Wednesday, 19 November 2008

British National Party :FON:

[Disclaimer : I am NOT a member of the BNP and never will be EVER and i will NOT vote BNP so dont even THINK about it.For the purposes of objectivity i am going to say good and bad things about them in this article and yes i have done research]

Anyone see any Nazi bootboys in this picture ?

I dont but i will tell you what i do see.

I look at this picture and i see a sad indictment on the state of the UK and a failure of the 3 mainstream parties to govern and look after the best interests of the UK as a whole.All you Scots and Welsh are to a lesser degree affected by the same issues as England itself.

Or more specifically the picture and the sentiment within it is a result of 11 years of fucked up New Labour/Liberal/Transnationalist policy that has used the UK for field testing fucked up and ill conceived left wing/Transnationalist policy and ideology.

Its the result of a government that fails to listen to its own people but most specifically the White indigenous population who wether you like it or not are seeing their culture being slowly chipped away by PC and who are being marginalised by PC/cultural Marxism.

I am not a Nationalist in the traditional sense because i am from all over the place but the UK is my adopted home and its only since i have become aware of the workings of the EU takeover which i oppose so therefore i am a Nationalist by default wheras previously i wasnt interested in it.

I am critical of immigration in this country because of the failed immigration policies of this government and NOT because of Race etc.

I object to the fact that this government lacks a commonsense policy on immigration like everything else but its only a part of the problem.I object to everything about this government and i object to conservatives and i object to Libdems and i object to the BNP.I object seeing this country being subverted from within by Common Purpose who are a nefarious organisation who have infiltrated all areas of government via New Labour.

Common Purpose are a George Soros [affiliated or even sponsored by] fifth column and they are Evil and criminal.Obama is backed by George Soros.They were created by the Tavistock Institute and are spreading worldwide.

All the main parties are Pro EU Federalists.

Say NO to Pragmatic Transnational Progressivism/Collectivism.

So sadly at the moment there is a need for the BNP to exist to campaign against all this because mainstream politicians wont listen to the people at all.

UKIP need to badly step up their campaign and membership and i am considering joining them.Its the only choice there is.

The Left cant smear UKIP because they are not Racist.

I object to the BNP rabid fearmongering about Muslims.I know Muslims here who are very moderate and have NO interest in takeovers or hostility or anything else like that.The militant extremist fundamentalist Muslims are only a minority and i am tired of the post 911 villification of Muslims.

I have said to the Muslims that i know that i dont believe in Allah .They know i dont follow any religion and they dont have a problem with any of it.They have the right attitude about things which is tolerance which is my attitude and mutual respect.We dont need divide and rule.We are friends.

I object the way this government panders to the militant members of the Muslim community [fundamentalists] every time they throw their toys out of the pram.

I have sympathies with UKIP so i would rather vote for them than the BNP than be affiliated with white Trash Nazi sympathising ThugTards who are just plain ignorant and stupid.

National Socialism is a failure and always will be.Throw it out with the trash.


Fascism isnt a solution but a lot of the disgruntled dumb electorate are choosing BNP and its a problem UNLESS the BNP have cleaned up their act and got rid of the Nazis and Thugs but from the evidence i have seen thats far from the truth.

Only morons would vote Nazi.

However having listened to a lot of their discourse and talks they are starting to touch on a lot of wider issues like the EU and the general all round failure of 11 years of Communitarian Transnationalist [New Labour] policy and who treat the electorate with contempt and i will go as far as to say that i agree with some of their views and when they decide to drop their Racism and Islamophobia and Nazism then i might take them more seriously but even then its still an association with Nazism.

Opposing the EU and Communitarian Transnationalism and the destruction of ones own adopted country from within by the elected government while being treated with contempt at the same time *isnt* Nazism or bigotry.If anyone even thinks that this does constitute Racism or bigotry or Nazism then they are stupid Fucks who need educating about politics.

Where are the Nazi Skineads then in the picture ?

Is everyone in that picture a Nazi ?

Personally i very much doubt it.

They are arguing numbers not race.

Different argument completely and that means anyone regardless of colour .

As the BNP gain popularity the more the Left/communitarians will smear them .

"Diversity - diversity - diversity - diversity ! - Racist - racist - racist - racist"

Just you watch.

Anyone who believes in national identity will be smeared as a Racist or a Nazi eventually even if they are not BNP affiliated.

Personally i dont give a Fuck who lives here as i am only interested in this country opting out of the Lisbon Treaty and being self governing and a return to clear opposition and DEMOCRACY that OPPOSES the Lisbon Treaty and EU Totalitarian Collectivism instead of shying away from it at every opportunity.

I want independance.

I want GUARANTEES NOT promises or pledges as they can be broken and i have ZERO confidence in David Cameron to guarantee anything like that or Libdems.

America fucked up BIG TIME by not voting Ron Paul.

You can lead a Horse to Water but you cant force it to drink.Shame i cant vote for them for their own good.

FUCK Transnational Progressivism/Collectivism.

Fuck It All.

[Communitarianism is a fusion of left/right but predominantly Left wing and is the ultimate progression of Collectivism and is post-Democratic.It is a progression beyond the Left/Right false paradigm/Dichotomy]

I missed a visit from the Bodger and Badger guy and a drink and another friend because of writing this bloody article and i havent eaten yet.My housemate entertains them and all work and no play makes me very tired and irritable and ravenous but the message is more important i feel.

Ultimately i can sit back and go to bed knowing that i havent neglected my duty and responsibility to tell the truth which means that by doing this i am not complicit in what is going on.

Complicity is collaboration.

Complicity is endorsement.

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