.

"I am a Communist". Well go and fuck off and live in China or North Korea then.

Do something useful.Go to bed.

You dont work anyway.

"I have worked harder than you"

No you havent.Stop talking rubbish.

"Oh i suppose you think going to University isnt work ?"

Its not the same thing.Plus you are not earning money and your University course is paid for by taxpayers.

Equality ?

Myself being equal to this idiot ?

Forget it.

It would be a good idea to build a giant playpen for these people and dump them in it.

Someone else who is paying 40% tax or anyone who is paying tax is paying to take care of these people so what is this idiot complaining about ?

Question :

What do you do with a couple of belligerent ,overweight, rude bits of rubbish who are in a car and choose to drive at you despite having ample space to drive by when you are crossing the road with a friend pushing a bike ?

Answer : quietly verbally assault them when they stop and wind the window down and the overweight rubbish woman starts telling me "This is a road you know !! " plus other abuse in that whiney kind of common voice.

"Well i will tell you something you ugly overweight piece of rubbish...."

"I think it might be a very good idea if you were to piss off right now..."

I have to question the mentality of someone who chooses to drive a car at someone when they are crossing a street.Not only did they drive the car at me but they had to steer the car right into my direction to do so.

Rude idiots that deserve everything they get.

Get the rubbish out of my sight.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Somalian Pirates :

Theres always 2 sides to every story.

Why are the Somalians attacking ships in the shipping lanes off their coast ?

It might be because just about everyone is fishing off their waters and dumping barrels of nuclear waste into the sea off their coast [some of which has leaked] which makes you wonder why anyone is fishing off their coast but....ssssshhhhh...the nuclear waste isnt there officially.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Pre-emptive arrests in the UK as standard procedure :

Are you all paying attention children ?

The title of this post is correct at the time of typing.

You can argue about wether or not it may be or may not be appropriate in any instance but in principle it is unnacceptable in a pseudo democratic Kleptocracy.

Wait a minute !!!

It is approprtiate in a pseudo - democratic Kleptocracy !!!

What was i thinking ???

A Democracy ?

You might as well vote for Mickey Mouse.

Anyway they usually call round at night or in the early hours like they do in any oppressive police state.

Just so you know.

You wait though the New Liebour traitors will pay their respects later on this year at the Cenotaph on rememberance day to honour those who gave their lives to protect the UK from this kind of nonsense.

Since Liberals/marxists/socialists dont understand irony or hypocrisy then they wont realise what an insult that is to the fallen or the people of the UK and it will go straight over their heads.

Exchange rates :

Exchange rates seem to be getting better.1.5 USD to 1 GBP today at close of trade.

1.13 EUR to 1 GBP today.

Perhaps inflation in the UK isnt as bad as i thought it was.

Gold isnt a safe bet either as it is possible that the US Govt could offload a trillion dollars of gold onto the market therefore reducing its value.

Silver seems to be a safer bet.Smaller returns but its cheaper and attracts less attention from speculators as they all go for gold.

The UK Govt cant do this of course because it was all sold off by New Liebour FuckTards years ago for no other reason than stupidity.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Arnie :

Franz Ferdinand :

Yesterdays sound today.

I wonder if i am alone in finding this band irritating ?

I cant criticise though as a lot of my work involves recreating the past right down to the exact last detail plus my art is old school as well.very little of anything i do is original or unique in any way.

J.Edgar . Hoover :

I have been finding out some quite interesting information about J.Edgar.Hoover of a non - detrimental nature that i may or may not publish sometime later.


Its not all about what is or isnt my opinion.

Its about facts and facts are facts regardless of mine or anyone elses opinion.

You can only bend or distort reality so far as the facts just dont change.

Bailouts = Cover up :

Its that simple really.

Why else would banks not be allowed to go to the wall or be taken over by others ?

Its because of the fraud and criminality that was/is going on within the banks on an absolutely monumental scale.

With the full knowledge of those in govt of course who opened the floodgates by deregulating/liberalisation call it what you like along with a hundred other reasons that are spinoffs of deregulation like the repealing of the Glass-Steagall act.

History repeats itself because people are stupid selfish Morons.

They are all implicit.Bankers and governments alike but the buck stops with govt of course just like it always does.Well actually they are just doing what they are told by higher ups and i know who they are.

Lets not let the banks fail therefore resulting in an investigation therefore leading to exposure of their fraud.

Lets not fire the CEOs and directors etc etc etc and get new people in who may be inclined to expose the fraud upon investigation.

Lets not troubleshoot the banks and their existing CEOs for the above reasons.

Lets not stop fractional reserve lending or any of the other dubious ; immoral, and criminal banking practices.

Lets do everything we can to correct the banking crisis by doing fuck all about it.

Lets throw your money at the banks and then act like we are doing you a big favour and somehow helping your life and financial security.

Lets get banks lending again.

Lets get banks lending again by giving them free money without conditions and without knowing where the money they have been given has gone.

Lets give money to Paulson and Bernanke and then ask to see proof of where the money has gone only to be told No or "go away and come back later because we havent had time to do any creative accountancy yet ".The Govt upstart gets told to go back to work behind his desk and not upset the apple cart and all the while the Govt tells us that if we follow the yellow brick road we will find the Wizard of Oz or that there really is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow or wake up in the morning and find that the Globalist-Elitist generated financial Ponzi scam and the mass asset stripping and seizing was nothing more than a bad nightmare.

Cover up.

Lets keep things as they are therefore not exposing the fraud and just stick a sign up saying "Business as usual".That will do nicely.

The Govt is implicitly involved in this fraud and criminality.By this i mean not only being aware of the problem and doing nothing about it which is in itself criminal and highly irresponsible but much worse than that they aided and abetted the Wall St/Bank Of England criminal Bankster Mafioso or they are effectivly owned by the Banksters as was evidenced when the initial bailouts in the US were forced through congress by Paulson /Bernanke under duress or coercion I.E : The threat of martial law if they didnt go through .This is well documented and is as clear as day and is undeniable fact.

Congress was bribed with payoffs anyway.

No one really knows where *our* money went that was stolen off *us* when the the Govt stole it off us to plug a black hole of financial criminality that was just too big to be exposed because Govt will not or are too scared to admit that the banks are insolvent and dont want to expose the criminality and dont know and dont want to find out where the money went.

Change ? You must be having a fucking laugh .

The Obama administration is pure Wall St.

Money First - People and everything else - Last.

Banking and politics and money should be kept wholly seperate if there is going to be any way of sorting out this mess.

Asking/expecting Politicians to do this is about as productive as a Govt Enquiry [Whitewash] or lodging a complaint with the IPCC [independent police complaints commission or whatever] or even expecting the IPCC [International Panel on climate change] to do anything about climate change.

Waste of bloody time .

Dont expect the cause of the problem to be the solution.

Dont look for logic where there isnt any.

Lock up Bernard Madoff but let the rest go free.I am not defending Bernard Madoff but he is the victim of an injustice in that he is the only criminal who has been jailed.

Kind of makes you wonder just how much paper shredding has been going within govt and the banking sector.

Paper shredding had already increased by 600% under the Bush adminstration and i cant imagine it has suddenly stopped.

How can anyone look at Timothy Geithner and not see criminal written all over him in bold letters ??

Despite what you may be told by politicians bailing out failing institutions will not solve the financial crisis but will only prolong the downturn especially if the UK and the US who seem to doing the same as each other by going on a mass splurge of spending on "programs" that are pointless and wasteful especially when they allegedly dont have the money to spend in the first place.

It doesnt generate any wealth and just increases the debt payable by you.

Its just adding 2 extra forms of multi - generational tax on an already overstratched population.

But thats Ok really isnt it ?

How would you feel if i ran up a debt of 1,000,000,000 and went crying to the Govt and said "bail me out !!" and the debt was written off and transferred to you to pay while i walk away with 1,000,000,000 ?

Its the same thing.

Conspiracy theory ?

Dont think so.

The only conspiracy here is peoples inability to face facts and reality .

Keep drinking your Fluoridated water and Aspartame laced diet soft drinks and Kool - Ade and other brain retarding substances though and you will be just fine.

[You can always spot an Aspartame addict because you will see them at checkouts buying multiple packs of bottled Diet Coke etc.They are told sugar is bad for them and they just swallow it]

Ever get the feeling you have been conned ??

I dont because i wasnt conned because i dont believe the bullshit.

They could have printed that money out of thin air and given it to the bankers without sticking the bill onto the taxpayer.

Could they do something about Inflation because i am getting fucking sick of it.

Fucking halfwitted retards flooding the economy with their Mickey mouse Monopoly money that is worth less and less everyday.Its as if living through a downturn isnt enough they want to debase the currency as well so you get less for your money here and overseas.

It seems like the BOE and the FED not only have a licence to print free money but they also have a licence to create debt out of thin air.

I hope everyone feels good about voting this filth into office time amd time again.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Welcome to the new Neo-Feudalist - Auto-Kleptocratic era :

Enjoy yourselves.

I think that there has been a transition from a Plutocracy/Oligarchy into a Kleptocracy.You still have all of the benefits of a Plutocracy plus all the added benefits of a Kleptocracy.

There arent actually any real benefits of living under a Kleptocracy except that you realise that there is no such thing as politics for the people anymore and that voting is pointless and an irrelevence.

The Kleptocracy is of course backed up by a militarised police force.

This is why there is a shift in politics towards Collectivism or Communitarianism [reformed/remodelled] Communism/Socialism/Marxism.

The Chinese style of Govt is the preferred model of future governance apparently.

Globalism is in fact a form of collectivism.Its being sold as something nice and fluffy what with Global villages etc.The planet gets smaller but govt gets bigger.

We now have global Economic governance since the other day.

Global problems require global solutions dont they ?

Sanctions against those that dont comply.

The masses/proletariat get the governance that they rightly deserve and the rest of us have to suffer.

Thats Democracy.

Anyway it will only result in an epic fail but it wont get any better as the majority of people are too stupid to realise what is happening or simply dont care anymore.

What stands between this nightmare and a brighter future ?

The Useful Idiots in the Police and Military.

Even if that happens and they switch sides then if you get into revolutionary territory then that can result in a worse nightmare given the historical record of these things and the nature of people as there will be a power vacaum waiting to be filled by something potentially very unpleasent.

You may find yourself thinking in 5 to 10 yrs time or whenever that we never had it so good in the years preceding this point in time.

See you then.

To anyone that think its going to get any better heres a song for you :

"Somewhere over the rainbow , skies are blue.......la di da di da............."

Modern Tossers :

"Gosh !! Modern Toss in a church !!"

"Thats outrageous ! It shouldnt be allowed !"

Has anyone ever seen or read this rubbish ?

Its puerile and childish.

Never was a product more appropriately named.

Ironic or otherwise because the authors are trying to make some kind of ironic statement but are they aware that their books or art really are Shit in a non ironic way or are they producing garbage deliberately knowing its shit ?

Personally i think they are trying to be clever but failing in an epic way.

Either way its shit.

Anyway it sells.I cant imagine who buys it though.

Well actually i can.

They originated in Brighton of course as they really do sum up Brighton.

I am just going to have do a satire/pisstake of them very soon.

"Modern Toss have a new comic out i hear !"

"So What ? They're Shit."

"Buy more modern Toss or we're Fucked .."

"Do you know what the time is ?"

"Fuck off "

"Hello .I am Mr Tourette .How the fuck are you ? "

"Stop fucking swearing"

"What are you fucking looking at ?"

"You fucking Twat"

"Whats the matter ?"

"I just trod in fucking dogshit"

"Whats on TV tonight ?"


I just made those up myself but you get the idea but i couldnt even be bothered to draw cartoons to go with them.

"Its just so Anarchic !!"

"I love it !!"

They obviously think that just using the words "fuck" and "cunt" etc is gratuitously offensive and outrageous but there is no real content to this material and it doesnt really say anything.

Whats more i dont know anyone who finds it funny.I might have found it funny if i was still a 14 yr old but not anymore.The sketches or cartoons are not even funny in themselves either.Its just amateur and it thrives in a culture of mediocrity which is what popular culture has become.People are stupid and buy and read and laugh at anything.

The creators are like little children who still think that swearing is naughty and outrageous .


"I find the use of profanity to be excessive ,gratuitous ,and wholly unnecessary and not funny in the slightest ."

"Its outrageous ! "

Friday, 3 April 2009

Question :

Anyone know why the UK cant become a member of the European Free Trade Assoc [EFTA] like Switzerland instead of being a 'member" of EU Totalitarianism by stealth and increment federal superstate ?

It would save money [15 to 20 billion a year the UK cannot afford] and would mean independance from the EU.

The EU is a very costly wasteful abomination that should be abolished.

The EU/Euro was planned and implemented / created by Bilderbergers.

They openly admit this themselves.

The next meeting of the Globalists will be in Greece on May 14 to 16 at the Nafsika Astir Palace hotel in Vouliagmeni in Greece.This is the next secret Bilderberg meeting.

This is where the Globalist -quasi - Socialist kleptocracy will meet up to decide your future and how it will pan out.

G20 protests:


"4,000 PROTESTORS !! "

Shocking picture taken earlier today is above.

"Police struggle to maintain order as an ugly mob of "activists" demonstrating against the Police surged forward.Objects were thrown and at one point a chair was thrown through a window.Chants of "Fuck The Police" were heard even from nearby streets.Intimidated ,scared and bewildered bankers were told to stay in the RBS building as the Rent - A - BlackBloc - Anarchists were going to smash some windows.

[No real comment from the slanted media about the issues that are what the protests are supposed to be about.Just plenty of comment and articles about the violence as usual]

Spin - spin - spin - spin ..........

Oh look !! Its George Monbiot who has travelled all the way from wales to attend the event and then writes a childish article in the Guardian about how the police were excessively "Heavy handed" in response to some of the dickheads that were protesting.

George says that it is the police justifying their existance but its the police doing what they are told to do by govt.

All this makes protesting utterly unpleasent and demeaning to anyone unfortunate enough to attend and it is also why so few actually attend demonstrations anymore in general apart from Dickheads.All part of the plan of course as an easier alternative to outlawing protest full stop which is very nearly the case anyway as you have to ask first.Its funny how the anarchists were allowed to gather and assemble freely but others werent.

It would be a very worthwhile and productive exercise to infiltrate and gather intelligence on members of these organisations and find out their connections with police and intelligence etc because i am almost certain that there is a connection.The Anarchists are what you might call Useful idiots and are not what they appear to be plus all the rest of the agent provocateurs that are there in the crowds.At least a percentage anyway.

You often see them pushed to the ground by Police and bundled into a police van and driven back to the police station for a debriefing and offloading of the information they have gathered.

This is how a police state works as lot of the work is done undercover and in plain clothes.Its easy to recruit informers as some people will do anything for a pound note .

Police /Surveillance State New Labour style.

I had little or no interest in the protests as it would be like watching a film that i have watched many times before where the ending is a foregone conclusion because i already know what happens and like watching a film repeatedly it just gets more and more predictable and boring.

It was pathetic and the actual event was as far as i am concerned just like ticking off boxes or reading a recipe book :

You will need for this recipe :

1:A very small amount of the general populace who could be bothered to attend and legitimately protest in a peaceful manner about their own or collective concerns.

2:Various Dross and Trash who can be fairly accurately described as follows :

Dickhead Type 1 : Predominantly white , aged 18 to mid thirties .Dreadlocks , and the usual Urban Crusty look.This look is compulsary.

Dickhead Type 2 : BlackBloc Rent-An-Anarchist :Again predominantly white , dirty dreadlocks or shaved head - either will do,Urban Terrorist look - black is the order of the day here , red scarfs , black balaclava and hat or mask of some kind or other.

Dickhead Type 3 : Newspaper Journo-hack plus wannabe Journo-Hacks.Get as many of these as you possibly can.You cant have enough of them as this protest is nothing more than a media generated/staged spectacle.

"Quick all you Journos !! Get yourselves round to the RBS building quickly !! We have a pre-planned staged spectacle starting in 5 minutes !! A Rent-An-anarchist is going to break through the police lines and smash some windows of the RBS and destroy their property in a symbolic statement that reflects the feelings of the public and how they feel after being fucked over by the bankers and Gordon Brown !!!

Its going to be brilliant !! Get as many shots as you can !! Good luck !!..."

Dickhead Type 4 : Enviromentalist EcoTard : Very similar to look at as Dickhead Type 1 but female as well as male.You will need a roughly equal amount of each.They will usually sit cross legged on the floor and have conversations amongst themselves about anything or more often than not nothing or about "the enviroment".

"The Govt wont do anything about the enviroment ? which is like you know really stupid ?? because its just going to get hotter and hotter ?? with like you know like runaway Global climate warming change and it will be like you know Venus !! but the govt wont do anything about it ?? which is like mad really because its our planet too right ?? so i am going to sit here and smoke spliff and set up camp to show that we like really care about the enviroment...then we go back to Brighton on the Magic hippy Lentil Tofu Bus which runs on like recycled piss that has been through 3 different people man but like i have to get back to Brighton to like sign on ...."

Dickhead Type 4 :Drunken Idiot.Enough said.

Dickhead Types 1,2,4,and 5 are usually but not exclusively unemployed and unemployable to some extent or students.



And that type of thing.Talk about biting the hand [the welfare state] that feeds them.

Anyway they are alll so silly and childish i am hardly interested as its like beating up little children.

Anyway.The recipe is not complete without a large quantity of Metropolitan Police.

They are not so bad in some ways compared to the US or other countries that are far worse.Police say "Please" here which is awfully polite and civilised.How very English.Sometimes they misbehave but its no bother to them as it is what they are paid for but they are outnumbered and rely on a public that is mostly compliant.

What now then ?

What happens next ?

I know !! Containment !!

Herd large amounts of the public into a confined space for at least 3 hours.

This happens every single time.

"I want to leave !! I am a journalist !!....I want to leave NOW !!"

Plod: "You cant leave.Get back in there and start protesting.You came here yourself.Now you cant leave ....."

Plod 1: "Definate potential for violence here isnit ?"

Plod 2:"Yeah dirty fucking hippies....they deserve a kicking...."

Plod 1:"Ere did you hear that ? They are calling us Filth and Pigs and Cunts !!...fucking dirty bastards....i am going to crack that geezers skull open in a minute if e says that again..."

Plod 2 :"Ere old on a minute ,the agent provocateurs will be ere in a minute and then they will start chucking things but dont charge at em till you get the order right ?"

What you need next is a lake of Piss in one corner that starts flowing downstream as the herded protestors start to get agitated etc.

Anyway its boring.

Wheres Tony Benn ?

I dont see any point in it all.Why make demands on those Cockroaches and expect them to change anything or do what you say ?

It wont ever happen as they dont even listen.

I say get rid of them all permanently and remove them all from office.Dont just demand them to make changes as they are on a roll and their agenda is gathering momentum rather too quickly and sadly there isnt a happy ending to this which isnt messy .

Its like a return to feudalism or Neo-Feudalism as others call it.

This is the state of this country and the world we live in and its getting worse.

G20 meeting was a success !!

The date said it all really liked some cruel joke at the peoples expense except it spilled over past 12pm and right into the next day.

1.1 Trillion USD is to save the world !!.

I couldnt fail to notice how the fawning,sycophantic UK media suck up to the "World Leaders" and how they are going to "save the world" particularly the Independant which is a left wing rag.

"Browns New World Order ! " was the headline on the front cover of the Guardian and the Daily Mail.

"Obama saves the world !!"

"Bunch of posing ,vulgar,egotistical Peacocks [international globalist bankers lackeys and poodles] and wives take the world stage and say they are going to save the planet !! at the taxpayers expense !!"

"Oh look its friend of the Browns JK Rowling arriving at number 10 for dinner !!"

"Michelle Obama gives inspiring speech to class full of kids !!"

"Everyone look at me !! I made it and i am successful !! You can do it as well !! If you work hard you can do it !! "

Instead just marry an upstart politician who has milked the system all his life and who acts like a messiah with a teleprompter.

Theres nothing as vulgar as new money


I wonder how big a carbon footprint this event has left behind ??

I always read the comments that are posted online in response to articles about all this that are posted on broadsheet websites as they are a very good way of getting an idea of others opinions on the subject and it does seem that the papers overestimate the stupidity of their readership.

I listened to Obama give a teleprompter speech for 1.5 minutes that didnt really say anything apart from wanting reinflate the bubble.The same with Fabian Society Bilderberger Lackey Gordon Brown.NWO - NWO - Common Purpose - etc etc.

Gordon Fabian brown wouldnt utter a word of apology anyone either for the preplanned catastrophe even if it was completely insincere as it usually is.

Typical Liberal.Never ever wrong.

There is definately something going on here and an agenda really is unfolding exactly as predicted.

I read some very interesting comments from some old people who were saying that they had the feeling that something big is possibly going to happen and they remember the very same thing happening in the years building up to WW2..

Not a Dickybird from any of them about untangling and solving or deflating the Derivatives bubble that is waiting in the wings....

1.1 Trillion created out of thin air and given out to various hard up countries that will disappear into whoever is ruling any particular hard up countries pockets to buy yachts and homes for themselves or to spend on arms or whatever.

While at the same time increasing the debt of the people of various nations and tying them into a cycle of debt payable with interest to the IMF and central Bankers.

Debt = Slavery especially if they have no chance of paying it off.

In short the 1.1 trillion will achieve nothing as 1.1 trillion is not going to make a scrap of difference.

What is it going to do ??

In short this meeting and its outcome which was already predecided has done nothing to address the problem that is the root cause of this mess.

|The problem is Globalism but you cant expect advocates of Globalism like Gordon Brown to even admit that Globalism is a catastrophe that has already happened.This is why he is still singing the praises of it to all the rest of them all the while knowing that 80 percent of the G20 morons at the same meeting advocate exactly the same thing with only Sarkozy and surprisingly Angela Merkel advocating common sense protectionism.

This is what i expected from Sarkozy who it has to said much to my own surprise hasnt turned out all that badly when i previously pre-judged or wrote him off as just another agent of Globalism and the EU.I suspect that Merkel on behalf of Germany doesnt mind destroying the identity of other EU countries via the Lisbon Treaty and the single currency but is rather less willing to not put her own country or fatherlands interests first and sign up to Gordon Browns globalist agenda.

All this meeting has achieved is a little bit of regulation by a central governing regulatory body to correct problems that shouldnt have happened anyway.

Not to mention the IMF now acting as a defacto central world bank exactly as predicted.

Tax Havens. This is most probably or almost certainly an effort on behalf of those who are pushing for an eventual worldwide central bank to threaten individual small countries who to a certain extent work outside of the rules or dictates of the G20 to bring them into line with the regulations/rules that will be imposed on them by the advocates of the single currency/world bank.

The fact that it is these countries that shelter the bank accounts of various world leaders and the super rich is another story but i suspect that there needs will already be taken care of anyway because i just diont see it being at all plausable that the super rich are suddenly going to have their rights and privaleges removed in the name of Globalism.

The G20 countries cannot actually force Tax havens to stop sheltering the Oligarchs etc who bank there so instead they will put their names on a list and leave it at that.

Likewise any country that puts the interests of their own first via protectionism will be "named and shamed".

Thats right.Named and shamed for not continuing on the same insane economic policies that have led to where we are now.

Globalism in other words.

They dont have the authority [yet] to actually dictate an individual countries economic policy.

There was *no mention* of their economic policy being a complete failure .

Just throw a bit more money at the problem.

Pathetic really and exactly what i expected.

This whole PR exercise will be paid for by UK taxpayers .

We pay Jamie Oliver who is a sellout to cook for them.

Gordon Brown is a despicable POS who has fucked this country over permanently.

It was a success in communication and co operation in furthering the Globalist /IMF/International Bankers agenda.

In other words a disaster for everyone else.

Unbelievably according to the questionable logic of Will Hutton Protectionism is a form of Racism.

"protectionism can lead to some very dark and unpleasent places..."

Oh shut up you ugly tiresome pseudo intellectual little Twat.

And stop saying "you Know" and "like" and all of those other stupid lazy low class little verbal affectations/tics because you lose all credibility.

"In my books..."

"like i said in my books...."

He didnt even write much about protectionism and he is just whoring himself to the media.anything for a pound note.

Another Blowhard wheeled out into the same radio slots and newspaper columns and is nice and safe and isnt going to say anything detrimental to the political agendas of the BBC.

Another critic who isnt objective


Is the idea of individual nations racist as well ?

Was Protectionism ever Racist before or has it suddenly become Racist ?

It is incredible how it has become such a dirty word so suddenly.

Bullshit-bullshit-bullshit-and yet more bullshit.