Monday, 31 December 2007


In the picture is a Flourite crystal. I went for a swim one evening on the beach and stopped by the sea wall.Went for a swim ,went home and found i had left my keys and watch on the beach by the sea wall.The tide had come in so i had to wait till the morning to find them.The drift of the tide is west to East here with the beach facing south.It was very hot and the sea was very very calm so the drift of the tide would leave my keys where i left them.

I got up at 6.30 in the morning to catch low tide and took the Metal Detector and started scanning.Got a signal and started digging in the shingle.Out popped the flourite crystal.They are not found here geologically so i can only guess that it was dropped but when ? how many billions and billions of pebbles on the beach ? This may have been the only example on the beach. I dont know what the odds are but add lots and lots and lots of 0s. Under it was my keys and watch about 6 inches down.

Fluorite has a hardness of 4 .Flint has a hardness of 6 -6.5 so the crystal would have worn away in the end.

Sunday, 30 December 2007

rubbish tip:

This is a snapshot of a map that is dated 1874 .The site is in the lower R/H corner.I cant enlarge it any more.By 1880 the part of the site i am interested in was landfill but was covered in earth and used as dog kennels so its all under there just waiting.

rubbish tip:

I have been chatting to another local digger who is brighton born and bred and has a special interest in the site because of we know this tip was pillaged by the builders and private individuals for personal gain.Steve Homewood who i have been chatting to has spent a lot of time and money tracking down a lot of the items that were recovered just to record them and post them on a website [ gooogle brighton bottles to see]

He never got a chance to dig on the site either.I had one dig around on the site as there was hole in the fence that had been kicked in.This was a sunday morning but i was only digging in the spoil so i only found boring stuff.

The keeper of the estates within Brighton council has 3 boxes full of various items that i havent seen yet but thats good because the council have been made aware of it now.

So hopefully when i get to dig Steve can join the dig as well plus 1 - 2 others but no more.There was also an article in British Bottle Review mag recently about this tip.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Should i ?/Shouldnt I ?

I was out walking once and perchance i came across a delightful english pastoral scene and within i found many many Magic Mushrooms of which i gathered 50.I have preserved them in honey but dont know when to take them .you can only take them when the time is right to take them.I cant consider taking them until i have everything under control and not before.50 isnt enough for a full trip but i always prefer a smaller dose to get an amazing inspired high but not too many to go too far.I have never ever had a bad trip in my life ever out of the dozen times i have tripped.I started young at 15 with my first and every so often since.It hasnt done me any harm at all as i have always been very moderate with any drug taking i do.

Apart from that quite large dose of Ecstacy that i had earlier this year having never previously touched it before.I didnt know it was ecstacy either or at least only partly ecstacy.It was just white powder so i thiought to hell with it just take it anyway.I found it while clearing upp the aftermath of a party here and i thought the worst that would happen was a few hours of just feeling spaced out as i had been up all night.

nothing much happened at first but little was i to know that i was to live with the effects of that decision for over 2 months ! honestly i was left feeling slightly detached from reality for about 9 weeks.I was sort of slightly detached from reality and feeling on a high,also everything had a slightly odd psychedelic aspect to it that wasnt there before plus a lot of positive emotional type symptoms that are associated with Ecstacy.

It took a while to wear off and i can still slightly feel it sometimes and in some ways i am not the same as i was before but not in a negative way.curiously no depression afterwards either .I think other factors were involved as well and i could describe the whole thing as being like what some mistakenly call a religous experience except without the religion so spiritual instead.

I was incapable of working TBH and so istayed at home a lot and had the sudden urge to start drawing which i never had done before and discovered a new talent or a talent that i have never bothered with ever before.Or comic art/illustration anyway.It was partly triggered by the 2000ad messageboard,The death of my fave 2000ad artist Massimo Belardinelli and an art competition.

It seemed now i would never get to ask for a commission but i loved his work so much [amongst others as well] so i thought fuck it why not try it for myself and see what happens.I will elaborate on 2000ad artwork /Belardinelli later but it worked out as well as can be expected for a novice and i have been at it ever since and have made considerable progress of which i will post shortly including 2 pieces done over the last 3 days.One was done to mark my 40th and is the best piece yet.The day was a non event but i have something to show for it anyway.

I dont like drawing people or anything that is contemporary / man made and i prefer other/alternate worlds/beings and wildlife so that rules out a lot of things for now.

So it was a life changing experience but not one i will do again as i shant touch ecstacy again.

Once here i had some magic mushrooms and was on the way home.It was a full moon and i walked past a Chippy that had a large plate glass window.Inside was a dog of nondescript description and the second it saw me went absolutely ferociously bananas.I have never seen anything like it before.At one point i thought the dog was going to jump through the window.It was like it was possessed so i watched for a bit and left.There was something about me that triggered that reaction.It was either tuning into me or something to do with the full moon.

Cream Crackers:

There is just something *awfully* nice about cream crackers and cheese.They are terribly terribly bland and dont taste of very much at all yet when you add the cheese a strange alchemical process takes place and they taste awfully nice you know especially at 3 in the morning when one is out of provisions and once has terrible munchies that must be satisfied at all costs before i consider eating myself !!

Jeremy Kyle :

Is it just me or is Jeremy Kyle *the* most unpleasent ,annoying ,little shit on TV.

There is just something that i dont likle about him ,well everything actually,his face ,his voice ,his programme which i think is the lowest of the lowest common denominator possible.that being its audience [although its a little bit of a guilty pleasure viewing and indulging in a bit of cultural Voyeurism ] but not for long as i cant stand all those horrible chavvy people for very long.

He has to be the most punchable faced annoying little shit on TV.The way he shouts in that horrible high pitched voice of his.there is a sort of all over greyness about him as well which i dont like.

Makes me feel like just ripping his head off .

Italian Mafia ?

There was some girl that i knew a long time ago .We went out for a meal in an Italian in Brighton.when i got there there was a whole tablefull of these Italians who looked a bit like Mobsters.I didnt know who they were but i was introduced and they were very generous and paid for everything and we all enjoyed ourselves.Throughout the evening one of them who seemed to be the oldest and had the deep pockets kept pulling a face that was like someone who is Downs syndrome over and again.Its a bit naughty but i had a bit to drink and laughed my tits off as they were and it was hard not to as laughter is infectious/.I dont know why they were doing it or what the context of it was but i should have asked.

Once i went into some tea rooms in Winchelsea near Hastings.It was very typical and quiet and very English.There was a waiter waiting on tables with tea etc.someone at the next table i heard say "Here comes trouble" when he saw the waiter.

I have never laughed so obviously in such an inappropriate moment ever in my life.I just couldnt hold it in and had to make a rush to the door as fast as i could just to laugh.

Now i know that may sound a bit nasty but no harm was meant at all but it was just the situation and the others i was with who didnt exactly help by looking in a certain way and anyway i am not perfect.

Can fat Teens hunt:

Not if they dont know what they are doing and they are unfit and make loads of noise they cant ? Stupid question really.

Can stupid ***** hunt ?

I wish i had flown on Concorde:

So do lots of others probably.Its shocking that air travel hasnt evolved to that level generally but there you go.Too much money spent on government black projects, defence and the military and security [which is a joke in itself really] etc.Its shocking that not enough funding is being given to develop a fusion reactor that would give free [up to a point in theory at least in the long term] energy.

Anyway i dont make decisions and i dont run the planet.Theres a load of people who couldnt manage a piss up in the proverbial brewery have that job unfortunately for the simple reason they are cunts and i am not and they are well connected to other cunts who have a hugely disproportionate amount of wealth probably for lots of reasons that i dont have time to go into now.

But dont worry their time will come and i shall show them no quarter when that time comes.

Anyway I only flew in 747s and airbuses and DC 10s that have gone to the great aeroplane scrapyard in the sky.How very 60s.

Lets fly away ,fly and fly away sang Frank Sinatra.

Anyway once we flew 1st class in a 747 back in the 70s.This is the hump bit on top of the plane towards the front of it...its a sort of egg shaped room that as i remember had grey/blues sofas and chairs and tables and a tv and thats it.

I also got to sit in the cockpit of the plane with the pilot in flight for a short while.

"Now what does that button do?"


Thats not true that bit but the rest is.

Another house gone:

No pictures unfortunately but the family home has been sold and it was the last day today.It was a bit like what i used to live in but only about a third of the size of the old house.Basically a large bungalow that dad extended into the roofspace to make a large room plus a bathroom but with .75 of an acre of garden which became a bit much in the end with maintenance that is constant unless you let it go to rack and ruin.You either do it yourself or have to pay someone else to do it .It just becomes a pain in the end .

Anyway bad memories in that house that i wont go into but good riddance so begins a new chapter.

We should have built another house in the land if we were mercenary enough to cut up the garden but no one got it together to do it.I didnt like the idea myself as it was just for the money but ruins the garden.

One of the good things about it was that it was near a farm shop so they used to shop there as it was just up the road.

I hope they stay in th Knutsford area as its beautiful round there.It stinks of money round there and i donyt like that aspect of it much and dont like Snooty cheshire types that are around there.I have been in pubs and eaten out in that area and these types seem to act like they are aristocracy.horrible snotty tweed /cheshire life types whose whole lives revolve around cheshire "society". Cannot stand them as they are so pretentious and affected.Then you get all the footballers and footballers wives types around flaunting their cash.Better new money than no money though i promise you i should know as i am in the no money camp at the moment what with one thing and another . Its enough to make me think of doing something illegal if there was the right opportunity and a small enough risk factor involved but i wouldnt consider it for any less than a quarter of a million at the very least.anyway its unlikely as i dont do that sort of thing as a rule but like my Dad says you need brains to be a criminal and if you get away with it then fair enough as long as you dont get caught.

I shouldnt be writing this but its all hypothetical so it doesnt mean anything so take no notice.

I used to know this guy who lived in Canada whose father died and left a lot of money behind as he was in construction.[i cant remember his name ]. The guy i knew was a bit of a lunatic who a friend of a friend [who i cant remember the name of] was hired by him to teach him self defence and martial arts.He was some sort of ex special forces martial arts type who was huge .Rob i think his name was.Anyway the guy who was left all the money was trying to start a construction business but was being ripped off left right and centre .He wanted myself and a friend to go to Canada and help set up the business and stop the people ripping him off.

A little while later he died of a heart attack so it all fell through.

He was very very highly strung and had terrible fits of rage that were bad for his health.also he was into bodybuilding and i think was taking steroids which is very stupid especially if you already have a heart condition.He wouldnt listen to us so there you go.

Rob the martial arts guy could quite literally kill someone in a second or two while unarmed and they wouldnt even know it.

Heres a story about him that i have been told over and over again.There is a russian resteraunt at 46 Beauchamp place ,South kensington called Borscht and Tears that does Russian food and its bloody excellent by the way and a bit of bit of free advertising never harmed anyone so onwards i will proceed partly because i have never seen the point in going backwards as it never gets you anywhere.You just end up somewhere previous to where you started from and that doesnt make sense to me at all .I dont have the time either.

Anyway i digress from my original point that being the story that i was telling before i digressed. [you need to focus more!]

Anyway this is well before my time but there was a dispute with rob martial arts and a friend and the resteraunt owner.I cannot remember the details but the upshot of this is the restaraunt owner being thrown through the plate glass window [g/f] or even possibly an upstairs window and landing in the middle of the street outside.


For various reasons last night i lost it for a short while and took out my frustration on one of the doors in the house.I punched the door 3 times.The doors are modern fire doors and they are virtually indestructable.

However i hit that door with such force that the door lining has actually moved away from the wall on the side where the door is hinged.Makes me wonder just how many pounds per sq inch and how much force was behind it when i hit it.Probably a hell of a lot.

Its a bit of martial arts training that did that where you channel all your energy and focus behind it into one punch so you can almost go through anything.Almost.If that door had been a person at that point they would be lying on the floor unconscious thats for sure.

Now it has to be fixed at some point soon.

That worked a treat.I tightened up the screws on the hinges and kicked the edge of the door to push the door lining back into position.Its as good as new now.This house is cowboyed and i bet the door linings are nailed instead of being screwed.

There arent many things that arent PW proof that i have come across.I can break virtually anything it seems.I broke a cooks chopping knife on Xmas Eve.The blade just snapped in half just because i stuck it point down into the wooden chopping .It snapped clean in half widthways.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang :

Chitty chitty Bang Bang on Tv again .Its always on without fail.

I care not for seeing this film.I have survived 40 years without doing so and i mean to stay that way.

I hate all that Dick van Dyke cockneyisms and the rest of it and i hate that awful tacky tecnicolour film that was used in this film.I have seen clips of this film and didnt like the child snatcher aspect of it very much as i thought it was a bit sinister.

I havent seen Mary Poppins or Bedknobs and Broomsticks either.

Not interested.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Marlborough house Brighton:

I worked on this building redoing the front facade which is all new work .Its a long story which i will save for later.


Take a look at the Xmas scenes above>

The first picture is of a Xmas Market in Luxembourg .Not the most happening place by a long shot almost a bit boring as some places are in Europe.This is typical of what you will find in most towns in Europe.You havent lived until you have seen one of those but those in Germany ,Austria,Switzerland etc are the best.

The second and third picture is of Brighton at Xmas time .Look at all those lights !! dont they look wonderful !

So sorry i dont have a picture of Churchill Sq and the row of garden sheds [half a dozen in total ] that are obviously meant to recreate the magical atmoshere of a European xmas market.They even sell authentic german Bratvurst sausage.But just look at those lights in those pictures.Thats the best that the shopkeepers and council combined can manage.Its just sad and pitiful.Mind you the shopkeepers probably cant afford it as they are already paying extortionate business rates but at the same time they all want you to spend money shopping there but there is just no Xmas magic in Brighton.

Again i dont have a picture but the lights that have been put up across the street in North Street are just terrible.These are the kind that are designed with the outline of a sleigh etc with Santa hanging on at the side.Quite honestly they look like something you would see on an estate or for sale in Woolworths or in a fucking pound shop.They look like cheap nasty plastic cheap crap.Fucking terrible.

Whats more we dont even get a Xmas market.At least not one i know about.The council or someone could have organised this and filled up New Road by the Theatre Royal with a market.Fucking useless load of poxy miserable Cunts.

I am tempted to go up to London just for the day to get lost in the crowds in the West End like Regents Street and New Bond Sreet just to see the lights etc and go in places like Selfridges just to soak up the atmoshere of mad consumerism like you get in America and get away from this sad miserable spectacle here that has no XMas spirit whatsoever.

And the Church has put up a miserable stunted little Xmas tree with horrible coloured lights on it.Rubbish.

Bah Bloody Humbug !

Psychic TV :

I just listened to Godstar by Psychic TV for the 5th time in a row.I havent heard it for years but i used to play it incessantly. Just found NoGDM by Gina X and listening to that now as i used to like that as well.

Godstar was written about Brian Jones and was based around the opening guitar riff to Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones.

Back to Psychic TV.They used to be based in Brighton as was the temple ov Psykick Youth.I never got the hang of what they were actually about and their teachings but it was occult based and loosely based on Alistair Crowleys ideas.All about experimenting without any fixed ideaology to find the essence of your true will.Quite interesting some of it but i didnt want anything to do with them as i heard very negative things about them and did meet Genesis.P.Orridge a couple of times.They were a bit of a dodgy lot to be honest and got up to all sorts of peculiar things and had one room in the house dedicated to the exploring of ones own sexual fantasies etc.The room was painted black of course.

They said once that when they recorded in a studio that had enough tracks that they would leave the 23rd track open and just keep whatever was recorded on that track while maintaining silence in the studio.They said while recording Godstar that strange sounds and knocking noises were picked up and recorded by the Microphones on the 23rd track.Spooky.

Stay away from anyone who dabbles in thee occult as they know not what they do.Its always the dodgy types who practice it everytime.Apparently its rife in the establishment at all levels plus all these people you get like Kevin Carlyon etc.I just think its dodgy business unless its whiter than white and done for the good of course.

I have read some pretty awful stuff about Presidents and Politicians and some of it is fact like The Skull and Bones society yet some of the other stuff like Paedophillia ,satanic abuse and sacrifice , possession ,drinking blood is very very far fetched but not impossible to rule out.I dont know as i havent seen any evidence to support it so i can neither say its true or not true.

The one thing i do know is that there is something not quite right about these people.Its all in the eyes of these people.The eyes are the window to the soul etc etc.I can see ti in their eyes.There is a coldness there that is unnatural and alien.Thats all i can say but i know what i see and i am not imagining it.I remember when i was a little kid and i would see these people on the news etc and i could see there was just*something* about them that wasnt right and i didnt like it.

Who knows ? They are just a bunch of weird dysfunctional people if you ask me.All Tyrants are mentally ill dysfunctional socio/psychopaths .

Then there was the matter of a court case involving Genesis.P.Orridge who had glassed someone in the face.very nasty.

I remember he laughrd as he left the courtroom as he wasnt prosecuted.I wasnt there but thats what i was told.

Long distance walking:

I just love it but only off road as i dont like it in towns or next to roads.I find that unpleasent and soul destroying and you never know if you are going to get hit by cars as they whizz by at 200mph.It has to be off road like a cross country run and preferably on my own as well.If you are off road i dont notice the mileage at all yet roads exxagerate the mileage and make it seem longer.

I walk and run for a bit then walk for a bit then run again but i cant sustain running for that long as i am not made for it.Once started i can do that all day and night.its just the feeling of being free that i like the most away from everyone and everything.a good few years ago i was just sick of everything and went and set up camp and lived in the woods for a couple of weeks.

There is just a certain feeling that you get walking and quite often i just want to keep going forward and not go home.Not that i am trying to get away from anything.

blah de Blah de Blah



I just called up someone i know to see what they were doing at Xmas since i am stuck here and i know they are all as well so i thought lets meet up.

This "friend" is an older woman i know who i had a platonic relationship based on ...Guess what.....Peter pays for *all* of the drink and just about everything else ,"Peter please lend me a tenner,i am stuck till friday" etc etc on countless occasions,who provided a shoulder to cry on and counselling on countless occasions, and lots of other things.

Anyway i called her this afternoon and before i could say anything i got this: "I cant talk right now as i am busy and there is a mad woman with a Dog round and now is not the best time [it never is unless she wants something] and i am busy at Xmas so i will see you in the new year".

And then hung up ......

Oh No You Will Not.

I am terminating the friendship? this evening by posting her a letter through the door or more likely just blank her from now on.

Some People, i never will understand them.

I seem to attract friends who just take take take.

One small problem:

Dont ask but she has some things that belong to me that i loaned them to her as she liked them so much.She used to come round here and see something like a pair of silver candlesticks and borrow them for an unspecified period of time.I was an idiot lending them to her in the first place not to mention the pile of DVDS that i lent her.

Now i want all these things back so i will make an arrangement to collect and reclaim these items at some point in the very near future.I hope this goes smoothly as i am sure it will because when i ask for something back thats what i want and nothing less.I will kick her door in 2 seconds flat and reclaim them myself if she plays games with me.I will do that without a seconds hesitation because i am like that and i dont care about consequences in those situations.

Then theres the 50 quid she owes me but i doubt i will see that again,and before i forget i had better add on the 5 quid that i generously gave her to get a Taxi home.

Right now i just feel totally used and abused.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Mark Wallinger,Conceptual art,and broadsheet art critic columnist pseudo intellectual gobbledegook :

I cant be arsed to type about these types .Why give them more publicity ?

Rubbish tip:

This is the place.I am with the help of another trying to negotiate [or will be in the new year] with the council to do an organised dig on this site.This is where you see the mass of green bins all stacked together.We want to do a series of exploratory holes to get an idea of what is underneath the ground.This entire site is now registered as an archeological site.If it is what i think it is then it may date back to the early 19th century.If this is the case then i may have just as well struck gold .

There are a couple of individuals in the council who are sympathetic to the idea.So we will work on them and see what happens.

If this happens then a series of digs will take place and i wont be able to work as it will take up all my time so i will have to get some money from somewhere as it could take months .Fuck work though this is a once in a lifetime opportunity but the value of the items recovered will far exceed what i can earn in that space of time at the moment.I am not doing it for the money i have to add but no one is going to know if i take a few items home especially if they are multiples.Also security will be needed as people will try to break in as this place is famous now and has had a lot of coverage in the last few months in certain publications and throughout the digging fraternity.Like Bees around the honeypot they are but i have no problem at all inviting 1 or 2 others that i know to join in but strictly no one else.

So we will see.

Monday, 17 December 2007

A new form of torture:

Yes a new form of torture has been devised.All you need is a stereo and an electricity supply and a CD containing recordings by none other than Rufus Wainright.

Thats right ,Rufus Wainwright.

Plug in stereo to power supply ,insert disc into tray,press play and away you go.

If you want to get rid of me or torture then it works.

I could only last 5 minutes in the Video shop before i exited as i simply couldnt stand it anymore.

Its actually worse than Coldplay and Chris Martin droning on and thats bad enough in itself.

DIY Nightmare:

Why cant my neighbour just finish his work and get it over with ? Its been going on for nearly a year now.BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG..........peace and quiet......BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG .............peace and quiet...........BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG [always in multiples of 3]......peace and quiet.....BANG BANG BANG ........ and on and on it goes......

A couple of times i have had to complain when it happens on Sunday.That just not the done thing.Sunday is for peace and quiet.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Adult children strike again:Final warning time:

Yes this person has scored again.Now its time to have a word them and give them a warning along the lines of "you shall *NOT* use the word Arsehole and my name in the same sentence again or use any other terms of abuse or raise your voice or anything else for that matter" Just behave and consider yourself very very fortunate that i didnt lose my temper or patience and do not play with fire and do not push your luck because if you do you *will* be sorry.That is a fact.

Its a shame all this because i think life is too short but there has to be respect.I insist on it.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Where has it gone ?

That peculiarity in greenland has gone now.Nowhere to be seen.It may have been a fault in the system maybe.

What a surprise !

Since the Bush administration has been in office shredding of official documents and paperwork has increased by 600% !!!

Its a good way of making all those unpleasent things go away.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Why i cant work with idiots update:

I watched 2 jobs being done this week that i could have done but i lost them as the clients went for the cheaper option.I watched both jobs being done and both when finished were a disaster.One of these was overseen by someone from the council in building control/listed buildings department.The surveyor who provided the specification and methodology for the contractor to work to got it all wrong.Unfortunately its too late to correct this now as it would do more harm than good.I have an interest in this because the basement museum is based in the same building as the work that has taken place.

I mean only a fucking idiot would leave an exposed small steel beam[that shouldnt be there].Steel RSJs are made of poor quality mild steel and should not be left open to the elements especially in a salty by this time next year there will be a lovely big rust stain going down the wall.

None of these people know anything but its not the contractors fault [who doesnt know anything] as they are just doing what they are told [by the surveyor who knows nothing] and being paid to do.

The large project that i had that went tits up is another thing.A report has been made about the loss of the historical fabric of that building to English that this has been done the Development company are legally bound to reinstate what has been lost or risk facing criminal charges as what they are responsible for is a criminal offence.

I didnt write the report but provided the information contained in it based upon what i witnessed while on site.This will set the wheels in motion.

? : Close up image:

What is this ?

I found this on google Earth.I have no idea what it is but its very large and what is that black line.

I am sure there is a down to earth explanation for it.

Its in Greenland.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

House i did up once:

Good God, Chicago - If you leave me now.

Dont go fishing on Youtube or it could happen to you.

Let it be a lesson to you all.

Its the house immediately to the right of the house in the centre of the picture with the reddish coloured flat roof.It was a cafe on the ground floor with 2 floors above.It was built in 1834 and was a third or fourth rate townhouse built as part of the brunswick square development nextdoor.Later on it was turned into a shop premises with various inhabitant trading from there like a Watchmaker and Tailor amongst others.It was a disaster area and virtually uninhabitable.I did this project with a friend.We removed the shopfront and reinstated the ground floor elevation to how it looked when it was built and also excavated the front basement well to create a small outside area with steps leading down to the front door to the basement.I did a clever thing with the front steps by doing them in what is known as a kitewind as a space saving idea.Also there was a problem with planning because building control insisted that we should insert a steel beam below an already existing wooden supporting beam that was a foot square and in perfectly sound condition.So i thought this was wrong and to insert a steel beam would throw out the proportions of the ground floor window.We won out in the end and didnt insert a steel beam.A lot of the outside work to the front facade was done by the truly wonderful Neil England of Englands Ornamental Plastering Ltd plasterer extaordinaire.Apparently the council use this house as reference and an example as to how to turn a commercial premises back into residential use as a single dwelling and not flats.

I tried to buy the house next door with my dad.Thats the house in the centre with the flat roof.It was a newsagents called the Toffee Tin for years and a guy who was an absolute pain ran it.I didnt have much tme for him as he was a bit anally retentive in the social sense of it in that way that only the english know how to do.Sort of uptight and a bit awkward as if they find social interaction painful or difficult.He was always complaining about the banging.I tried to keep it to a minimum and only during working hours.I cant do work without banging.He would call round and bang on the door but sometimes i would just ignore him.his mum was this really unpleasent Mary whitehouse type.Almost identical.One of those Lower Middle types who are desperate to climb the social ladder so they are all snotty and prim and proper with affectations in their speech and mannerisms that try to mimic someone who is upper class yet somehow they get it all wrong.

Anyway he did a runner from the shop leaving large debts behind so it closed down.Then it sat empty deteriorating for a year and a half then the owner of the premises died.The house was in probate so an offer for the house was made to the owner.We came *that* close to buying it when someone else in their family started to a dispute about who got what from the owners estate so the house was stuck in a legal dispute for 3 years and couldnt be sold.All the while it was deteriorating and sitting empty.There was an outbreak of Dry Rot that was a problem to us.Also a problem with damp as well.I used to climb over the wall and go inside the house and look around as there was an open window.It had an extra floor that was added later on and a fantastic view of the sea from the flat roof.

Anyway it was eventually sold when the house prices had started to go through the roof and it sold for 315,000.We wouldnt pay that much so didnt bother.It was only worth half of that at the most as it was in an absolute shit state and in far worse condition than next door.Also the house was at the point of collapse when it sold as the rear wall of the house was at the point of collapse caused by an overflow pipe that leaked water constantly .

Then the Meg and Paris moved in ............Jesus......

There was just something weird about them.The odd couple.He was a Jewish Lawyer who was definately a bit crooked.He was was actually an ex lawyer who had obviously been up to no good and banned from the profession and i think he did a runner form the states to escape something.

Bored with talking about them so this ends.

We were fed up with car drivers using the road as a rat run to turn off the seafront and speeding up the road at 100mph that we talked to the council about this problem and they actually listened and made the street one way only.

Interesting house:

I used to know someone that lived in this place which was one of those small village chapels that the Victorians built.Its now a dwelling.There are no walls inside but instead there is shelving splitting up the inside into seperate rooms as such.Each of these shelving/partitions was just crammed full of interesting objects ,antiques,books,bits of driftwood just about anything you can think of so that you couldnt actually see into the next room.Absolutely incredible.You could spend hours just looking at it all.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Sit back and enjoy:

AAAaaah The end of innocence by Don Henley. Sublime. The ultimate in AOR or soft rock.I like soft rock as i grew up hearing it.

Lets hear it again. Don Henley -perfect vocalist .Plus the wonderful sax solo at the end of the track by Wayne Shorter.

I can identify with the lyrics as well.They explain themselves if you listen.Quite sad as well.All about loss of innocence and how you sometimes have to either reconnect with that lost innocence or not ever lose it in the first place.

Which is what i have always done or tried to do anyway.

Adult Children and how to deal with them.

GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrr..... In a bit of a foul mood this evening along with a headache.I wouldnt call it inner rage but i am not in the mood for being messed with like i have been today by certain individuals who will insist on taking liberties.Its a good job i have patience and self control otherwise i might go too far.I really dont like being pushed as it takes a great deal of self control,a huge amount in fact.It takes years and years of exercising self control to be able to do it.I simply have to do it for my own good as well as everyone elses .

What is it with these people and their selfish and contemptious [fuck it i dont give a toss about spelling mistakes] behaviour and transferance of their personal baggage and pent up frustration onto me as if i am just supposed to soak it up like its alright ? Selfish stupid idiots.Blind to their own inadequacies and selfishness as if they cant sort it out for themselves so they transfer it onto you as if thats going to make their problems go away ? Pathetic. Sort it out yourself and face facts and take action.I dont mind listening if they want to act like an adult but i cant deal with childish behaviour from adults who should know better.I dont even mind them sounding off and having a rant about it but i *will not* tolerate this transference bullshit where they attack me verbally for no good reason.If they do that and dont stop or go too far i will give them a fucking piece of my mind they will never forget.

Its my old friend "Familiarity breeds contempt " again.I am quite easy going and amenable generally but some types choose to exploit that and i am *fed up* with it and i am *fed up* with having to put them in their place like i am dealing bloody children for crying out fucking loud!.I am beginning to wonder why i know certain people in the first place.I am sorry but i am used to certain standards of behaviour that are what i would call normal for christ sake.I can be the worst example of behaviour that can be unacceptable but unlike some people i have grown up know + how to behave unlike others who seem to be emotionally retarded.Its as if they stopped maturing emotionally when they were 18.I wouldnt take these people anywhere or introduce them to anyone as they are a fucking embarresment in a social sense.

If only these people had the ability to see themselves from the outside for a change to perhaps shock them out of the behavoural pattern that they are stuck in.They need to be filmed and made to watch themselves all over again. "This is you being naughty again !".

A lot of these people cant even introduce themselves properly .Regarding my own behavour i lost it a bit earlier this year publically on a messageboard and went too far but it was an isolated incident.There was a reason for it having happened but i am not going to say what it was except "Kids :Dont take drugs ! ".At least those beginning with E and K .They dont suit my temperament at all anyway.I need sedatives not stimulants.I dont really have a dark side as such but i am sort of wild inside and it never goes away.Its always always there and is just something in the blood.It sounds like i am making it up but i am not.

[fucking headache]

I was forced to raise my voice today which i hate doing.

Its like you have to sort of give them a time spent being "In Disgrace' like a child has to treated.

They always come back later and apologise as it is they who are in the wrong.

"Thats alright" I say as i forgive them for the 50th time.Not to worry though it will happen again sooner or later in which case i have to go through it all again and so the cycle continues.Just like day follows night.

I would classify these people as Emotionally Retarded/learning/behaviour difficulties.A bit worrying if they are 45 years of age.I dont think much can be done with these people at that age.

For fucks sake i was *the* worst behaved child and a parents worst nightmare but i snapped out of it by the age of 15 or so as i just thought to myself "This is stupid".I wasnt badly behaved in the home particularly but school was a problem shall we say.It wasnt like i didnt know what i was doing.I just didnt like school and teachers and the way i was treated with disrespect by awful people that i didnt like.I would go as far as saying that i was physically abused as in beaten by teachers particularly sports Teachers.Hanging from the wallbars at a height while being slippered.Abuse not to mention some of them who i strongly suspect were verging on Paedophilia.Dirty horrible creeps getting a cheap thrill at my expense.Not the sort of people i would leave with children.

So it became a battle of wills.Me against the school and authority so i raised hell whenever i could and didnt alwaays get away with it but took my punishment as beating me didnt change a thing.It just made me stronger.

Hit me again see if i care.

[I didnt get a taste for sadomasochism though]

I will stress that these people are a minority in my life but there are millions of them out there.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Someone is staying : update

What a lot of nonsense all that was.I thought it was all a bit unlikely and just someone who was over reacting.The person staying is a perpetual Ketamine user at weekends.Time and time and bloody time again have we all put pressure on this person to stop their stupid drug taking but just like all drug users the words go through one ear and straight out of the other.This person has been politely asked to not take Ketamine on certain social events as its inappropriate.Like a friends 40th last new years eve party.It was a fairly civilised event and not all of us liked someone acting like they are a special needs case staggering around mumbling incoherently.6 partygoers actually left because of this idiot .It just doesnt give a good impression.

Also he thinks that door staff at clubs persecute him as they wont let him in the club.It might have something to do with drugs .I dont want to judge someone but its quite likely to be the case.

So not only does he take it himself but also inflicts it on others who perhaps dont know any better or are easily led.He has a platonic friendship with someone elses girlfriend and she takes it and gets into an awful mess.So her boyfriend is rather unhappy about this and rightly so.

The boyfriend hasnt made threats at all but just said "May the wheels of Karma catch up with you".

I am not sure i believe in Karma as some people who shall remain nameless seem to be resistant to it as they never seem to get any backlash at all.There must be a way or means to get protection from Karmic backlash that i dont know about.I am 50 / 50 on wether Karma exists or not.It sounds like hippy nonsense or a religous controlling mechanism to deny free will.I dont know really .

Alistair Crowley said "Do what thou wilt will be the whole of the law".Not sure i go along with that either.

I think i am somewhere in the middle like i say.

One thing i do notice is that Politicians seem to go through a rapid ageing process once elected especially PMs.Perhaps its because they are corrupted and it ages them as a side effect.Serves them right.It gets them closer to the grave more quickly.It must be the stress caused by so much lying and cheating i guess.So perhaps thats Karma of a sort.

Saturday, 8 December 2007


Not much to say about this place apart from the fact it is *The * worst place i have ever been to ever.[apart from winsford in cheshire].The air was full of yellow smog and pollution from all the chemical and oil refineries plus Fiddlers Ferry power station along the road.It has nothing going for it at all.Nothing.

Its amazing just how much of England is absolute shit.

Apparently Paul Simon wrote "Homeward Bound " while sitting on A platform at Widnes station.Not surprising really.

"How i wish i was homeward bound" or however it goes.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Come on in ! The waters fine ! or Wish you were here

Blackpool.Possibly the second worst place i have ever been to ever.Just look at that water. "Yes its water Jim but not as we know it " "Scan for lifeforms : no lifeforms present except for micro organisms feeding off the sewage ".

It looks like oil and water mixed together.

I spent possibly the worst weekend of my life in blackpool.Abysmal.All i could do was pour money into arcade games in an effort to kill time.

Shops full of tack and shops selling "Evening wear" for people who like that sort of thing or at least what falls under that description in shops in Blackpool."All that glitters is not gold " says the cliche.Not in Blackpool anyway as its usually plastic.The epicentre of bad taste.

I was pissed off that i didnt see any Donkeys on the beach either.

Highgate cemetery :

There used to be a way to get in here through the fence.What an incredible place this is.Its like a city of the dead and once in there its hard to imagine you are in a city.As you can see nature has taken over and in a way it sums up how i feel about life and death and the never ending cycle of life.I find these places to be romantic in a funny sort of way.Its partly the victorians romantic idea of death and also the way that everything is overgrown.Parts of this place are impenetrable unless you have a machete to hack through it.

The weird thing is i used to dream about this place.I was always on the other side of the fence but in the dream i was aware of an evil presence that was inside the building or church that you see.A bit peculiar really.

It attracts a lot of weird people does Highgate cemetery.Myself included of course.Satanists,vampires,witches,allsorts.I saw fresh black candle wax that was dripped everywhere about half an hour before.Open tombs like Mausoleums with stacks of black wooden victorian coffins on shelves sometimes with decaying pictures of the deceased and various paraphenalia lying around.

In one of these one of the skeletons was sat upright in the coffin.Quite a sight in the early hours of the morning i can tell you.

Some of the ground underfoot is treacherous so its not a good idea to wander off at night as the ground can literally disappear under your feet.I did quite a few night infiltrations into here and then exfiltrated.Its also a good during the day but you have to look out for the guided tours and also the obnoxious old woman who is always there.Also dont go in at night on your own as its not a good idea unless you are sure of yourself.I climbed over the main gates once so its fairly easy to get in even that way.

The problem here is this cemetery is falling into disrepair as those who managed it had the idea that planting trees was a good much as i like trees this was a bad idea.Ivy was allowed to grow out of control as they thought it would "preserve " the monuments but Ivy is very destructive and it is destroying monuments although in theory they could be rebuilt.So now it is managed if doing the bare minimum can be described as management.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

You are not going out like that !

Lost the pictures unfortunately which is a real shame.I was put up to it by someone and also myself to go into town wearing the most ridiculous clothes possible and see what happens. I had a leather jacket that was far too small ,some very wide flares that were far too short in the leg ,and a pair of those Moonboots that you used to get in the 80s with the very thick soles.

I looked a complete idiot basically but that was the point of it.I used to go to jumbles sales with my mum and buy all sorts of rubbish and clothes etc.It was the in thing to do then as a lot of others used to do the same as that was what everyone did in the 80s.

Believe it or not i actually did stop traffic with that look in a "what the fuck is that?" kind of way and even got shouted at in the street because i looked so stupid and ridiculous.It certainly worked as 2 or 3 cars actually pulled over by the side of the road to look as they couldnt believe it.I just wish i hadnt lost the pictures.


Ridge Farm Studios:

Ridge Farm *Was* a famous recording studio in surrey.Lots of famous albums were recorded there like Meat is Murder- the Smiths , and Oasis and i cant think of any more but lots of well known musicians have recorded there.A friends brother Billy who i dont like because of his superior attitude which is annoying set it up with some others.

I was working on an emergency building job in London just off Marylebone high Street for a friend of a friend who was the unfortunate victim of Cowboys from the yellow pages.It was an utter disaster in every way possible.So alice the flat owner called us in to sort it out.We had to make alterations to the flat roof which was a pile of rubbish.billy was called in to repair it and stop the leaks with some help from Jock who was there to paint.The roof continued to leak so billy blamed it on Jock to try and get away with it even though Jock was just assisting.What a complete tosser.Thats the sort of person he was.

Thats one of the best jobs i have had because there were 7 of us all staying there as well as working there and in the evenings we would all just sit round and eat and drink and play music and get stoned.alices sister Isabella was doing a Pru Leith cookery course at the time so she would cook for us all every night as work experience and her cooking was bloody excellent as well.wonderful.

Anyway ridge Farm isnt a recording studio anymore and has turned into a wedding/Banqueting kind of place and it looks a bit naff inside to be honest.Cheap mock antique furniture and cheap looking imitation arabic rugs.Rubbish .It looks like one of those naff resteraunts that you get in a tudor building for example.Horrible.

If they can afford a place like that then they could at least furnish it properly with antiques.I dont know.

Anyway its the end of an era.I went to a couple of New Years Eve parties there a long time ago.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Nice Gaff :

I wonder who lives in there ? Bleedin ell musta dun a couple of nice juicy bank jobs to get that. I think im in the wrong game ere. dont reckon much ov that pool though fuckin awful that is.looks like the bleedin garden shed in front ov it an all.

bleedin ell guvnor .

Someone is staying:

A friend has asked to stay because apparently someone is after them and knows where he lives.I wont give anything away as i dont know the full picture but from what i gather it involves someone who works as door security at Nightclubs.Now Door Security people are have their own little community and all know each other and to get to the point are an absolute load of Morons.There may be good ones at proper nightclubs and some good ones around.I suppose it depends where you are at.

This particular person has made threats and knows my friends mobile no.So he doesnt want to go home and is genuinly concerned and a little bit worried about it.I said if anything happens then i must be told about it but i dont think anything will and its all hot air.You cant be sure though.There is a whole gang of them apparently as i said before they all work together and know each other and socialise together.

Send them all here if you like !

We will see but this stay could go on for sometime [weeks] but the couch trip is being staggered between others as well.

He literally doesnt want to go home and was talking in the worst case scenario that he would have to move and just has a bag of clothes.

If this person who is after my friend turns out to be a problem then something may or will have to be done about it to put a stop to it.

Chickenfeed cowardly thuggish bullying gorilla Door Security. pppfffff !

They arent usually that articulate either :"You int comin in ! You int coming in you got jeans on and trainers ! Right i am going to ask you to leave ! Yer Barred ! and thats about it really. Thickies.

Whats it to be ? Breakfast , Lunch , or Dinner ? Them i mean . Odds are they will be Breakfast.They usually are.

Pathetic Idiots ! Hardly worth the effort involved dispatching them ! !

Site of Ministry of Defence building:

Yet another development and the site of what was the Ministry of Defence building [War Records]. It was a large red brick building like a hospital or some sort of institution with a separate incinerator that had a very tall red brick chimney that was a local landmark.

for years i heard stories about it that it was haunted from people that had worked there that had become a sort of urban myth.I cant say if they were true though but sometimes i would wander into the grounds sometimes at night but always always felt uneasy and once scared out of my wits so much so that i ran.

Over on the others side somewhere i was walking through the woods and saw what i thought were loads and loads of silver milk bottle tops lying in the soil and leaves.Upon closer inspection they turned out to be military Dog Tags with names and numbers of military personel and all on green cord.Some were stamped and some were engraved.I cant remember any of the ranks but they were English and possibly WW2 perhaps.There were loads of them so i took them all home.

Why were they all buried in the woods ? Very odd.Its a bit odd if you think that that person could have died in the war.A bit of an odd place that was.

Shining Cliff:

The 2 pictures below are of Shining cliff.This eccentric woman lived there who kept goats.I strayed in there once and was caught by the woman who knew who i was and where i lived and so mum and Dad found out and i have been constantly reminded of it ever since.

Anyway she died , the land and house were sold and now look at it.

Development. Executive Homes .Look at them all squashed in together and look at the size of the gardens as well.Oh well.They were built by that developer /new homes company that have the Labrador with the slipper hanging out of its mouth.

You downt wan tu gow walkin in them woods a noight thow i been earin theres some strange goins on up in the feeyuld boi that pond up there loike.

Dont straye from the path whatever ye do and certainly dont be goin up there on yer own loike !

i seen it with me owne oiyes loike Oiyes as broight as fire they were !

Its true oiye be tellin Ye !

Now you see it :

Now you dont !

George W Bush Rant a swearathon:

Can anyone spot the Nazi in the above picture ? If not then its in the far left hand side of the pic.

Our Glorious leader SIEG HEIL! proclaims the billboard propaganda. Firstly i am not a resident of the U>S but i have spent time in your wonderful country and even lived there for a short while in the 70s.I have fond memories of the wonderful colours of the leaves in autumn ,of my dad driving across the Rockies in a yellow Dodge Charger [375bhp v8 engine ,160 mph ,10mpg !!! a monster of a car] that my dad hired after my relentless "please Dad " like the spoilt little upstart that i was then and lots of other things.

So from then to the here and now.

Just how Did all this come about? Just how did the land of the free turn into a Fascist state ruled by a cabal of power hungry ,lying,manipulating,cheating,immoral,murdering,polluting,anti life ,greedy complete and utter Scumbags ??

How ? Its because of all the above reasons ,not to mention the rigged elections ,rigged so that if you were a black voter your voting papers were binned,if you werent squeaky clean and were late paying a parking ticket you were also binned ,and not forgetting your new best friend computerised voting .Yes !! computerised voting.It means you can "lose" votes and no one will ever know !! Amazing really.No evidence to come back and haunt you once you have hijacked the White house.Not forgetting the stupidity of the electorate who at last are waking up to reality !.They are a * bit * slow but they get there in the end !

Mrs or Ms [I dont know which ] Condaleeza [coconut [black on the outside - White on the inside ] Rice . I dont think that your ancestors or other black people are that impressed with you to be honest. Traitor.

Richard "Big Dick -SSShhh My daughter is a Lesbian Permanent Sneer - [i do the same every time i see you by the way] " Cheney. Big Dick ? Use your imagination.I hear you have been not well lately and in hospital .I hope you dont get well soon.Waste of taxpayers money.Your medical care i mean.Death comes to us all in the end and theres no getting away from it.

Donald [ I was CEO of a certain chemical Co that bribed the American food and drink administration to allow Aspartame into the food chain even though it was a known Carcinogen or whatever.]Rumsfeld.I will spare the rest for now but lets just say you are one sick depraved immoral individual.I know you resigned as Sec of Defence but i know you are still just as much involved as you were before unless you just decided to wash your hands and walk away from the debacle /nucleur wasteland that is Iraq.But hey its not all bad news though is it seeing as you are profiting from the war anyway.There is always money to be made in war and you and your friends should know this because you all have ties to Halliburton who supply the military.[ Very quietly for now i wont say anything at all about all of the concentration / Detainment camps that are built by Halliburton for future Terrorist suspects....Hang on did i just say Terrorist suspects ? Damn i meant to say Political dissidents/U>S citzens how stupid i nearly fell for the Terrorist spin but under the all the legislation that you have pushed through that collection of spineless individuals in congress i am potentially a "Terrorist" by posting this.Fuck it though i dont care.I am not and never will be scared to speak out and i am not intimidated by bullies either so once again Fuck you all.

Now back to monkeyBrain. "Your leader" proclaims the self aggrendising billboard propaganda.Is he having a laugh or what? I wouldnt ask that fucking chimp to make me a cup of coffee.If you get stuck though you can always ask your Dad how to do it since you are permanently hooked up to him anyway.He is a clever guy your Dad and if it wasnt for the third term rules you wouldnt be in the White House anyway.Dont you get tired of that senile decrepit old scumbag in your ear all the time ? You are probably so stupid you dont care anyway.How about this then : All that money and power and the unholy alliance that is George Bush SNR and what to all intents and purposes looks like his mother produced a sub human reject of dubious intellectual capacity and moral bankruptcy or is it just because you are just stupid ? you certainly *look* stupid ,you act stupid ,and you talk stupid.You like your coke and you really like a drink as you are an alcoholic at times.Keep drinking and ruining your health .It just speeds up your decline that little bit more quickly which is good news to me.Ask your Dad about how his father Prescott Bush funded the Nazi party .He will tell you all about it when tucks you into bed and tells you a little story to send you off to sleep.

Your Dad has a Wonky eye that adds to his unhealthy appearence.

"Read Mah Lyups ! No neeooo Taxes ! " Said your Dad. Fucking liar. All you have to do is reverse what he says.Politicians always do it.You are all the same.

One last thing What was Henry Kissinger doing in the White house recently? He seems to have taken up residence there.

Perhaps he is checking up on "The dumb idiots and political pawns in the military " as he calls them.

Before that though how about Senate Bill 1959 Violent Radicalisation and homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act which was passed on an unbelievable 405 for and 6 against vote in Congress .

Unbelievable.Extraordinary.Lost for words.

Is there something in the water there? Are they all drugged or mind controlled ,Have you bribed them all ? Are they all weak people that are scared ? Or are they stupid ?

Who knows,whatever this legislation effectivly *KILLS* free speech and makes it illegal under the Senate Bills extremely vague and not at all potentially open to abuse parameters and definitions of what defines a Terrorist or a threat to National Security.

People can be made to disappear if you know what i mean or end up in one of your "camps" with no contact with the outside world and no outside world contact with them under the terms of the "law" .405 for and 6 against ? Some people sure dont know whats good for them.They will be sorry later though.

Now over to Blackwater security.You know all about them dont you?.I know quite a lot too.There is never a shortage of Thugs who will do all your dirty work for you if you pay them a reasonable amount.A lot of people get off on that sort of thing too who may or may not be fit to serve in the Military or who have even left it or been kicked out of it.The wonderful thing about blackwater is that they are not accountable in the way that the Armed Forces are.They can do what they like more or less or at least do it when there is no one looking because if they get caught it gets awfully messy and it raises the profile of Blackwater into the public eye just where you dont want them to be.

I do believe that these are the lovely people who will be policing your own people once you have imposed an irreversible state of martial law.Your conventional military is overstretched and demoralised.

The wonderful thing for you George is that once you have imposed Martial Law and siezed everyones assets and property which you will do then you will have a perfect situation for recruiting people to join your paramilitary as they will all be looking for work and have families to feed for example.All you have to do is teach them to point a gun in the direction of the person they are oppressing and they will do what they are told .

Its alright being in the Armed Forces as it is a Noble cause and a profession or at least it was until you used and abused them.If you are however a gun for hire then you are just doing it for the money and as you live by the sword so shall you die by it as well.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>INTERVAL TIME<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

To sum up for anyone who is shall we say a bit slow or blind to the evidence that is apparent everywhere if you are paying attention then my sitting here typing and saying exactly what the fuck i want at home on this Blog makes me a terrorist suspect.

Get that everyone? For all you doubters and cynics out there who think you know it all then time will prove me right or wrong about this but there is no getting away form the facts wether you like it or not.

Its like Germany in the 1930s all over again and i absolutly shit you not about this.

Even though i am not a U.S citzen dont think for a second it makes any difference at all because it doesnt.They have that problem sorted dont you worry.Potentially i could be extradited for writing this.Thats how scary it is.

Dont worry though they cant even take over a third rate tinpot dictatorship like Iraq even though they were already weakened by years of sanctions so how do they think they can take over anywhere else?

Thats just looking on the bright side and trying to see a positive side to this Godawful mess if there is one.

No wonder the history of Nazis and WW2 is being taken out of School curriculums.They dont want the kids to know about it.Historical Revisionists for political purposes of course.

Its interesting to note that there is a Holocaust Museum in Washington DC but in that museum there is virtually no mention of all the unfortunates who died in the Holocaust that werent Jews. Like Political dissidents for example or the disabled ,or Gypsies, or young people who were non conformist,or just about anyone who didnt fit or refused to fit into the Nazi ideology.

How you Yes ! you at home can also sit back and relax and make money out of Iraq.Simply buy loads and loads of Iraqi Currency [just ask to see proof of authenticity before buying although its unlikely to be fake as who is going to fake a currency thats worth virtually nothing?]in high denominational notes for virtually nothing and be prepared to sit on them as long as you have to and then when Iraq has stabilised politically then it will stabilise economically when the oil starts flowing.Then all your Iraqi dinars will be worth an awful lot more than you paid for them.

George W Bush isnt exactly subtle and he nearly commited a bit of a Faux Pas by doing a partial Nazi salute in public as if it was a Nuremberg Rally .Its a wonder his "adoring" public didnt do the same back.Perhaps they did.I dont know i wasnt looking and i wasnt there.

Oh Dear ! i have used the word 'Terrorist" 7 times in this post.That might show up when the authorities scan the internet for keywords in their never ending searches for information.Well if you are reading then why dont you give me a slap on the wrist for swearing while you are at it?

Fuck Them All.

Free Speech Will Prevail.

End of transmission.

Signing out.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Damn this toothache:

This comes and goes as it is caused by wisdom teeth coming through and compressing the top front canine teeth because next to one of them is a crown that replaced a very small tooth that was knocked out in a by an adult when i was 14 or 15.Its a bit of a story but i saw that tooth fly across the room but never found it.This is the third crown and its still not right.I think an implant is the only answer.Its been a problem for years now.Once the pain was so bad that i was swallowing ibuprofen painkillers every half an hour and eating them like sweets.I dont know what perscriptions painkillers you can get now but Feminax that are

for women who get very bad PMT used to work well.

Once the pain was so bad that in its relentlessness and unremitting agony while lying in bed i actually considered killing myself to end the pain.I wouldnt have actually done that but i did think about it for a while.

Second only to childbirth apparently.

Why do things always f ing break down when its XMAS ????

Last year the boiler . This year so as to not break the pattern the HI FI has packed in. Its a 10 year old Quad system.They are quite rare as well.The CD player that is useless died a few years ago but the Amp and Pre Amp have had 36,500 hours of use.I was upstairs and heard very loud static discharge that would have popped the speakers if it had carried on.It will have to be sent off to Quad to be fixed but the good thing is is that Quad are clever and design the internal workings so that all parts of the amp are interchangable so resulting in minimum labour costs.If there is a fault in the circutry then replace the circuit board instead of faffing with soldering and all that.

More Furry art:

More furry art .I drew this guy in 2 hours this evening just for myself.I did this one for obvious reasons but partly i hadnt put pencil to paper all day and to a certain degree i am locked into drawing these characters partly because i find them easy to draw , i can relate to them and also i seem to have terrible problems drawing your average human as i cannot draw faces for some reason.Every time i try it goes wrong like my Slaine Drawings that are totally useless and have been binned.I think i need to try for about a week and do nothing else.Then there is the womenfolk to consider as well as i have had enough of the male physique but you have to learn one thing at a time and i am getting the hang of drawing a figure that i can see in my mind and onto paper.Also Hands i am getting the hang of as well so its all a slow learning curve.Also i have been drawing within the confines of small boxes comic style as a discipline in working and fitting things into a confined space where you have to imagine a scene within a small box and then draw it.

Castledown House

More Pensioner Syndrome and historical fact.

The block of flats in the centre of the picture is the site of Castledown House.It was a plain georgian mansion with a small amount of Classical detail built in the local sandstone that was popular at the time but weathers badly if in an exposed position.This house was visited often by Alistair Crowley who stayed their often.This house was a ruin up until the mid 80s.I used to go in it every so often to explore it.It was gutted by a fire but could easily have been restored as the shell of the building was sound.It stood in its own grounds once on the side of the West Hill in Hastings.Rumour has it that Alistair Crowley conducted certain rituals there and the house and the ground it stood was cursed.Also some urban myths about the house fire being re-enacted on certain nights of the year.Something about a servant in the house at an upstairs window nearly engulfed in flames throwing a Baby out of the window in an act of desperation.So the story goes anyway.

The house was sadly demolished by the council as it wasnt listed.Another example of vandalism and destruction.Instead you have the pile of rubbish that you see in the picture.THe land stood empty for years with one dead tree that stood in the centre of it.Someone started to build flats but something went wrong and it again stood unfinished again.I bet there was bad luck story there.

Why do i say that ? Rumour has it that like i said before the land was cursed as rituals had taken place with who knows what consequences.The only way to break the curse if it involves occult ritual is to conduct its antidote in another ritual that has the effect of neutralising the previous ritual .A bit like neutralising a strong Alkali with an Acid of equivalent strength.

Easy in principle providing you know what ritual had taken place first.If you dont know you will never know but you could try a standard ritual in the hope that it works or repeat it a few times.

What do i know ? I dont get involved in it but i have an understanding of it that comes from somewhere.It could all be superstitous nonsense but i do know that dark forces do exist so i take it fairly seriously and stay well away from it also there are others who do take it very seriously particularly in Hastings where there is a very old occult tradition.

I had a bit of a scare in that myself when in the basement of the house when i had the feeling that the walls where closing in and a terrible feeling of being trapped that took over from rational sense.I got out of there very quickly.

Local folklore says that if you live there and have a connection with it then it will never let you go and you will always be drawn back.Perhaps this is why i am writing about it so much and looking at pictures as part of me wants to go back and live there again.I always liked it there and was very happy to live there.

I dont believe the curse that draws you back is real but i did something to break it but maybe it didnt work.However if i dont believe in the curse then that should cancel it out but i still feel drawn back anyway so it seems like you cant win either way.

This curse is well documented in local myth and folklore.

Its full of weirdos and odd people is Hastings and it has a culture and eccentricity all of its own.We couldnt stand it sometimes so we used to go to Battle or Tunbridge Wells or Maidstone instead just to get away from it.Its a bit like being in a 24 hour freakshow that never ends.I had a terrible habit of laughing at some of the more unfortunate folk but i never let them know it but it was just too much sometimes.How very un PC>

We nearly lived in Tenterden and Hythe instead as they were close to dungeness but Hastings was the best option as it was fairly close to London.

END of Pensioner syndrome transmission.

Friday, 23 November 2007

A house that isnt there any more.

Absolute centre of the picture is the site of a large derelict victorian mansion that i used to go into when i was about 12 or 13.You used to be able to see this place when you were at the other side of the woods at a high point.It was open and mostly smashed up and vandalised as these places so often are.It must have been used as some sort of hospital or institution as most of the rooms were full of old fashioned iron beds.On the staircase there was a huge stained glass window that almost totally destroyed.In the basement there were lots of rooms all full of all sorts of old stuff and i always regret not having a better look at it all.A bit of a creepy place really and there was a large colony of white pigeons that had made their home there.The best bit of all was the old smashed up piano that you play like a Harp, with the sound of the strings echoing through the house.

Not long after that it was knocked down and 6 houses built in the grounds which you now see in the picture.

Hastings English Language Centre.

Apologies for the ongoing case of pensioner syndrome but nearing 40 and one third of my alloted time on this planet before my current energy cell starts to deteriorate i have just been reflecting upon days of yore , when everything just seemed to be just right with the world or pretty close anyway.

The house in the centre of the picture was the language centre building.One saturday morning when i was about 15 ,everyone else had gone out and i thought i would explore this building as they were closed on saturdays.I went through the trees so i wasnt seen and had a look around the garden and then thought i would try and get into the house.I forced a window open and got inside.Walked around for a couple of minutes and then in one of the rooms there was a Space Invaders machine which i actually started playing.

Then the alarms went off ................. for about twenty minutes.

It was unbelievably loud so i got out of there as fast as i could and ran back through the trees to get home as that way was the best way not to be seen.I dont think i have ever had to get away from somewhere as fast as that before [ well , i have ,lots of times but thats another story].Got home [corner of the picture] and half expected for the rest of the day that the police were going to call round or something like that but i got away with it in the end as i never heard another thing about it.

I was exploring a similar type building in Brighton that was derelict.about the same size as this one but it had a look out tower that comprised of a circular glazed room set into the roofline.This was because i was spotted by the neighbours.

" you have got 5 minutes before we call the police" and they bloody well did as well.Problem was the road this house was situated in had no easy escape route as it was on a main road and all roads leading off it were either dead ends or no , thats it just dead ends .so i was forced back the way i came .

So what do you do ?

I had to change my clothes a bit so that i wouldnt fit the description given to the police when i was reported to them.This was done by taking off my jacket and hiding it. Thats it. Thats all i had to do.So when the police car that drove past slowly next to me across the road didnt stop.They had a good look but didnt stop

me and ask questions.This was lucky because i stick out like a sore thumb anyway ,but police are generally quite stupid at the best of times anyway.


Anyway i was stopped once years ago in central London [Oxford street] i was with a friend and we were on our way to a gig.We stopped at a cashpoint , i drew out cash and gave my friend [who used to try and bleed me dry] a tenner.My friend then when down a side alleyway to have a piss and i waited .

Two policewomen across the road saw the whole thing and wandered over.They must have thought that there was something suspicous going on and requested that i empty all my pockets and my bag and give them my name etc .I did just that .There was nothing to hide.There was though but the two nice ladies didnt realise it as i had an eight of solid resin in the little tiny pocket that you get next to the larger front pocket on a pair of Levis.But they didnt really need to know about that and i had to be somewhere else .I was almost in conversation with them by that point and said that i was late and had to be somewhere to watch live music.So that was it.Easy.

Police are easy to just have to be nice to them.Also ,i hate to say it ,but police are judgemental and *will* make instant judgements about you based on how you talk and how you look.So if you are well spoken ,their attitude to you completely changes.I dont talk the queens english but i am well spoken to a large extent.Like it or not ,thats how it is, and the same goes when youare in court awaiting sentence.Depending on your postcode and your background and the way you talk , there is a sliding up and down scale of leniency and severity of sentence.Its not fair but who said life was fair anyway?

Monday, 5 November 2007


The picture above is of an entrance to an Icehouse.An Icehouse is an underground space for keeping ice and food frozen.These were used by the very rich and usually attached to large country houses.

I found one of these recently so i thought i would explore it.I had to force the door open to look inside .I had a very long climbing rope which i was going to tie to a tree and use top absail down the hole should there be anything interesting down there.Disappointingly it was empty .It was a wierd place though.Imagine a 50 feet deep circular hole that as it got deeper it sort of tapered into a cone shape that had a plughole in it so it could drain.It was about 40 foot wide in circumference.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Girlfriends house:

The house by the road with the pool terrace is where one of my first girlfriends house if i can call her that in Cooden near Bexhill.When i lived in Hastings i got to know all these rather nice girls who were very middle class.Bloody nice posh totty.They all used to come over at weekends because Cooden has nothing going on for them.It doesnt even have a town centre.I think the town centre is a post box not forgetting the train station.

I went out with a girl called Leander for a short while.Its her house in the pic.I went to her house once on a saturday and met her mum at the same time.I had been told that her mum ,Valda was a complete and utter snob.

Anyway her mum just thought i was some bit of rough as i looked a bit scruffy and when it got to the evening it was clear that she just couldnt wait to get rid of me.Her Mum kept overemphasising how it was very important for Leander to concentrate on her schoolwork and education etc and not get distracted as it was costing rather a lot of money.Basically they didnt want me to know their Princess.So her Dad offered to give me a lift home to Hastings.

"Oh tell me Peter whereabouts in Hastings do you live ? " She asked in the snottiest condescending manner as if she was royalty.

So i said St.Helens Park Road.

Oh How jolly nice !! Thats Lovely !!! Thats Where our friends the Archer - burtons live !!!!

It was just funny how in that short space of time her attitude changed just because of a post code.

I never really saw her again after that thanks to her snotty mum.

Spooky Halloween story:

This happened in a place called St.Helens Woods in hastings .I used to live there in St.helens Park Road which is on the doorstep.

Myself and 2 friends decdided to go for a nightwalk up to the woods as was the case sometimes. It was summer ,warm and very still.

We went to a place called the Black Pond which is in a field with a circle of oak trees in it which are very old indeed.The whole place just feels very old and mysterious and is my favourite place to go to there.It is next to two very old trackways.

Moving on to the event: We had been in the field for about 45 minutes when we sat down under one of the trees.We were in the middle of the field facing upwards to the higher end of the field which ended with a very old iron fence and woods the other side. I think it was just after midnight by now. After a while i noticed something moving up by the fence on the other side of it.So i watched it as i was very curious by now as to what it was.It seemed to be very large and obviously a dog and quite stocky.A bit like a rottwieller and roughly about twice the size or more.It had quite short hair that was jet black. Now,those eyes,they were glowing a sort of dark orange colour.Although they glowed,no light shone out of them at all.If you want to scare yourself a bit then light 2 cigerettes,turn all the lights off,look at the burning ends of them and it will give you an idea of what they looked like in the dark. It was moving about a lot for about 10 minutes and it seemed to be watching us as it was moving up and down and loking at us inbetween the bars in the fence.After another few minutes it just seemed to disapear or maybe we just couldnt see it anymore.We were sitting about 50- 70 feet away from it when it was there. So i said to the others "did you see what i just saw?' to which James said yes. So i asked what that was. He then described exactly the same as what i had seen. I didnt say a word about anything while it was happening as i was too busy watching it. Steve who was also there didnt see anything at all and was unaware of anything.
We left very shortly after and went back to mine just down the road.
I didnt feel scared at all when i saw it, more curious really although i am in no doubt it was demonic in nature. It is what is known as an Elemental . These sightings are never common,in fact they are very rare indeed, but there are recoreded sightings of these things all over the british isles.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Ignorant belligerant fucktards at the petrol station:

Yesterday i was filling up at the petrol station.4 pumps were out of action so there were queues inevitably which means waiting for an available pump.

Along comes ignorant belligerant fucktard white trash white van man who pullsa up behind me and starts honking his horn and shouting at me to move.

Move where ? i say.

No answer except more honking of the horn and being shouted at to move.

[slightly beginning to lose patience] i thought i would ignore him and he might shut his mouth.

Oh no thats not going to happen. Out of the van he gets and knocks on my window.

So i wind down the window. Then he starts: "Will you fucking move out of my way! "

My answer: No i cant fucking move.There is nowhere to fucking move to.Cant you fucking see ? What the fuck to expect me to do ? There is a queue. I have to wait.So do you.What makes you so different ?

His reply : "You couple of fucking cunts , you couple of fucking queers etc etc heard it all before etc etc boring etc etc and threatening violence.

My reply : If i was you i would go and get back in your van and shut the fuck up.Shut up and fuck off unless you want that hole in your face filled. Go away !!

I think my words of advice sank into his thick ignorant skull and he left me alone after that.

How i hate these types of people.I just despise them.I always get called a queer by them for some reason.Just because i dont look or talk like them then i must be.

Maybe its because i am better looking, talk better, have courtesy and manners,and am not a piece of trash like them.That must be it.

The most disturbing thing about these people is that there are millions and millions of them everywhere.

As long as they stay out of my way then i am happy.

Fun and games with the great british public at the petrol station:

Saturday, 20 October 2007

make your own ketchup:

Chop 3 cloves of garlic finely.

fry gently until done.

add 2 tins of chopped tomatoes

add tomatoe puree [generously] sugar [2-3 teaspoons],honey [3 teaspoons],wine vinegar[a dash].lemon juice[a dash],sea salt. black pepper to taste.

Simmer in a pan for a short time [15 mins] then liquidise until smooth.Simmer gently further and reduce until sauce thickens by way of reduction until the consistency of ketchup.

Add chilli to taste if you like things hot.


I just read the latest post on Steves Blog on the Bog and i feel compelled to add some of my thoughts on the subject of drinking and other enjoyable pastimes.

The government in this country is beginning to seriously get on my tits.I am getting a little bit sick of the nanny state and so are a lot of others.I do not accept in any way the government intruding into my life ,my lifestyle,my spare time,my habits and vices when i choose to go to bed or the colour of my underwear on any particular day or the food i choose to eat.

So here we go: Stay the fuck out of my life and dont dare to presume to tell me how to live and all the rest of it.You leave me alone and i will leave you alone.Simple.

Collectivly you are nothing more than parasites in my opinion stealing from the populace while lording it over them in some sort of sub feudal fashion.

What i cannot accept and will never accept are liars and hypocrites.Hypocrisy is the last refuge of those who are weak.Weak is what politicians dare to tell me how much i can and cannot drink for example while at the same time you dont mind the tax revenue of course.

You yourselves have about 7 different bars to drink from in the house of commons all subsidised by the tax payer to the extent that you only pay 1970s prices for it.

Liars ,cheats and hypocrites>

Just who are your guidelines on healthy drinking aimed at?

Fair enough drinking in excess has become a social ill these days with certain sections of the public in this country but i dont fall into your demographic so go and sort them out instead and save your preaching for th0ose who cant seem to behave themselves after a few.By the way you politicians yourselves fall into the same category as those cretins anyway.Why do i say this ? How do i know?

well i have seen you and members of your political party that chooses to pollute the town with your presence every 4 years ago for conferences which translates to an exercise in eating and drinking as m uch as you possibly can in the space the space of 4 days.I saw one or a few of you throwing up outside of the grand hotel while you were pissed.Not to worry,some underpaid minion will clear up after you.

So listen Mr weak willed parasitic establishment yes person hypocrite if i want your advice i shall ask for it .Until then fuck right off and dont come back as you are the last people i will look to for guidance on anything .

If you wish to save money then cut back on some of your own expenses like free private health care for example courtesy of the tax payer.

Isnt it funny that you are all so busy telling everyone else what to do that you neglect your own duties as public servents and running the country.

I havent been to a doctor for anything worse than blocked ears in 20 years so obviously i know about good health so charge me directly for healthcare in future.I already have a private dentist instead of NHS so i am saving you money anyway.

What does a politician do when they are ill ? They go and see a private consultant and the tax payer pays for it.Thats what happens.They dont even use the NHS system at all.I know a bit about this is i have known a couple of private consultants in my time.

Isnt it funny that politicians only see things in terms of pounds ,shillings and pence and nothing else?

How much is my life calculated to be worth according to politicians when set against my projected lifetime costs to the NHS ? 50p ?

How much is my life worth when compared to a parasite in a suit [politician] when set against my projected lifetime costs to the NHS ? Probably about a thousandth of the cost of a politician.

I dont like low class chav thug scum.I dont like fat people who stuff their faces.I dont like drug addicts and junkie scum.I dont like people who cannot drink responsibly and cause havoc on the streets and abuse NHS staff i n A+E.

The fact is though like it or not they are here to stay and by default they have a right to healthcare by being citzens of the UK.Thats what makes this country unique in that respect .The NHS was given to the people of this country as a reward for enduring the hardships of the war etc.Its not there as some plaything for politicians to fuck about with and sabotage to the extent that it is falling apart.Its there for the people.Stupid ,fat or whatever.

What an insult that politicians have actually sat there and calculated everyones cost to the state as if they are some sort of expense in which to cut back on in future.

Tonight i am going to drink the amount that it suits me to drink.I will be the judge of how much i can drink not anyone else.No doubt i will exceed the guidelines of the namby pamby lightweight nanny state.Thats just tough but i never asked for the advice in the first place.Fuck all that 1.5 units shit as well.

I take care of my own health and have always done so.