Saturday, 1 November 2008

Daily Mail /end the licence fee campaign:

The Daily Mail readership proposes to end the funding of the BBC by licence payer and turn it over to the private sector instead.Therefore ending the stranglehold that the BBC has in terms of quality television.The Daily mail readers would be far happier if the BBC was swallowed up by the News International/Sky TV/murdoch media empire .They would be happier with a pay per view system rather than a flat one off fee.They have been motivated to call for these changes by the very recent Ross/Brand Tv prank call incident and believe that it just highlights a much larger problem within the BBC and that the corporation would be far better managed by the team at Rupert Murdoch HQ rather than the nice people at the BBC.

Here is just one example of the strength of feeling amongst the papers readership :

"Its a disgrace that the licence fee pays for such high quality TV while allowing Ross and Brand to be paid astronomical sums of money that are part paid by my licence fee.We are all fed up with paying it and it amounts to nothing more than another unfair tax imposed on an already overtaxed nation.End the licence fee and turn the BBC over to the private sector and let advertising and market forces decide what programming is made.I am an avid reader of the Daily Mail and i speak not only for myself but for the vast majority of the outraged readers of it who are as i am fed up with this kind of behaviour on air by the likes of Ross and Brand and who feel that this time it has gone TOO far.Honestly its an absolute disgrace and i fully support the Daily Mails End the Licence fee campaign.Everyone who works for the BBC including its directors should be sacked.All of them and it will teach them all a lesson .The BBC has crossed the line in taste and decency.The fact that the Daily Mail is a dirty muck raking petty minded vindictive little rag designed to appeal to sad frustrated bitter little moralistic hypocritical readers like myself has absolutly nothing to do with the decline in standards of decency in society.It has got nothing to do with it at all.We who are the all too often silent middle england majority have been silent for too long and now we say enough is enough"

How do you feel about the Daily Mail doing an expose on the grandaughter which places yet more stress on the family ?

"Well she bloody deserves it.Look at her she is a bloody disgrace and she wouldnt be bhaving like that if she was my granddaughter.she needs to clean up her act as well.Andrew Sachs should be ashamed of himself and i have lost all respect for him now.Its disgusting and disgraceful."

Shouldnt they be left alone at a time like this ?

"Absolutly not.Its their fault for being famous and they get paid far too much anyway."

Do you feel that the Daily Mail readership is simply being reactionary and blowing the incident out of all proportion ?

"Not at all.its a bloody disgrace."

A.Nobody - Swindon

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