Tuesday, 31 July 2007

cash or lack of it.

I have to keep the wolf from the door . Could royal mail nick my bills instead of packages please.I will give postie some cash at christmas if you would do that .Did you know you cant have your water cut off.If you have your electricity cut off and electricity meter removed you just have to reconnect the red and black cables with a connecting block then you have free electricity forevermore .I dont know why more people dont do this.

Monday, 30 July 2007

accident waiting to happen

where i am working at the basement museum there is a gate in the railings that opens out on the pavement.There is a 7 foot drop to the yard below which is nothing to me but it is an awful lot to a 4 year old toddler who managed to open it and nearly fall down it.Thats the last thing i need in my life as the consequences dont bear thinking about.I will have to sort that in the morning as a priority .

its that time again

its the full moon again. Its my time of the month .It doesnt get me every month though just most months.

Mellowing with age ?

I am still waiting to mellow with age.It isnt happening.I am just the same if not worse than ever but a lot better in other ways never the less it is still hard work as you can imagine.I think its true to say a Leopard cannot change its spots.Still being slightly pissed always helps.Most people get very aggressive when they are pissed.I am the opposite to that completely. I wonder if you can get alcohol perscribed by a doctor as a tranqualiser to mellow onesself out ? That would be a first.Dont tell all the alcoholics about it.It would be immoral to get it perscribed on the NHS so if i was perscribed privatly i would have to pay for it anyway i think.

cash [or lack of it ]

I need an injection of cash like you wouldnt believe . A minimum of half a million will do.I dont want to borrow as i have never borrowed ever.i have no credit history whatsoever.I dont want to ask for it either.I am expected to make my own way in the world like my dad did.Harsh but fair unlike my sister who got tens and tens of thousands into debt and had to be baled out but she was left with part of the debt to clear herself just to teach her a lesson.God knows what it was all spent on and i am not supposed to know anyway so she had better not read this then.
I want to do it all of my own back and no one elses as i refuse to not be independant as well .So i have 2 schemes both perfectly legal .One will involve being paid to do what i like doing anyway so i cant go wrong. I suppose everyone needs cash as well as me so thats nothing new . I dont think small , i think big instead .Why waste your time thinking small.I just have to get on with it now.I am giving up gaming and other out of work stuff as there are only so many hours in the day to get things done.I dont socialize much out and about as enough people come round here anyway.Its rare to get this place to myself at anytime.I need to concentrate so i am going to hang a very large do not disturb sign on my door saying i am writing.Please leave alone.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

unfinished project might restart

3 years ago a project i was involved in ended rather acrimoniously because of problems with the owner of the building who is a bit of a nutcase.The building is the second most important building in brighton as it a Robert Adam building [Marlborough house].Robert Adam is a famous scottish architect during the 18th century.It was bought off the council as it was the tourist information office.What a state it was in as well.We got as far as restoring the facade and renewing the front section of the roof.Getting that far was fraught with problems . We all left after that because of the owner of the building. The idea was to turn the building into a six star hotel.This didnt happen and the building has sat empty for a further three years.Just recently the owner of the building has got together with someone or other who has 50 million and wants to spend money on the building together with the owner who has promised this time to not interfere in the building works that will happen.This building was bought for just under a million and is now worth about 4 million so potentially restored it will be worth getting on for 8 million.Apparently it is going to be a gentlemans drinking club or a hotel.I am not sure which .I dont care as long as the building is saved.All work done to the building has to be approved by English Heritage.Its a nice little job right in the centre of town next to the Lanes in Brighton.If this building was sold there were at least half a dozen companies that would want the building for their company headquarters.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

cancer cure

I someone today that i havent seen for ages .I had heard that Val had leukemia so i asked about it and he said that he wasnt sure how long he had to live.So i said have you heard about vitamin b17 ? google it and read up on it. Then i said drink cloudy apple juice that is rich in b17 . He said that he does already and absolutly loves it. I said what kind and he said Copella in square bottles. I said keep drinking it.He said that he didnt feel that ill anyway.Maybe it is the juice ? I will try anything.Val didnt look ill ,just a touch off colour.thats all.

Apologies to Blogger.com

Its not your fault ! Its this prehistoric imac . I cant install Firefox until i upgrade. This is the problem.

Todays fun and games

Today a shithead in a white van tried to run me off the road today.I was on a bike .The road was double parked so only enough for one at a time.I had precedence here.The shithead had to stop so he was a bit unhappy so i got the usual verbal.I answered back so he stops.He gets more obnoxious and tries to get out of the van .I blocked him so he couldnt get out.Then i called him a Cowboy.He got more aggressive like a little dog that is pent up and frustrated.A bit like a small dog that is locked in a car that becomes aggressive.So he gets one of those spanners that you undo a car wheel with so he could whack me round the head with it.Before he could do that i got hold of him and santched it off him before he could do something silly with it.Then he drives away and as he did so i threw the spanner at the van where it hit the back of it.

It was just so easy.I kept the spanner as a memento.It was like dealing with a child.Well it felt like it anyway as he had no strength.I hope i taught him a lesson before he assaults someone else.

a correction

The well is 11 meteres deep with 3 metres of water in it.It is brick lined and about 3 foot wide.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

here comes summer ! update :

To Blogger.com :

To the team at Blogger.com. I want to change the colurs on my blog.So i go to "customise" .Then i go to Fonts and Colours.Then i find that the whole page is virtually inactive.I might as well be reading a bit of paper.More wasted time. Point made yet again.I am not even surprised.Maybe there is some sort of .......no there isnt.......Its just fucking stupid.

For some reason this problem isnt covered by the help page. How helpful.

Young 2000ad reader

When i was a young 2000ad reader about 12 or something like that i didnt know anything about radiation or nucleur power apart from what i read in 2000ad. judge Dredd etc.I said to my dad who was involved in designing or helping to design a nucleur power station in Dungeness in Kent ,could he bring home some spent reactor rods !!!!!!!! .This was thought by everyone else to be a very bad idea ! " Why not ? " " They are very bad for you and will make you very ill with radiation sickness " " Yes but you would just have to go into the decontaminating room and shower off " " No dont be silly wherever did you hear that ? " "2000ad and Judge Dredd of course ! " "Well they are wrong ! I dont have time to explain anymore now . I think i know a bit more about it than a bloody comic does so take my word for it ok "

End of conversation.

Tony Blair and Cherie Blair

I heard this rather unpleasent anecdote about Cherie Blair or Tony Blairs Vile,Horrible wife as my mum calls her.When she was a resident of 10 downing street she took a dislike to the resident Cat.She didnt want the Cat around and asked if it was possible for the Cat to be put down.Its obvious what my reply to that request would be but i wont say here.

Secondly has anyone else noticed a similarity between Tony Blair and one of those talking ventriloquists things that sits upon the knee of a comedian ? I am talking facially perhaps also politically if you know what i mean.Unless it has already been done that would have made a great cartoon.

Also as they are now residents of Connaught Square there are police , security ,cameras , etc permanently in the square.They annoy other residents constantly by their presence and stopping them all the time asking what they are doing there.The Blairs seem to have this effect on people wherever they go.I wonder why ? Tony Blair seems to have the same effect on every woman i know as they all say that he gives them all the creeps.Personally i only have to see that stupid irritating face for a second and i see red.I have said before that someone i know was offered the same house or the house next door by the elderly owner about 20 years ago.It was available on a twenty years to expire lease that was renewable and it was stuffed with antiques.the owner was asking peanuts for this but my friend turned it down because of overseas commitments.He has been kicking himself ever since for turning it down.

I wonder if security have the sewers covered ? that could be one way ...........I had better shut up......

A water supply

I am connected to a Museum house in Brighton.They have an Annexe that is the only complete unalterd belowstairs/basement servants quarters of its kind in existence. We uncovered a well that was used to supply the house with fresh water [spring water] .We were removing the top layer of floor screed that was laid over the slabs in an outside yard. It hasnt been tested yet for purity but it seems alright and was clear.The curator of the house does diving so it is going to be explored to see if anything is down there.This means that there is clean spring water right in the centre of town.It might be useful one day. Its about 3 metres deep.

virgin broadband update

I got a card through the door today from Virgin today. It says on the front "are you up to speed with your broadband ? " .Then inside after a load of waffle i was invited tyo do a speed test.So i go to the website.I fill in my postcode.Then i fill in my tel. No. Then i click on thing to do the speedtest .Then nothing happens.I sit there clicking away.Still nothing happens . Point made. More of the same as last night.Its like Groundhog Day.I cant be bothered to say anymore.

Catch 22 : if i change ISP then i lose the cable and go onto ADSL .

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Problem american ebayer

3 and a half months later and still no strike removed from my account.Curiously he hasnt left me any negative feedback.thats because he desperantly doesnt want any. he has backed himself into a corner but he is as stubborn as a mule and cant admit defeat so he refuses to do anything.Silly Arse.He keeps going on about harrasment.Pathetic and predictable.One email sent in 3 and a half months ? harrassment ? Fuck off.

Feedback rating 99.1% and falling all the time a bit like the dollar exchange rate.

Heres a sample of some of his negative feedback : "Not the first to deal with this crazy junk dealing psycho RUN AWAY !!!

He says the strike will remain there forever and a day.It will be if this carries on.I will have to see what i can *rustle* up for the *cowboy* to *spur* him on a bit to see if i can *round* up that unpaid item strike .

Very rude seller. Has other neg FB . Lewd language. Beware.

Was very disrespectful when contacted.

Hopefully we can work this out ????

Virgin + NTL

Its official I am only getting half the broadband speed i am paying for and i am not the first to notice this. So* Virgin* are going to be* Fucked * for the first time in their life if they dont sort this out the fuckers.

I fucking hate people sometimes

Why the fuck cant they design websites properly so that i dont have to sit here going round in fucking circles like a fucking idiot like i have all the time in the world and fuck all else to fucking do ? Fucking RETARDS !!. Fucking rant is fucking over . For fucks sake ! Jesus they make me fucking angry.

internet bandwidths

I am fed up with Broadband that is painfully slow.This is because of bandwidths being oversubscribed or compressed or whatever. Admitidly i am on the cheapest tariff of broadband but the way i see it it is too slow and below the broadband speed that i am paying for. So i propose to virgin that i upgrade to the next faster broadband speed [at no extra cost] as in theory this will up my broadband speed to what it should be in the first place or have a reduction in the cost of what i am supposedly getting right now.Everyone who sees how slow this is comments on it .I have tested it on one of those websites that measure the speed of broadband but to make sure i am going to test it at different times of the day for a week to get an average.

This is just unsatisfactory.Its ntl cabling here not adsl .I dont know if its a symptom of that or if it varies between broadband companies either but i will find out.There is a junction box just outside. I wonder if i can open it and adjust my own broadband speed as everything is controlled by the junction box.

Bastards !! You need a key to open it.

road rage

i was involved in an incident of road rage a little while ago.I was walking across the road just outside where i live.A car came round the corner at speed and i was subjected to the usual abuse and honking of a horn. I was a bit peeved about this so i threw the remains of what i was eating at the car so the shithead gets out and punches me in the side of the head.No big deal as i didnt feel much in the way of pain.The shithead was trying to impress his girlfriend.I have to say i was in a bit of a dreamworld so i didnt react much. In the end i let him off. A little while later i ran into him in a local shop.As the shop was full of people there wasnt much i could do there and then so i folloewd him out of the shop and he starts to mouth off about being a proffessional fighter etc.absolute rubbish.He was backing off as he was saying it as well.Again i didnt think that this sad overweight slob was worth my effort so i let him go.I knew this guy was a local so i always watched out for him to see where he went.He seemed to have fixed habits like going to the shops here at about 2 o clock in the afternoon for example as i got the impression he was unemployed.sure enough i caught him walikng down the road to the seafront.He was aware at one point that i was following at one point as he kept nervously looking round to see if i was there. So i waited around for him to turn the corner,then i started following again and this time he was unaware that he was being followed this time.I followed him to his door as i was about 40 feet away.As he was going down the steps to his basement i made sure that he saw me over the road watching all the time.He hasnt been seen around here since by me or anyone else either for months now.He had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide so maybe he moved out as he didnt belong here anyway.He had been a problem to others here apparently so good riddence.Perhaps the bin men took him away with the trash. Good idea. I take a very dim view of these types so if i can i put them in their place where they belong.

a break in

about a week or so someone tried to break in here.I disturbed them and they did the most sensible thing they could.They ran off into the night and lived to tell the tale.

writers block

anyone need a drummer ?

I am a drummer who has no drumkit and nowhere to practise . There is somewhere to practise that is underground but that wont be for a while yet.I am not that competent on a drumkit as i havent had the opportunity to practise. I can keep any time signiture obviously .I average at about 2 or 3 seconds to get into the time signiture.I have been tapping away at home since i was about 13 years old and thoroughly enjoy it.I think it was listening to Stewart Copeland of the Police that inspired me to play rythms and drum patterns.Polyrythms are a speciality. I cant play any mussical instrument at all apart from a bass guitar and to say i can play that is an exxageration.

Monday, 23 July 2007


I know someone called Chris who is shall we say a "handful" and i mean that. Hard Work. We were at someones house and it was a party but a very civilised one as there were all these left wing politically correct types who were all hippies in the sixties.They were listening to African music of some sort. "So who is this then ? " said Chris. I couldnt have predicted what he said next : " I know , its Cunty Feely !!! " It was obviously meant to sound like an African name. you just had to hear the silence that followed and then watch everyone trying not to laugh ! I didnt even try not to laugh as it was impossible not to. It happened again later on when the subject of those who bat for the opposite team came up in conversation : "Get back in that closet ! You are not parking your bike up my arse !! " . No invites again for Chris nor me either seeing as i was laughing so much.A bit like being an accomplice to the crime.It was a bit like when Oliver Reed was on that live late night chat show that was on channel 4 a long time ago.That was a mile stone in television watching Oliver Reed get more and more pissed as it progressed and insulting the left wing feminist types that were also guests . Not to mention falling off the chair and knocking drinks over.

Mistaken identity

There was a problem recently with myself being mistaken for an infamous messageboard Troll who shall remain nameless.I did a bit of rooting around and found a picture of the Troll. Definatly no similarity there ! Even a blind person could tell us apart or they would follow the smell and not my smell i should add.

How do you get the truth out of a politician ?

Reverse everything they say !!

Is it just me or am i shit as well as everything else ? or Am i imagining things or are we as shit as everythying else ?

To Steve Lowe and Alan Mcarthur : If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

Is it just me or is everything shit ? The book.

You see this book everywhere like at WHSMITHS at train stations. I have been reading bits of it and i am sorry to say that you should have included your own book in your book about everything being shit.I have just read a bit more and it just isnt very good.They just rant [if you can call it that] about either predictable things like.........IKEA !!!!.... amazing or totally irrelevent things like Railway menu cards or Ross Noble. Thats right they criticise Ross Noble for *Not* being funny .Well i have to agree there but since these two [Steve Lowe and Alan Mcarthur] havent made me laugh once or any other kind of emotional response not withstanding boredom within the 45 minutes that i have been reading this book then its a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Their example of "proper" swearing is Spunky Fucking Tit-Monkeys Arsing Cockerama and co . Now Thats *proper * swearing they say. Well i suppose it is for a Lets have a guess now a 40 year old ? or a 40 year old with a mental age of about 14. That means that if you combine the mental ages of both the authors then you get a combined mental age that still falls way short of their age in actual years. They sound like a couple of geezers who thought of an idea and wrote? a book. They were probably pissed when they thought of the idea and pissed when they wrote it as well as whenever they attempt a rant their writing "style" just degenerates or degenerates even more into puerile rubbish.

I feel a sequal to this book is in the pipeline with humour as well.Well the competition is hardly a problem here. There may be another explanation for this book.That is it may be an exercise in irony instead.To think that these two authors could manage that is a bit of a tall order.I think "unintentional irony " would be more like it.

Fucking third rate rubbish. A waste of trees. A waste of my fucking time.

Now *thats* what i call a book review not that misleading soundbite on the back cover that says "yes its very funny " etc. Look at that !! no punctuation or in,correct pu;nctuati,on That will have them all frothing at the mouth with anger. .Boring. Next .....

Sunday, 22 July 2007

A Wedding

This is irrelevent to everyone. Why blog it then ? Because i want to.

One of my friends got married yesterday.This friend has tolerated me for 15 years as has his family as over the years they have been like a second family as i dont see mine all that often.Anyway he has married a chinese girl so all her family were over from china to be at the wedding.I didnt say a word to any of them and they must have thought what the fuck is that ? when they saw me at least thats what i thought anyway.

Anyway the whole thing was perfect. The setting , the church , the reception , the guests , everything. I just had to sit through the religous bit.I have already talked about the yurt that was used for the reception. The Best Mans speech was very funny and politically incorrect in one or two places.I made one or two new aquaintences as well.I ate 4 times as many strawberries and cream as everyone else and the rest of what i ate was just about up to scratch.One of the chinese kids just had to fall in the pond ! Inevitable .

Saturday, 21 July 2007

a very funny practical joke 2

I couldnt see the funny side of the last post. I had a teacher at school who i didnt like much.They drove a Morris traveller car.As they were leaving the car park i sellotaped an explicit 2 page spread out of a porno mag to the back of the car so that he would have driven home all through town unaware of what was taped to the back of the car.

A very funny practical joke


A friend started a company making yurts. They are called Yurtopia. They are based locally to brighton. Heres the link :www.yurtopia.co.uk .One of these yurts that was 30 ft across was used today for a freinds wedding reception in their garden 2 houses along from the village church. It was quite simply stunning to look at and far more interesting than a boring marquee. It made the event apart from everything else of course.There is no one else doing yurts in this way.

A 30 foot across yurt will cost you about 10,000 quid so i was told. There are 4 of these going down to the dordoigne in France to be put up as permanent homes to be lived in all year round.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Pent up frustration

This is for someone i know who brought the subject of pent up frustration or anger last night online. I was once so annoyed that i punched a wall so hard that i impacted a knuckle.Another time at home here fairly recently i punched the door 8 times in succession.It was a modern fire door and it is very solid.its a bit self destructive but sometimes or all the time it is better out than in.I know you will read this so do what you have to do to get it out of your system as long as it doesnt harm someone else.Dont bottle it up as eventually you will make yourself ill .Physically and mentally.

Transferring your personal baggage isnt going to get you anywhere.Whatever has happened to you i dont know but you sound like you have been given a hard time by whoever it was.Dont be a victim .Wether it is your parents or whoever it is they dont have the right to ruin your life so dont let them ruin your life.And dont regret the course of your life in a way that sounds final as it isnt.I am sure you have plenty of time ahead so dont cry over spilt milk.look ahead instead.

read this or disregard it. Its your choice.

fundementalists and their support of greedy american multinational capitalist infidels

Today i saw a photograph of a muslim fundementalist drinking Mcdonalds Cola out of one of those large paper cups that you drink with a straw.I am sorry but that just takes the biscuit.

They were protesting or had been suspected of spreading hate.It matters not.

"Its lunchtime, I am going to McDonalds for a bite to eat and a drink.Anyone want anything ? Yes please, big mac,fries ,and a large coke to go ! And make it snappy ! Its hungry work demonstrating against the evils of western and american Imperialism ! Where would we be without the golden arches and ronald Mcdonald ? bloody starving thats what !!

Thank you Uncle Sam. We love your food but we hate your foreign policy.Just dont tell my friends that you saw me drinking this OK ? I will never hear the end of it !

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Forgotten Goth Bands

forgotten goth bands. Short paragraphs are unavoidable in this case.Apologies.

The sex Gang children : I thought they were by far the wierdest of them all.Never knew what to make of them as they were unique but some of it was just wierd,but i liked some of it. I only ever played one single that was called Into the abyss that had a good b side.

Flesh for Lulu: Again didnt know much about them but i have 1 lp and 1 single that has a track called coming Down that sounds a lot like it was influenced byThe End by the Doors.

The March Violets : They came from Leeds [where else] they had a few singles that were ok and a mid price lp that was ok.Then they signed to a major label ,did a couple of singles and then that seemed to be that.

Alien Sex Fiend :I liked them a lot and i must get a

best of as i miss hearing them.Dead and Buried was the best thing they did in my opinion.

Specimen:They only did one single that i had as they were more famous for a club called The Batcave.[a famous Goth club in the 80s].

There was another Goth club in London called The Kit Cat club in the late 80s.Once a friends sister was asked out by Ian Astbury of the Cult there but she turned him down.He has probably asked out a lot of girls but it surprised us that she turned him down.

I think by far the wierdest record that i had was an lp called Earcom 78 or something like that that was a compilation of artists on the Fast records label.It is most famous for a track called "Inverness" by The Prats.I cant describe it in words but it is bizarre and funny at the same time.you have to hear it to believe it.It was all tracks by bands you had never heard of but some of it was qiute good. "Inverness" by the Prats is quite well known now apparently.

I had an lp by The Poison Girls that was quite good.They were a feminist punk band of some sort and part of Crass records. Pay no more than 99p was printed on the corner of the cover as an anti capitalist statement to stop shops selling it for more.

I cant think of anymore now but there must be others.

square plates

Who thought of square plates ? Overdesigned designer trendy rubbish. Awful. They just look wrong and go against the grain.Honestly its just criminal.Next time it happens i am going to ask them to take it back and get a round plate instead and while they are at it could i have a bit more to eat as i am still hungry.They seem to give you childs size amounts of nosh in some places. I dont want to be greedy , i just want a decent amount to eat.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

A point to clear up

If anyone cares or has read all this i mentioned wanting to go on a selection for the military.This was mainly because i wanted to challenge the military on their age policy of being accepted into the military.This is because i dont see any reason why a 39 year old should in someone elses opinion be less fit than a 32 year old.I dont like ageism at all.I react far more to that than rascism etc and its everywhere.So that was my motivation.I like physical challenge and the selection would be interesting from that point of view. A 120 ib rucksack ? no problem.

Hopefully i dont read like some silly fantasist on the internet sitting there making up funny storys for whatever wierd reason who has watched too many films or books.The subject has its own "cult" following anyway by its very nature.I dont want to read like some saddoe fantasising about themselves.

live music

This is a list of the best of the live music i have personally seen.

The Orb live at Brixton Academy. The first night was an alnighter.It was so good i went back the next night.

the Cocteau Twins at Brixton academy in 1994.

the Cocteau Twins at the Royal Albert Hall in about 1996.

The Smiths at the Corn Exchange in Brighton . the Meat is Murder tour.

Spiritualized at the event in Brighton. I cant remember the year.

The Sisters of Mercy at The Royal Albert Hall in 1985.

I saw My Bloody Valentine at a gig in London that was one of their last times they played live.

4AD records 13th birthday event at the ICA in london in 1993. It went on over 4 nights with a different line up every night playing.

I remember seeing a band in Brighton who were called Voodoo Child.They were inspired by the Jimi Hendrix experience but wrote their own material.I saw them 3 times in 1987 -1988.

I went to a one day event in Finsbury Park in London. It was one of the last times that Hawkwind played live with the original line up plus Dr And The Medics, Gaye bikers on acid and all those sort of bands that were around in 1987. The event was called "Acid Daze".

Rubella Ballet

I used to know this band when i lived in Hastings.They were day glo punks. All their clothes were day glo.I had forgotten about them until now [dont tell them that !]but i have probably been forgotten by them so thats fair. So i googled them and found them again on Myspace and they are still going and they have kept the day glo theme to this day.I remember one of them went by the name of "Moz" or something like that.

Saturday, 14 July 2007


Its the first time i have composed and drawn a piece of artwork without looking at another page of artwork.In other words it is inspired by a strip but i drew what was in my mind and made it up as i went along bit by bit but i had a general idea in mind all along of the scene.

Its not turned out bad at all.

It seems like you just have to relax and let the pencil flow and draw quickly and loosely without worrying about making mistakes then to a certain extent it draws itself.


Once i was with a friend in central LOndon.We wanted to see a live band at the LA2 in the Charing Cross Road.We hadnt any cash to pay to go in as we couldnt get on a guest list that time. All seemed lost at that point.We were hanging around outside the Virgin Megastore.

All of a sudden there was some sort of bombscare and there was panick all around.I dont get panicked so we just stayed where we were and just watched it happen all around.I then noticed on the floor a womans handbag or something lying on the floor just by us.I picked it up and looked inside as you would if you find lost property.In the wallet there was 70 quid plus a lot of cards etc. Her bank account was Barclays Soho Square.I kept the cash and posted the small handbag through the bank letterbox so it could be salely returned to the owner.

I dont feel any guilt for keeping the cash as needs must when you are skint and we got to see the live music.

Once in Brighton there was an event at the Concorde.I knew someone who was the events promoter there.This particular night there was one hour to go before the end of the night but josh the promoter insisted that i still had to pay full price to go in.I declined the offer.

A week or so later Cornershop were playing live at the concorde at the same time as being number 1 as well. I got to the doorJosh [the promoter] was there so i said my name is on the guest list and my friend here.The look on his face said it all really. How did i do that he said ! I am not telling i said ! Revenge was sweet that time.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Gok Kwan

I had slagged him off in the past but i saw him interviewed recently and i found that i had a lot of time for him.He says he was very overweight ,looked wierd,and grew up on an estate so had a hard time because of it. Also he wasnt particularly camp and had better hair.

You cant judge someone until you have heard them out usually.

The Friday Night Project.

Are those two presenters in a relationship ? Or am i just reading them wrong.

I dont know and i dont want to know either.

who am i part 2

That last post may be bullshit as i am not sure exactly yet wether it is true or not without doing more research into it. I dont really care either way. I am just as happy to be a peasent !!

THe above mentioned second illegitemate son had seven more children that all died without children therefore ending the bloodline. The title of The Duke of De Maine either became extinct after his death or it was transferred to one of the other siblings or to someone else entirely who may not have had a direct relationship to the royal family of france or the title may have become extinct all together.

I am interested because i am interested in history not because of self aggrendisation of course !

As an aside i do have several documents that are to do with a Lordship in North Wales.One is a royal document that has been updated lots of times. These need to be studied and translated proffessionally. They are nothing special lordships as they dont tend to have property rights attached anymore and they are a relic of feudal times.

I could sell it to an american as they love all that stuff.

These documents came from a dealer at a boot fair as they thought that they were deeds to a house but they didnt read them properly. Not a bad deal for a tenner.

Who am i ?

I am a descendant and a very distant one[amongst many others] at that of the second son of King Louis XIV of france.
[the Sun king].
This is because one side of my family has the surname De Maine as in the Duke of De Maine who was the above second son who was given the title by the king of france in the late 1600s. He later lost all royal rights because of some plot or other that went wrong and was found out by the king so the title or rights were taken away from them. There ended their royal ambitions there and then.

Last time i looked there were 7 De Maines in the whole of the london telephone directory so they are quite rare but not that rare. Wolf isnt that common a name either come to think of it.

Wolf famillies can be traced back as well apparently.

There is still more royalty there if you look back than that german lot that are on the throne in this country now.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

eight out of ten twats i mean cats.

Its like a poor persons Have i Got News For You except without humour.

There is something very annoying about the twat with the glasses who is one of the team captains.

here comes summer !

failed assasination attempt.

In year X there was an attempted assasination of a prominent head or dictator of a country in Africa who is still around to this day.

There was a convoy of 4 jeeps travelling through the desert. The jeep second to the front of the convoy had this particular individual as one of the passengers.Each jeep had four passengers.

One of the other passengers in the jeep with said individual in it was supposed to pull out a pistol and shoot said individual in the head at point blank range.Only they managed to fire a shot that missed completely.

So it was over as soon as it began as they never got a second chance to fire another shot.

Who was that yesterday?

I am 90 percent sure that i know who that was yesterday and it wasnt a killfiler either.I thought we had an understanding.It was a very silly way to ask a straightforward question that they are free to ask anyway so next time just ask or comment here. Dont do that again. Its just silly.

It doesnt make you look good so dont be shy . Join in more and comment here if you like.

Why dont you open a blog anyway ? Theres nothing to lose and i would recommend it especially if you want to tell your story or get something out of your system.Writing is by far the best way to do it. Be anonymous if you like. It doesnt matter.


I thought i would expand on the subject of Nerds.

First of all does it mean someone who is an outsider ? If so then count me in. If it means you dont want to fit in then count me in again. If it means you couldnt fit in if you tried then again count me in. What does or what should a nerd look like ? I know what i think they should look like but i dont fit into that category.Does being a nerd mean you should have a lack of social skills and be unable to make friends ? .In my case i dont fit that description at all. I can make friends easily but there is hardly anyone at all i want to make friends with generally with normal folk. Generally everyone i know is a bit different and unusual or eccentric in some way or other. We are all misfits here.Its us lot who make life interesting.Its us who dare to step out of line and do our own thing instead

In my case i dont feel like i belong with boring ,straight, non-entities at all.I never felt different until i started going to school here.It doesnt take much to work out really if you were in my shoes and had lived my life that was totally unlike everyone elses i knew plus a very different background as well plus looking different as well. I remember reading an interview with Robert Palmer who had a similar background and an exotic childhood who was the suntanned kid who arrived at school one day in Yorkshire and who never fitted in there.In my case there was a certain amount of bullying going on with kids. IT was like being mobbed by a pack of hounds sometimes. This is where i learned to fight back and fight back i did.I had fights at school that drew crowds if they were pre arranged to happen on the playing fields at lunchtime or after school.Great fun.That was my idea of sport. I was persecuted at school for not wanting to participate in school sports teams as i should have been as i was the athletic type who should have been very good at it but i couldnt stand the "sporty" jock types as they thought they were "it " of course. They didnt like it as you were letting down your school "house "down as there was a lot of competition between houses.

Before the age of 11 i never had friends because i was always on the move and to a certain extent i used to go away a lot during school breaks especially in summer when you got 8 weeks off. Anyway i am happy being solitary so i didnt mind at all.

Once i got out of that place everything was fine although i still feel different and alienated from most people but thats fine by me. Its a bit like famous people only mix with famous people.They are the only people who they can relate to and understand what its like.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

72 virgins

72 virgins means 72 mothers in law.

I dont think they have thought out the implications of this yet. I am not saying all mothers in law are bad either.Its the luck of the draw.


I am not inviting comments here because of potential abuse although like i said before there wont be any far right politics or rascism , xenophobia ,or anything else so dont expect any. Thats because i dont have those sort of opinions .

I dont know who that faceless person was today but they did ask a legitimate question and they didnt attack verbally ,so it was a bit of an odd one. Still , no need to hide yourself. Theres nothing to fear.

Since everyone knows i am not a rascist thats another angle of attack closed off.

bargain hunt

I went to the charity shop today as i am off work as some work has been rescheduled to a later date. When i went in i found a Lalique glass decanter for 3 quid. It is signed underneath. It sort of makes up for the fact i am sitting here not earning any money but at the same time i feel i have cheated the shop. Theres a couple of women in there who know the value of everything usually so it was unusual to find this at all. As they are all clued up these days all the *good* stuff goes straight to the auction house to be valued.

free speech

My last post was an exercise in free speech.

That is how things are done in this country.

Others have fought and died for so i can write this.

If anyone doesnt like free speech especially fanatics then they should just leave the country .

I am sure no one is going to stop them and say "please dont leave ! we really want you to stay "

As we really will miss you telling everyone else what they can and cannot say and who they shall or shall not give a literary award to for example.

how to stop a suicide bomber

Heres how :

Tell them its all lies and there arent and never will be 72 virgins waiting for them on the other side.

They are either good in bed or they have too high an opinion of themselves in the first place.

Thats a good start.

Then tell them that if they cant pull in this life they could try some useful tips.

For example if they cant pull then they could advertise themselves to find a partner.

The ad could read thus : Aged mid 20s. Studying at university of course.

Brainwashed and indoctrinated by a spurious belief system.

Lonely and disenfranchised. An angry young man like all my friends.

No sense of humour whatsoever.

No good at parties and socialising as i dont drink or smoke or do anything at all.

No real respect for women at all.

I attend meetings discussing the evils of western imperialism with all my angry friends.

I am also unaware that 2 wrongs dont make a right.

The pot wouldnt be calling the kettle black would it ?

Plus the unshakeable belief that i am right and everyone else is wrong.

Also i dont respect the inhabitants and culture of the country that gave me shelter when i needed it when i fled persecution.

It doesnt read well at all so far.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007


There is more spurious [or not as the case may be] reports that "Al quieda' are planning to bomb this country because Salman Rushdie was given a knighthood !!

Its goes beyond the ridiculous.

Salman Rushdie has written loads of books and as someone else pointed out what has this got to do with a load of fanatical ragheads in Afghanistan ?

Why dont these fanatical types just learn to relax, have a drink, have a joint and learn to not take their absurd written word so seriously.

The whole planet has to kow tow to their absurd beliefs.

They are getting a bit tiresome.

If i had my way then they should stay up in the hills of Afghanistan and carry on herding Goats.

Or they could kill some more time oppressing women as that is one of their other talents.

They dont exactly look like they are a barrel of laughs do they ?

Miserable fuckers

Monday, 9 July 2007

Joanna Lumley

A long time ago i went to the memorial service for Russel Harty at St.martins in the fields in london. It was just a day out with my mum who had some reason to go there. Outside the entrance a black cab pulled up and joanna Lumley got out of the taxi.

I have just never forgotten how amazing she looked all dressed in black.

Its amazing how some things just stay with you.

Also we used to sometimes go to the Kings Road in Chelsea just to sit outside a cafe just to watch all the New Romantics walk past as it was at that time we went there.


I have been investigating a Furry forum to see what its all about.

At the moment i am not sure about what it is that motivates these people and their need for a Furry alter ego. .Some of what i have read i can relate to but theres a lot i cant as well. Particularly role playing etc.

If you were to say why ? then there has to be a conscious need for it. Why is it ?
Well why is someone gay? Why is someone not gay ? . Why is someone big ? why is someone small ? . I could go on.

Wolves are by far the most common furry alter ego.

With some it just seems to be another way to express another side of themselves or the same side but in a different way.

It all seems very harmless to me.

You also get Theanthropes as well but they are an opposing faction to furrys.

Theanthropes believe that they can shapeshift into their animal of choice or mentally shift into their animal of choice.

These people are viewed with suspicion by Furries. Mental illness is often alluded to by Furries in regard to Theanthropes.

It is yet another thing that has never been witnessed as Theanthropes cannot shapeshift if you ask them to of course.

From what i have read so far i can find very little i can relate to with either although its early days yet. But i am not prepared to take Theanthropes seriously at all until i see it for myself.

I have never "shifted"

I dont feel the need to have a cuddly furry alterego either.

I dont know where i fit into it all as i dont fit the criteria for either so far especially the latter.

In my case it is just something that never goes away.
Its something that i feel running through my veins. Its the way i move and look and feel and act. I sort of feel alive in nature.

It probably sounds very wierd in print but the reality of it isnt wierd at all as no one here thinks i am wierd but they dont know what i have posted here but then i dont care who knows it anyway.

Yet i feel human as well . Very much so.

I am definatly not mentally ill and there is no history of mental illness in my family either.

Maybe i shouldnt be so honest.

Maybe i just dont care.

I did talk to an Astrologer of all people and i told them i was Leo Ascendant and several other houses in Leo as well which they said was a lot . Leo ascendant is itself a very powerful thing far more than Leo by birthday..

I think this explains it perfectly although to a certain extent it depends how seriously you take it.

Also the Animal in me test said a lot as well.

It certainly explains my behaviour online in a certain place.

I may chat to some furries just to be fair and open minded about it but thats it.

That felt like an exorcism. A bit like coming out if you are gay but not as drastic as that.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

The animal in you

Why not try the animal in you test. Go to www.animalinyou.com

Just answer a few questions and the answer comes back to you in seconds. You will be one of 50 species.

I did it and it was right. Mine begins with T

Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Police Live on live earth

Watching the Police Live on live earth Usa. .It is simply the best live music i have seen in years perhaps the best ever live band i have ever seen .

Message in a Bottle now with 2 guitarists.

Oh for fucks sake Kanye west on stage rapping .

very very good apart from Kanye West shouting.

but only 3 songs in the set.

More of the same

It maybe 10 years ago now when this happened.

It was christmas eve when i was out going for a drink in various pubs in the countryside with others . We ended up in Alfriston where we found a pub that had a lock in so we could drink later.

After a while i went outside for a bit . Looking over towards the downs in the distance [these are high hills in the distance about a mile away] i could see some thing that was on top of the hill that seemed to be a very bright red light that flashed on and off 3 times each time. It sort of took off from the top of the hill and went upwards at 45 degrees every so often flashing red 3 times at regular intervals.

Heres the interesting bit : Over to the right in the sky was a police helicopter that was hovering a bit of a distance away that seemed to be watching the red object until it disappeared .

And that was it.

unidentified flying objects

The time was 11.20 pm. I went out side to see if the cat was there.

I looked up at the sky . The sky was clear and stars were visible but no moon.

I am facing due south towards the sea.

After a second or two i see a very bright pinprick of light that is a very intense orange colour slowly moving past in the sky in an easterly direction.

I thouight this was very unusual so i ran upstairs to get some binoculars.

Back outside i followed this object until it was out of sight.

Through magnification it appeared to be a pinprick of very intense orange colour.

Then straight away i caught sight of another that must have been following it. It was identical and moving in the same direction. No sound either.

Then would you believe it was another 2 of these objects that were travelling due east together one in front of the other directly overhead due south.

Their speed was consistent and they stayed in a straight line.

As they travelled east they seemed to stop and stay completely still in the sky. To the left of the 2 not moving objects was a third object. all 3 together formed a reverse L shape.

The object at the rear moved to the left torming a triangle instead.

Then they moved forwards and disappeared.

What was very unusual was the intensity of the orange colour. It was far brighter than anything else in the sky.

But through magnification they seemed to be very small which would imply that they were a good distance away.

there may have been more before i went outside but certainly none since writing this post as i am looking out of the window while posting.

I feel a bit wierd after that.

More about Hastings

I live in Brighton now but i used to live in Hastings. People always run down Hastings. It has a lot of social problems they say like drugs and poverty etc. well what do you think there is in Brighton ? Stupid arses. Brighton has one of the highest Heroin deaths per capita in england.

these idiots are in denial or they arent paying attention. I suppose all they see are the yuppies and their expensive flats.
Brighton doesnt have any socio economic problems at all of course. .Of course it doesnt. Anything you say.

Alistair Crowley spent a lot of time in hastings and local urban myths say that he put a curse on hastings.

There has been a slant in media journalism to run down Hastings in papers and television probably because its not cool and trendy and not so close to London and not enough trendy media types live there and not nearly enough overspill that leave London to live by the sea and push up the property prices and annoy the locals. They usually prefer Brighton as its much easier for them to fit in there. yuppies dont last long in Hastings especially if they move to the old town. It is true to say that if they dont fit in then they are made to feel unwelcome in the Old Town. The old town is very old and steeped in tradition and there are a lot of fishing families that have lived there for generations. Its like living in a foriegn country asd in the locals like you if you make an effort to fit in with things and actually talk to the locals then they like you.Being a snotty yuppie will make you unwelcome. you have to understand the place to live there.

theres always talk in Brighton about which celeb lives in brighton although there are interesting people like Steven Berkoff and lots of others that are ok but theres a lot of third rate celebs spotted here as well. Sussex square and Lewes crescent has the most famous names over the years.

Hastings however has a lot more names and history that is much more interesting than brighton. It is the birthplace of television, grey owl,one of the first ever enviromental campaigners, Catherine cookson, until recently one of the worlds biggest selling authors, Screaming Lord Sutch who i would always see in certain pubs in the old town, also a lot of famous artists have lived in the old town, also simon Fuller who was respopnsible for the spice girls went to my school. I knew one of the Chapman Brothers [Jake] but not that well i have to say. Sam Taylor Wood as well who did that film of David beckham sleeping i knew vaguely.

That guy who played that sax solo in Will You by Hazel o conner was in Hastings as well.

john Martyn wrote Solid air and Sundays child albums when he lived in Hastings. Over the hill on Solid Air is about walking over the west Hill to get home to his house in the old town. i know which house it is as well that he lived in. joni mitchell was a friend of John Martyn and she visited a few times and rumour has it she namechecks the Mermaid Cafe in the old town in one oif her songs.

Paula Yates and Micheal Hutchence were going to move to the old town before he killed himself. Paula yates did live in the old town for a year and she said living there with her kids was the happiest year of her life. But then her life ended. I often used to walk past her house after she died and think how sad all that was especially seeing the house sitting empty.

I used to know a girl years ago in Hastings called Jenny Connelly. Easily the one of the best looking girls in Hastings. I asked her out once but i was turned down. I think she knew me too well. never mind. I thought this was interesting because there is an actress called Jennifer connelly as well and she is as good looking as the Hastings Jennifer Connelly.

Some kid who lived down the road i was a bit envious of for a while. his father had a white Lotus Esprit just like the James Bond Car. this car had a tv built into the back of the car. It just looked space age. Imagine showing off that to your schoolfriend ! This was in about 1981.

No one could touch that. Not even a white Lancia Monte Carlo that we had. A much cheaper car.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Enviromental issues.

My father was involved in Gold and copper mining in Bouganville island Off Papua new guinea. .I was always interested in rocks and minerals so he used to bring home nice bits of Iron and copper Pyrites and some bits of pure gold. .This mine became the largest open cast mine in the world.

Later on he was involved in designing and building dungeness B nucleur power station in kent and then Sizewell power station as well.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Years ago ......

Years ago just for a dare i did something just for a laugh . If i did this now it could have ended very unpleasently. .What happened was i was with some others in a house that i lived in in Brighton. . We had a replica pistol of some sort, and a wig that had long straight black hair ,a black beret, and some dark sunglasses. .So with the wig etc and the replica pistol, i looked like a terrorist or a revolutionary.

So the idea was to run out into the street, run around a bit pointing the gun around at moving cars and then dive back into the house quickly. .I had a go and then went back inside then someone else did. .I know this sounds very irresponsible and all that but no harm was done to anyone and we werent reported either. . I did it twice and i was in absolute fits of laughter each time i went back inside.

If i did this now you can imagine what would happen.

The Fucking roof is still leaking.

Honestly i have been up there seven times now trying to fix the bastard. Each time it fails.

This started because some idiot walked on it and cracked a slate. I weigh close to about 15.5 stone at last count and i never break any slates.

Once i was up there fixing the roof and the police appeared and asked what i was doing up there and could i stop and come down from the roof. .Well not really as i am busy up here. What the f*** does it look like i am doing anyway ? . Trying to break into the house by breaking through the roof ? .Go away. .This is my house and i live here. .What else would you like to know ?

Thats nice !!

No hostile unpleasentness on the messageboard today and i was talking about Jews as well.

That is very encouraging. .Everyone should be able to co-exist happily together. Its not difficult. . My rules are never take things personally. The same goes for the others. .I said to my friend last week when we had a heated arguement "its pointless talking to you, Gary, you are talking bullshit. Its wrong. ". I went upstairs to cool off a bit then i hour later i went down again and started talking to Gary as if nothing had happened. Its easy. Lifes to short for petty squabbles and hurt feelings. It really is. .We are all supposed to be adults.

Unfortunatly it can take a big shock in life or something terrible to happen in life before you realise that fact like an unexpected death in the family to realise that lifes to short.

Myself i dont give a toss what anyone else says generally unless i am being persistantly hounded by someone unless there is an injustice of some sort.

Also my policy on physical violence and confrontation is that i never fight unless i am physically attacked first. Even then i just give them a warning. That is usually enough. .I am not small and i dont know my own strength at all so its best not to take chances. I was warned about this from an early age. .Self control and self discipline are very imprtant things. Particularly in Martial Arts. .I dont know any martial arts myself.

Let her down easy : Terence Trent Darby

I listened to this song when i got up this morning. It just sends a shiver down my spine. Beautiful in every way.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


what an experience this message board business is. its always difficult keeping people happy at the best of times but it seems some cant be pleased at all. What am i doing wrong ? I know a lot of people and i have to talk and deal with all sorts of problems every day and i am self employed so i have clients to keep happy as well. why is it none of them misunderstand me yet messageboarders do ? i know i am opinionated and all that and some people dont like that but thats life. I just dont know what i am doing or saying that is that bad. I realise i am not always on topic but if others start off topic threads then i reply to them. why not ? I must admit i dont often talk sci fi but i cant always add to anothers thread if i have nothing to say.

One person has a real chip on his shoulder about me yet he isnt big enough to say what it is exactly. .He doesnt impress me one bit as i have met his type many many times before and i know how to deal with them. Because of me being me i have had this problem before many times before always with the same type of person. I am not weak and insecure but they are.

Lets pick on Peter they think. They usually stop simply because they cant win as i wont let them as they realise that they have bitten off far more than they can chew. .So if any of you bullying types are reading this and you decide that you have a dislike for me then stop and think it over for a bit because i am bigger,smarter,faster, and the rest than you will ever be.

So if your curiosity gets the better of you and i am talking to you specifically [you know who you are] then read this post again and reconsider your next move if you feel like disrespecting me again as you keep doing. Killfile and then Unkillfile ? make your mind up. which way is it going to be? It must mean that you enjoy it if you keep coming back for more each time. As i already said i am going to killfile you now permanently. my annoying of people on the messageboard is unintentional. yours is systematic harrassment. but no more with me ever Army boy. Who is your next victim going to be i wonder ? or am i a one off case ? . you resisted the temptation to post more bile in reply to my post ? That was sensible i think. you never stopped yourself before so why now ?

enough said Maybe it is all a wierd mind game to you i dont know but if it is then thats scary.

disappearing objects part 2

The digital camera that disappeared surfaced again today So did the book so it just goes to show that the psycology works .

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


One of mine is excavating victorian or older landfill or rubbish tips to ,collect the empty glass and pottery containers and bottles. Its very hard to find places to dig in this neck of the woods but theres a lot happening up north. I have two possible sites in sussex but i really need to have geophysical surveys done to know for sure. I went back to one site in kent recently that was under a small field or pasture. It was all under your feet but the developer or someone trashed the site with diggers for reasons unknown probably to stop digging. It may have to be re-excavated as it still may be worth it as there were some goodies under that field. there was 200 years of social history all in a rubbish tip.

If you dont know what i am on about then have a look on ebay. Go to collectables. Then look for Bottles/pots then there are about 15 different categories of bottles. These are what i dig up although the majority on sale are not that interesting. some i wouldnt normally even take home but i did last time as i gave them to the local charity shop as they always sell. The rarities go for a lot of money .

opinions and people

for 2 or 3 days i have been in conversation with a few others about an incident on sunday. A matter was bought to my attention that we or i should not be talking about it openly because the suspects in question had not been specifically or officially charged or connected with incidents that had occured since friday. We or i couldnt talk about it openly yet it was alright for the "media" to talk and sensationalize the incidents. What is going on there ?

I then said my bit again as previously i was making fun of it or the "media". This was then miread or misunderstood by another.

so i replied back and then said that i agreed with their original point and that we had our wires crossed.

Fair enough you might think.

I thought that was the end of it.

the following day i posted another paragraph of opinion all related to the topic of conversation.

So i get the inevitable backlash but not that serious at all . It was lighthearted mostly except for one. fair enough but it was the context of their arguement if you could call it that as i am still not clear on this.

what i think they meant was that i shouldnt watch any media at all as i was questioning it.

Or : I should buy papers and watch news otherwise i wont know whats going on then i wont be worried about things.

Or : If i say i am not worried then that is wrong because the media say i should be.

Or : If i criticise journalism or papers that is wrong as i am in no position to do so .

Or : I can read or watch something about an incident but i cant talk about it but everyone else can.

i could go on but its boring

this person doesnt have an arguement i dont think but maybe something else is motivating them .

I shouldnt be here

I shouldnt be here writing this. I shouldnt have been on the messageboard. I should still be in Canada in vancouver. That is where we lived until a last minute decision to move to the U.K. I dont think you got 2000ad in Canada . I wanted to stay there as i felt at home there then i would never have had the culture shock that was the U.K in 1977-78 although i was travelling for a while after that thank god.

cowboy builders

An aquaintance of mine, Susie had the builders i mean cowboys in. what a total fucking disaster. She was almost in tears over it. Everything was wrong. .Everything. The tiling in the kitchen was the * worst * i have ever seen. .Her 2 year old daughter could have done better. .The law dictates that they must be allowed back in again to rectify the work before you take them to court. So we will see. I am in the background making sure that they dont try it on with her because if they do ...... .When i had my only dispute with a client over work being supposedly substandard i dont remember being given my chance to rectify the work. . So i lost 5000 quid. I took them to the small claims court and won a total of 300 quid. . Still they didnt get off scot free either as they had to sell up and leave Brighton for good due to myself not being paid. I am not saying how but you cant let the cheats get away with it can you ? Well i dont anyway.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Resonating Wine Glasses

When i was eating out today i was getting a bit bored with waiting to eat as it was taking forever. So i started wetting the end of my finger and running it around and around the top of the glass until it started resonating. Only touch the base of the wine glass when you do this as it doesnt work otherwise. each glass is unique in its tone so if you do a few together it makes quite a sound. Everyone joined in in the end as we had a room to ourselves so it didnt matter about the noise.

I always find that Antique glasses work better for this but i cant do this anymore as one by one others seem to smash them all. I always say sarcastically smash as many glasses as you like but please make sure that they are valuable glasses. . I Dont need to ask them anymore as there are none left now.

Ten Pin Bowling

I dont always get to choose the time and the place so i found myself going with the flow and ending up in a ten pin bowling alley. I hate ten pin bowling but i couldnt piss on someone elses bonfire so i had to grin and bear it. you had to change shoes and one of the girls behind the shoe counter was going to spray some aerosol chemical shit into my shoes before i asked her not to. My feet dont smell so there was no need.

On to the bowling: Had a go for a bit. I was a total disaster apart from a few good throws. Got more and more frustrated with it to the point when i just wanted to throw the fucker as hard and far as i could at the wall in front. A friend was a lot better than i was so i gave him all the rest of my goes as i was no longer interested in it.

I killed time in the Amusement arcade feeding a machine tokens to shoot zombies in house of the Dead 4. Much more enjoyable !

shooting results

First shooting range. the most difficult one. 4 out of 10 kills

Second shooting range: not as hard 6 out of 10 kills

third shooting range : 7 out of 10 kills

Very disappointed in the amount of shotgun cartridges i was allocated . 30 cartridges only.

It was booked through an agency so they effectivly stole 30 cartridges that were swallowed up in their charges. Book direct next time.

It was quite windy so the clay pigeons were being blown around all over the place. On the second range 3 of the clay pigeons disappeared behind the tree line to the right but i still hit all 3 of them. Result.

Went for lunch in a pub /restaraunt. The meal was below standard. What is it these days that food has to be prissily arranged on a plate in a poncey fashion ? Always with far too much plate showing and also nowhere near enough of it and always with sauce dribbled all over it. I cant stand all that pretentious rubbish. Starter course : Lemon and Spinach risotto with parmesan. Virtually no parmesan present. horrible. I improved the taste with lots of black pepper. You almost dont know wether to eat it or look at it. I should have just looked at it.

2nd course : Chicken something or other with a scattering of potatoes and things. Same problem as above. The chicken was gone in about 10 seconds flat. Also no discernable taste of parmesan as promised. Perhaps i should have bought my own parmesan instead.
Chicken is always better after it has been marinated before cooking.

Pudding: Strawberry Creme brulee. Tiny in size. Also another case of the sauce missing the pudding altogether and ending up on the plate instead. I almost reverted to my habit of licking the plate clean. Also there was a tiny scattering of icing sugar all over the plate which had a similar appearence to the after effect of sneezing over a line
of cocaine. I checked it but it was only icing sugar.

All in all i would give that place no more than 4 out of 10. Not enough to fill up a mouse. Overstyled pretentious food i hate. A waste of 25 quid. Its like you have to do everything yourself sometimes.

rain has started again.

Its a good job i am not deluded and believe in God etc. If i was religous i would be praying and asking that fucking idiot upstairs to sort the weather out now as it is becoming a pain. Why ask the ultimate fence sitter to do anything at all? dont believe in it anyway.