Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Election result :

Its official.Nearly all votes for Obama were votes on personality or looks or charisma NOT policy because if you ask a lot of them what policy they voted on they cant say or answer the question and perhaps now the media can stop sucking his dick now that he has been elected.That would be nice.The media played a huge part in this campaign but they werent objective unfortunately.

Its democracy but it doesnt have any substance if its not votes on politics in an election.

Psychology won this election.

Obama may turn out to be a great politician and achieve great things but respect has to be earned as far as i am concerned personally.Its not and never will be a given.

Very sad really and a waste but its because the situation was untennable with the Neocons who i had to keep saying were a ruling faction within the republicans who hijacked the party.The Neocons had /have their own political agenda which is known as the PNAC [look it up yourself].They dont reflect the politics of "conservative" republicans politically or religiously .Its the NeoCon right wing jihadists who brought religion into politics and they have a huge following of fundamentalist christians.Personally i dont believe they are christians.They claim to be christians because it legitimises their own actions as it did with Tony Blair or perhaps Tony blair really did hear voices from God saying go to war.

This is what happens when a criminal /mafia /faction take over a political party and use and abuse it to their own personal advantage like Halliburton/Dick Cheney making billions out of a war that they started under false pretences.The tax payer funded Dick Cheneyetc and Halliburton to make money out of Iraq and not pay any taxes on it as Halliburton were based overseas in Dubai to avoid paying taxes.Approx 1.5 trillion disappeared from the Pentagon in terms of government funds that were allocated to them immediately prior to 9/11.

NO explanation.

NO investigation or inquiry.

They have wrecked the US constitution or rather added stuff to it that is detrimental like the patriot act but sadly never got to use any of it.

They used fear to stay in control .They used fear to start wars.

Criminals and dont forget that the Democrats in congress were blocking attempts recently to impeach Bush .

Bush has also protected himself with retro-active immunity.

Also dont forget that Bush is not out of the White house for another 3 months.Its that interesting short space of time between the end of one presidency and the beginning of another.Bush can do pretty much what he likes between now and January sometime.Anything can happen.

Criminals one and all.

The Democrats will be just as criminal and corrupt and you will find that Democrats will have an aggressive foreign policy.Wait and see.Everyone also thinks that the world will love America now and everyone will live happily ever after.This wont happen of course.Democrats will be just as aggressive towards Russia and Russia isnt going stop siting Iskander missiles on its borders just because Obama is elected.Watch out Russia ,Afghanistan,Iran ,Pakistan......

I dont want to become entrenched anymore so enough for now.

Lets say i am totally wrong about everything and the world will indeed be a better and fairer place etc then its fair to say that a vote for Obama has made this possible.


If not however and the whole thing is a disaster then surely that is evidence enough for anyone to realise that the system itself is fucked beyond repair and the 2 party system and the white ,elitist, big money mafia who own politics are failing the entire planet ?

If anyone cant see this then there is something wrong with them and if they dont care then they deserve what they get.

The system as it is is shit.

In the meantime lets give Mr Obama the benefit of the doubt and lets see if he fucks up or not.

He has a big mess to sort out some of it inherited from Bush and some of it that the Democrats themselves have caused.

The ball is in his court and I will be watching with interest.

On with the show and we all want our change we can believe in.

Will the liberals bubble burst with a big pop ?

Shame that the Democrats/Obama never extrapolated on what that change will be exactly.I have a rough idea what that change is and will post about it later and then leave it at that because i have to go and find out what the EU has been up to lately while the cat has been away.

Good riddance to PNAC NEOCON trash anyway and good riddance to Christian fundamentalist Jihadists.

Before GW Bush was elected i was saying that if he got in there would be a war or wars.It was obvious really.

Hello happy clappy liberals !!.

Its like leaving children in charge but it will have to be dealt with.

Brzezinski/Soros/Rothschild ' 08 !

Change you can believe in !

Have fun children !


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