Sunday, 22 February 2009

Fuck the BBC :

Biased British Broadcasting.

Yes Fuck them because they have been compromised from inside and are no longer apolitical and impartial and i am not paying for political pro EU propaganda and bias so i have cancelled my TV licence.

It has been overrun by Pro EU leftists and i have seen this bias come across over and over again.I notice it with presenters and journalists and they are clearly not objective or assuming a devils advocate role either.

So until the time when they decide to snap out of this very unpleasent habit that they have slipped into then they can just go and fuck themselves.

They are being paid to provide a service that is objective , unbiased , and accurate and they are failing miserably at it.It was all these things that set the BBC apart from other channels and TV services the world over so i guess that this is the end of an era and the beginning of State sponsored Political propaganda that exploits the all too apparent gullibilty and stupidity of the vast majority of the UK.

The BBC no longer gives any airtime to mine and millions of others political opinion.

Again its an insult to my intelligence because i notice every little thing and i dont like it so i dont pay for it.

This is not to mention the issues surrounding the Gaza appeal which in itself is a political/humanitarian matter yet ample coverage was given to Israel and the Zionist lobby but hey thats ok.Its all biased beyond belief.

I am so sick of the dross and mediocrity and useful idiots that have taken over all areas of life since "New" Labour came into power.

Its just another symptom of the organised decline of the UK that i see every day.

I am not partly funding a politically correct political organisation and i am tired of references to our great leader Gordon Brown who in the eyes of the politically correct fucktards that infest the BBC can do no wrong over and over and over again and just about everything else that has a left wing political slant to it.

There is no difference between a cultural liberal bias or a party political bias as the end result is exactly the same.

Bollox to all of them.

Fucking Liberals again.

The thing is is that not everyone is nonwhite - liberal - a Muslim - gay/lesbian - a pro EU collectivist - an Obamaton - urbanised - Non-English or any other little category.

Its obvious that there is not a balance of different viewpoints within the BBC which is very unhealthy as the predominantly Liberal BBC employees are in their own cosy groupthink enviroment where they will mirror each others political views and the views of the management as there is no one else there to challenge them and make the PC liberals question their own assumptions and opinion so what you have in effect is a hive mind.

One single massive contradiction springs to mind and is very noticable in its absence and that is "Diversity".

A complete lack of it more like but they dont notice the irony or hypocrisy of it of course.

Its always the same.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

International Panel on Climate Change:

Just look at this picture.Its a pic of Rajendra Pachauri [a railway engineer] who is the chairman of the IPCC.How can anyone take this seriously ??

I cant tell from the picture if his eyes are rolling around in his head but he looks like he is saying the the big Global Warming monster is going to get you.

Perhaps his medication isnt strong enough.

The IPCC is not an enviromental organisation.Its a political organisation.

William Schlessinger who is the head of the IPCC openly admits that only 20 percent of the entire panel has ever had any dealings or experience or understanding of climate.

In short they are a bunch of whackjobs with NO credibility and who have a political/social engineering agenda that is some kind of weird Liberal "Consensus" with no basis in reality.

Its weird because its as if they believe in some kind of fictional Alice In wonderland type scenario but we must remember that they are all Liberal Cult members.That being the Cult of Global warming.

So like i have been saying all along the IPCC have NO credibility and if there are any dissenters still left in it they should distance themselves from the organisation while they still have some credibility left.A lot have already left.

Everything is going a bit weird these days.

I smell liberal.......

Enviro-Mentalism or the variety that is being pushed by Govts is not about saving the planet.Its just another form of collectivism and its very dangerous indeed.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Stefan Lewandowski :

I keep coming across this little shithead on various Pro - UK anti Lisbon treaty - Pro Democracy forums over and over again.There he is with his ugly little face and Hairlip and dead looking eyes.

Look at his creepy half smile .He looks like a Hannibal Lecter type character.There is something inherently creepy about him.

Fucking annoying little Fuck with his sneery derisive comments that add nothing to the debate.He is a Common Purpose Graduate who has delusions of self importance.

It doesnt take much to shut him up usually.

"I spat coffee all over my monitor " and sarcastic comments about "Green Lizards" when no one has mentioned or is even interested in "Green Lizards".

Never mind spitting coffee all over your monitor and tired cliches like that because if i had the opportunity i would his put head through the fucking monitor and connect the stupid Prick up to the power supply and switch it on.

Open letter to Common [Communitarian] purpose

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Julia Middleton - A Traitor .

A Letter To All 'Common Purpose Employees'

by Justin Walker
My friends,

You are, I'm sure, already aware that your charity is controversial to a growing number of people. Now, it may be that you are not bothered by this and that you have been reassured by internal memos sent out by Julia Middleton and her central team, but I feel I must warn you that the Charity's inability to defend itself publicly when asked to do so by a TV channel, who very recently allowed air time to Brian Gerrish, one of your main detractors, is strange to say the least and not what you would expect from a respectable charity. Please watch this and see for yourself the severe allegations being made against the organisation you work for.

As you will see from the emails below, I have attempted to persuade the Charity to accept their 'Right of Reply' made by the presenter of the programme. To date, I have had no reply. If Common Purpose has absolutely nothing to hide, then it should readily and enthusiastically accept this offer to restore the Charity's good name. It would be even better if Julia Middleton had the courage to debate live with Brian Gerrish and so sort out these allegations properly.

There are now millions of people in this country who know that the planned Orwellian European Union Superstate, after the full ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, is just a matter of time.....a case of 'when' not 'if'. However, there are now hundreds of thousands of ordinary decent people who know that 'Fifth Columnists' are actively weakening the UK internally and who are preparing, behind the scenes, new government structures, putting in place 'new leaders' or Quislings for when this dreadful time happens. Well, I have to tell you, the good people of this country are organising and Common Purpose, unless it publicly clears its name, will be brought to justice and account under Common Law. Do not be surprised if you see citizen arrests of Common Purpose employees and graduates as we seek to flush out and expose the treason and criminal activities being done against our country.

Please, I urge you most earnestly, if you have absolutely nothing to hide, will you please take up this offer by Edge Media TV to clear yourselves of the accusations being made against you. Failure to do so will mean we reserve our Common Law right to do the decent, lawful and honest thing to save our country.

With all best wishes and sincerity,

Justin Walker

Co-founder, The Whole Truth Coalition:

'A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.' - Marcus Tullius Cicero

For more info on Communitarian Purpose go to:

Why let these dirty little Fabian Society Marxists get away with it without a fight ?

Who said these useless bits of Garbage could usurp,infiltrate,corrupt and destroy the UK and subjegate its people to an EU Dictatorship ?

Treason is a very serious offence under Common Law and i know what i would like to do with them all.

Tattoo their foreheads with the word Traitor in capitals and expel them from the UK.Send them over to Europe.If they like it so much then they can fuck off there and not come back or just lock them up and forget about them.

The Police are dutifully bound to investigate and make arrests on the grounds of Treason.

See also : :The Peoples United Community

Talk about taking Liberties.

We are paying these Shitheads to do this as they are funded by the public purse.

"New Leaders" .They have got to be having a laugh.I refuse now or at any time in the future to "follow' them and i will refuse to acknowledge their authority.

They are not "Leaders".They are just mind controlled drones.

It wont be difficult getting rid of them either.How difficult can it be to get rid of a load of Fucktard Marxist Neuro-linguistically controlled social/mental inadequates who are unable to think independently of each other and their hive mind ?

Pathetic sad creatures.

I am quite looking forward to this.

In other words they are fucked.

FUCK "Global Citzenship"

FUCK Neo-Feudalism.

FUCK Neo-Communism.

Anyway not to worry as they are Marxists so they will surely fail just like they always do.

I oppose any kind of Collectivism because it is evil.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Senseless vandalism :

In the pic is a 17th century English silver spoon which is a very rare design with the Barleytwist handle with the Lion finial.Probably made for a royal household or something similar with a very old set of hallmarks i dont recognise.

Some Moron has totally ruined it by firstly cutting away parts of the bowl and engraving a design into it therefore reducing it in value from say 1,500 - 2,000 down to virtually nothing apart from its historical importance .

Monday, 16 February 2009

Entertainment value:

(I really shouldn't, and I do TRY to ignore it, but sometimes...)

peterwolf wrote:while being legally enforecable are NOT Law

There may be a semantic difference, but so fucking what? "THE LAW" is a mixture of statute, precedent and common practice. If 'The Man' imposes a tax/fine/charge on you, and if they have the will and the means (financial or physical) to enforce it, then we pay up. That's the nature of power. Technically, there are all kinds of minor fees and charges that we get away with because nobody bothers to enforce them, or it's uneconomical to do so.Copyright is an example where the will may be there, but current technology means the illegal downloader can generally get away with it. Parking tickets and road tax on the other hand are necessary and enforceable, so picking apart
the semantics is beyond futile.

peterwolf wrote:Ask the Revenue Collection Officer under what authority and under what LAW they are acting and they wont be able to answer

..or even give a shit - what, are you expecting some guy in some call centre to say "Curses! Foiled by your legal logic - you do not have to pay Road Tax because I cannot answer your fiendish question!"?

peterwolf wrote:If you are arrested you want to know if you are being arrested for breaking a LAW and not a statute

No, I just want to know what it will cost me, can I get away with it and am I going to get a kicking.

peterwolf wrote:If this happens to you then ask them the above question and if they fail to answer it correctly or dont answer it then remind them that failure to DIFFERENTIATE between what is a LAW and what is a STATUTE is GROSS NEGLIGENCE/An abuse of power and is in fact equivalent to Common Law FRAUD and FRAUD is a CRIMINAL act under COMMON LAW [The Law of the land] and is a punishable offence

Oh Jesus, you're lapsing into sporadic CAPITALS now, so take a deep breath and have a lie down. (Every time I see a word in angry capitals in a political post, it' like frothing spittle hitting the keyboard. And as I've mentioned before, typing FACT in capitals at the end is the internet equivalent of writing letters in green ink. It's as self-defeating as the phrase "trust me", in that it instantly flags up what you saying as potential bullshit.

And finally, you don't like conservatism, you don't like socialism and you don't like anarchy. Since you style yourself as a free-thinker who refuses to be bound by any consensus or movement (for which I read a disaffected lackwit without the brains or balls to stand behind any particular principal or formulate a positive political viewpoint), I guess the only state of affairs that could possibly satisfy you is the Glorious Dictatorship of Peterwolf. Seig Heil!


"Oh Jesus, you're lapsing into sporadic CAPITALS now, so take a deep breath and have a lie down. (Every time I see a word in angry capitals in a political post, it' like frothing spittle hitting the keyboard. And as I've mentioned before, typing FACT in capitals at the end is the internet equivalent of writing letters in green ink. It's as self-defeating as the phrase "trust me", in that it instantly flags up what you saying as potential bullshit.

And finally, you don't like conservatism, you don't like socialism and you don't like anarchy. Since you style yourself as a free-thinker who refuses to be bound by any consensus or movement (for which I read a disaffected lackwit without the brains or balls to stand behind any particular principal or formulate a positive political viewpoint), I guess the only state of affairs that could possibly satisfy you is the Glorious Dictatorship of Peterwolf. Seig Heil!"

I do try to ignore it i really do but SOMETIMES ........

Oh Jesus , I am using capitals to emphasise points.Dont assume its anger because it isnt.The posts are points of interest that were the core of a lecture given by John Harris to the British Constitution Group back in January and are the result of 2 yrs of research on the part of various individuals who put the work in studying it.

You assume a lot of things dont you ? [re:the 2nd paragraph of your post cut and pasted here] which are not worthy of comment on my part and i am going to resist the temptation to insult you back in return [you should think yourself lucky in that respect] other than to say that you dont understand what i am saying or what the Fuck you are talking about.

Quite honestly you have sunk *so* far down in my estimation that i really have no further comment for you now or at any time in the future.I have nothing but contempt for you.

You cant even differentiate between Politics and Constitution :lol: then you assume to understand my political beliefs and to add further insult you then assume i am a Nazi [and even name] after insulting my intelligence.You wouldnt last 5 minutes in a political debate.

Unbelievable and pathetic but not surprising unfortunately.Not in the least.

Thanks for finally confirming what i have suspected for some time.

Stupid beyond words.


Notice how the Liberal [from what i can gather] resorts to a stock Liberal /lefty insult.That being "Nazi".The other two that are widely used are "Racist" or "Extremist".This is not to mention the lesser insults that were also being used.

I explain about what is lawful and what isnt - "So fucking what.." is the reply that i get.

I explain about what a Statute is and i get stupid sarcasm.Still what more can you expect ?

Later on he recants "And i wasnt calling you a Nazi" !.

"And I wasn't calling you a Nazi, I was pointing out that since you seem to disagree with every political standpoint going, but don't like the idea of anarchy, what system would you proprose other than a benign dictatorship run by yourself? In other words, we know what you're against, but what are you for?"

Which category do i belong in ?

He fails to understand what i am saying.

No wonder this country is Fucked with a capital F.

Not to mention an earlier comment posted some time ago where this individual said that when he get his Communist revolution "I will be first against the wall..."

Enough said really.

There is so much wrong in those comments i just dont know where to start.

Comment of the year so far...

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Lawful rebellion / Birth certificates/Extraction from UK PLC:

Termination of contract to UK Govt PLC currently trading under the name of Alistair Darling PLC.

This is Fact.

There might be a case that is worth taking into a court of law regarding UK birth certificates .This is that your rights were signed away at birth by your parents who signed a birth certificate therefore not only creating a legal title [MR.JOHN SMITH etc etc - A Person] but at the same time transferring over that person to a corporation therefore tieing the person to a corporation - UK PLC - for life by signing a declaration and a contract that the person is subject to the terms and conditions of that corporation I.E all statutes and legislation passed by Govt.

Submitting any application [using your full title/name in block capitals [the Person] plus signature] to any organisation means that if you are accepted then you have signed a form and in signing you have READ and UNDERSTOOD [including the Legalese/doublemeanings] the terms and conditions before signing and when you sign you are implicitly giving your full consent to the terms and conditions and any penalties for breaching those terms and conditions whatever they may be and no matter how unreasonable they may be.

This is what your parents did when they filled in a register of births form upon your birth that entered/created your Person [legal title] into a binding contract with UK PLC.

So the case that is to be presented is that the contract that is included in the wording of a UK birth certificate was signed/ submitted *WITHOUT* your consent.

Is any contract signed on your behalf *WITHOUT* your consent valid ??

Parents have the right to act on your behalf but does that consent stretch to unwittingly signing your life away by the entering into of a contract ?

Or is that "unreasonable" ?

ALL contracts require consent from the individual who gives their consent by signing the contract.This is why it is very difficult to extract yourself from a legally binding contract that you signed.

If someone else entered you into a contract without your consent then thats something different.

There is definately a case here thats for sure for the simple reason you didnt give your consent in the first place.

If the case is a winner as its most certainly valid then if the contract is terminated then you are no longer subject to any statutes and legislature because the contract that ties you to those terms and conditions no longer exists.Not only that but the termination of contract OR destruction of the original signed legal artefact means that the legal definition that is the person [your full name and title] that was created upon the signing of a UK birth certificate will either no longer exist or will have been destroyed.

MASSIVE implications involved here.

I dont have this problem as i wasnt born in the UK and my foreign birth certificate just contains very basic info and contains no transfer of ownership/contract or anything else unless UK naturalisation when becoming a resident meant the signing over of my Person over to UK PLC.Unknown at present but i have an original birth certificate but if that gets lost then a replacement UK birth certificate will most probably replace it as my birth records in Kenya may have been destroyed by now.

Statutes and legislation require your consent that you will abide by them . They are LEGALLY enforcable but not LAW.

Common Law is enforcable by Law.Statutes/Legislation arent enforcable by law.

Legal does not mean Lawful.2 different things entirely.

Enforcement of statutes/legislation requires your consent and unless you are in court over a common law/lawful offence then a court appearence is requested but not mandatory if its over a matter not covered by Common Law.

Police have NO other jurisdiction other than to enforce/uphold Common Law.

Government agents [anyone who works for any Govt agency] should have NO assistance from Police when enforcing any matter concerning UK Govt PLC if its any matter that is outside of Common Law where they have NO jurisdiction.

Friday, 13 February 2009

House prices:

Recession/Depression?/job losses etc etc etc + less and less mortgages being taken out = Decreasing house prices.

Simple economic fact.

Yet i keep hearing the opposite all the time from those who dont understand economics.

A potential 4 percent decrease/shrinkage in the economy will not increase the value of property.


The value of property will fall and continue to do so.

WE all would like the opposite to happen but to believe it will is like clinging to a sinking ship thinking it will somehow stay afloat.

Everyone who paid cash or signed on the dotted line is or should be aware of the risk involved.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Empty house that was stuffed full of antiques:

The house that is almost dead centre in the picture facing west is not the same house as i remember.the previous house i remember was a beautiful 2 story Edwardian red brick house that was a similar shape and size to the house in the picture without the hard parking area in the front that has taken the place of the front garden.I found the house because a friend lived round the corner and i walked past and noticed that it was empty and abandoned and delapidated with an overgrown garden front and back.I had a look around through the windows then went around the back and noticed that the rear kitchen window was smashed so i climbed in and never in my life have i seen anything like it before or since.

It was like a timewarp and *exactly* as it was in about 1900 or so.Antique furniture ,objects,pictures, everything.Untouched for decades.Everything was covered in dust that was up to a CM deep in places.Unfortunately all of the good stuff like Silver ,valueable pictures,clocks and other small items had already been taken by whoever had broken in.You could see the outline of everything that had been taken because of the dust.I dont even imagine what kind of items they were .The things that they left behind were good enough but no one will ever know what was removed from it after the break in.

I returned another half a dozen times as it was fascinating just looking around at things.

This was 20yrs ago.

The house and its contents would have made an interesting museum.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Al Gore corrupts 12yr olds :"Dont listen to your parents !"


Link to creepy exploitative speech to 12yr olds :

My comment will follow just as surely as the Sun comes up in the morning.

Why is Al Gore attempting to undermine the authority of parents ??

Social engineering/control ??

This isnt good at all and it stinks of Hitler/Stalin/Chairman Mao and it is in fact nothing more than the use of/exploitation of children to further implement a political agenda.

If i was a parent of a child that attended a talk like this then i would be making my feelings heard to Al Gore.

Ask the parents since they vote and pay taxes.

Why is it that Al Gore WILL NOT debate the issue ??

He hasnt debated the issue ONCE.

"The debate is over !"

It never even started and still hasnt happened.

How about a debate with adults/scientists that involves the use of scientific fact instead of cherry-picked theories and computer models and spurious pseudo science instead of school kids ??

Too busy indoctrinating children who in this case are aged 12 to 14 will soak up anything they are told like a sponge and have never been presented with any FACTS because due to being in a time of "Rapid CChaang-e" havent seen the evidence/consensus that has widely debunked Al Gores THEORY/CLAIM that "Global Warming Pollution" is heating up the planet when the evidence that says otherwise is as plain to see as the nose on your face.

The Earth is cooling.Everyone with a clue knows this but before we know it Al Gore and his followers will change tack and claim that the cooling is caused by the invisible "global warming pollution" blocking out sunlight and is still caused by CO2 [as an example].They will come up with something even if they have to make it up as they go along much like what they are doing now.Taxes wont warm up the planet.Taxes wont cool it down.

They ARE a drain on the planets resources so they should fucking kill themselves.Keep drinking purple grape flavor Kool-Aid and get together and organise a Jonestown Massacre type event on a mass scale and do the planet a favour.

Lets have some more Crackpot schemes AL.

I would like to shut that fucking hole in Al Gores face permanently.

End of the Holocene period AL ?

The contempt i have for Al Gore and this bunch that are rife everywhere and perpetuate this Claptrap wherever they go i am unable to adequately express in words.

Its got FUCK ALL to do with CO2 and he knows it.

"Pay More Taxes and stop the cooling period/Ice Age !!"

Fuck Off and die.

Removal of the second amendment :

Heres where the fun starts just as predicted.

[I was *totally* wrong to expect a centrist Obama administration as all the leftist insanity is already happening.I was wrong about the stimulus package as well but i was only talking about the tax cuts anyway.Theres no need to raise taxes if cash is printed out of nothing]

MUCH more to add to this later but Rahm Emmanuel is a dual nationality [Israeli] Zionist criminal POS who should be removed from office immediately and all i can say is Democrats will have a fight on their hands.If i was living in the US i would want to own guns now more than ever with these cocksuckers running things especially with a potential Govt Militia "that is as equally well funded as the US military" running around.

Its the job of the executive branch of US govt to protect and uphold the rights of US citzens not restrict them.

If even 5% of gun owners in the US decide to assert their rights as outlined in the second ammendment which the Obama administration have no right to remove then the Liberals will run away like scalded dogs or children.

Obama "wants" military personel to swear an oath of allegience to the office of the President instead of the US Constitution.

Watch this space !!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Voluntary Euthanasia for Enviro/libtards :

The aftermath of all those Eco-conscious Liberals after the inaugeration ceremony/Obam-rama.Throw the little plastic flags onto the ground after you have finished with it why dont you .

Hypocrisy as is their stock and trade.

There were over 600 private jets that had arrived and parked up for the Obamarama event but the ECO-tard HYPO-Critical Libtard media failed to comment on this fact.

Libtard mouth breathers :"Its proof that people cant do anything for themselves and need govt to do it for them !"

"We are ready for change !!"

I am ready for change as well but i wont get it because it will be the same old shit because Morons cant stop being Morons now can they ?

Lets see them do something to help the planet and reduce the carbon emissions that they are obsessed with and all the other impacts that their pointless lives inflict on the planet.

Natural selection will be pretty much extinct soon as they have taken pretty much all of it out of the equation so there is only one final solution.

Sterilization and voluntary Euthanasia.Its what they want anyway so i say why wait ?

Do it now

Your planet doesnt need you !

You know it makes sense !

There is far too much stupidity and the rest of it in the gene pool anyway.

Then perhaps the rest of us can have some piece and quiet with out having to tolerate anymore of their collective stupidity and misguided hypocritical do-goodery.

I am sick of self righteous 20 something Lentil munching Hippy wannabes telling me how to live when i do it anyway.

Fuck Off Hippie Liberals.You simply would not believe what these people get up to at protests and how they vandalise and smear and attack others that are not like them.

I am glad that they get water cannoned and pepper sprayed.

Liberals : Disaster/Stupidity coming to a town / country / continent where you are !! unless you have got them already !!

Liberals/Leftists = fucking morons and halfwits.Garbage.

Personal responsibilty ?? They dont know what that means if they can read.

No pride in themselves or their respective countries.

"I am too lazy and stupid to think for myself and i am so stupid that i believe that [bigger] govt is the answer to all problems because i am too lazy and stupid to think for myself i have no sense of personal responsibilty because i am too lazy and stupid to think for myself i am a clueless victim who is looking for a free handout because i am too lazy and stupid to think for myself i think a politician will solve all the problems because i am too lazy and stupid to think for myself i think what someone else tells me to think because i am too lazy and stupid to think for myself i nver learnt to question anything ......."

Years of experience makes me expect nothing more from them and huge overwhelming amounts of real hard actual evidence that proves i am right but luckily there is always someone else to clean up the mess they leave behind wherever they go.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

open letter to the Rt [Dis]Hon friend to the Rothschilds Peter Mandelso

This letter is on behalf of the UK [NO Fifth columns here !]

To: The Rt Hon. Peter Mandelson esq;

As if we weren’t already going out of our minds in fits of rage at the rampant incompetence, gutter rutting corruption, untrammeled arrogance and utterly diabolic parody of a “government” that currently squats atop this nation like a gigantic dose of piles - the sweating, blubbering, puss filled monstrosity takes a few moments pause from chewing the corpse of Great Britain to open its blood filled mouth and tell us what it really thinks of British workers and the general public.

Apparently, in Marxist/Fabian UK, striking pre-emptively in defence of your economic wellbeing at a time of extreme distress and fear for the future of your family, now qualifies one as a “racist,” an “extremist,” or, worst of all, a dreaded PROTECTIONIST.

In these statements we can clearly sense the abject fear of the serial peeping tom who got caught, yet again, climbing through the window of the girls dormitory, pants around ankles, in a most unseemly and compromising position. Well far be it from us to paint such an unflattering picture of our wonderful “public servants”, after all, they do have our best interests at heart, do they not Mr Mandelson?

Clearly not content simply destroying our currency, armed forces, international reputation, political system and constitution, the laughing hyenas have now taken off those - ever so temporary - woolen jackets and shown themselves to be the fascist Eurocrat wolves that they truly are.

But seriously Mr Mandelson, did it not occur to you that the violent death of the entire system of economics (that you seem intent to defend to the last) is common knowledge now to the “man in the street,” even perhaps the poor sod who has to pluck the remnants of the foie gras and smoked salmon from your new ermine trimmed coat. Perhaps he might give you a lesson in “Buy British” one fine morning while you are busy warming up for another hard day of pontificating for the cameras and making a damn fool of yourself, again …

But anyway, I shouldn’t worry yourself unduly Mr M, there will be plenty of room in that “free trade” coffin for the mass hordes of other “has been” politicians and pundits the world over before we are finally through with this sorry chapter in the history of human folly and hubris.

Surely, any silly idea that the extreme weather would be a good time to stick the boot into British workers seems to have backfired spectacularly, does it not, or is it after all just another part of your grand master plan to bring the country to it’s knees in time for EUROPOL to come and help restore order?

And so, in concluding Mr Mandelson, given that your track record in government is not exactly one which could honestly be described as a testament to a honed ability in handling political crises of ones own making, I have a not so friendly word of advice for you Sir:

You should resign your position in the Lords immediately and without further delay, before the braying mob that you youself have just enraged to the point of violence, pulls you screeching from the building and hurls you into the nearby frozen waters clothed in nothing more than a frilly pink nightie.

In truth, while such an amusing spectacle would afford the vast majority of honest people in this long suffering country a much needed break from the daily misery that you and your henchmen have wrought on us, we prefer to settle these matters peacefully, and without need for any further unnecessary distress on either side of this rapidly escalating crisis.

Do it. Do it now. Get ye gone Sir!


The UK Column

Protectionism:Spoof Gordon Brown speech:

This is the latest bit of political newspeak being tossed around by our Globalist/NWO Cockroaches/Invertabrates in response to ideas like buying British in order to save a collapsing economy.

"We must not stop outsourcing our jobs overseas.We must not stop investing what little spare cash [taxpayers cash] that we have to spare overseas.We must not put the common interests of the UK first before the interests of the failed intertwined new Internationalist failed global economy etc etc"

"....If we do so we shall find ourselves not slipping back into the outdated political/economic model that is known as "Protectionism".If we change back to our old ways of Protectionism then we shall not be able to collapse the existing economic system and replace it with our progressive singular economic model that is known as Globalism.We must not be pessimists.We must let go of old outmoded political/economic concepts such as individual self governing nation states,national identity,individual economic policy,elected government,so that we can make the transition to a single economic policy,a single currency,a single interconnected banking system,in order to meet the challenges and economic problems that we ourselves have created and in doing so we shall not put the interests of the people first and the needs of individual nation states and instead impose a single unified NWO onto the people in order to serve the interests of a cabal of elitist international bankers........We face new challenges in this new global order in the 21st century and to meet those challenges we shall not waver from our failed global economic policy and we will try our hardest to collapse the existing economic system but we shall continue as that i believe is the aim.We shall not listen to the pessimists or the economists or the people and we will pursue our goal of a New World economic Order and we shall not listen to the Racists ,Xenophobes,Extremists, or worst of all the Protectionists...."


Gordon Brown will now take questions:

Question 1 : "One question : As a UK taxpayer i would very much like to ask this question: Where did the £900 billion of public cash that was creamed off the bank accounts of local councils and police forces etc etc actually go to that was illegally invested abroad/offshore in the failed bank of Iceland go to ? Whose pocket did it go into ? Where has it gone ??

Gordon Brown:What 900 billion ? Oh that 900 billion Oh yes i remember now.The matter is still under investigation and i have no further comment to add apart from forget about it.

No more questions.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Jerk Off :

Stef Lewandowski.

I will explain later but in the meantime if someone looks like this why ?? would they publish a picture of themselves and why would they want to use it as an Avatar ??