Sunday, 2 November 2008

Mail on Sunday /Dickhead LittleBigJohn comment :

Evil Sachs attack:

The Daily Mail are the self appointed and self righteous arbiter of taste and decency in the UK who have a huge readership base at home and abroad in various UK ex pat non integrating communities in France and Spain being just 2 examples.

Mail on sunday poll exposes myth that not *everyone* was offended by Ross and Brands horrific and barbaric and bullying prank call.

Myth exposed:

Many are reacting to the sheer absolute wanton cruelty and hatred that made Ross and Brand bully and intimidate Andrew Sachs whose own family fled Germany to escape persecution from the ugly mob rule of the Nazis only to fall prey to the ugly mob rule of the Daily Mail readership 60 years later not forgetting his past as a waiter in a Torquay hotel with its sadistic proprietor.He now suffers from post- traumatic stress disorder and is terrified of spoons and frying pans.Young and old are absolutly appalled alike which disproves the myth that its only the old that were offended and that the young are de sensitised to sex ,violence and foul language.

Andrew Sachs also said in a press statement that he didnt know anything about a horse called "NitWit" and was not to say anything about it under any circumstances.

Ross and Brand are a symptom of everything that is wrong in society and we at the Mail feel that they are the *cause* of all that is wrong in society and not just a symptom.They are a symptom of what they are.We feel that they should be banished from the BBC and the UK and that they should be banished over and over again just to make sure they have learnt their lesson.Bullying ,foul language,persecution of the old ,and sexual harrasment will NOT be tolerated by the Daily Mail readership and we feel that we have the right in our self righteous indignation to be Judge,Jury ,and executioner and to use our own unique style of mob rule persecution to make our point and to make the BBC see sense.

We shall bully and persecute them until they are truly sorry and then we shall bully and persecute them even more because quite honestly we enjoy it.

Their stone age , pre cambrian, triassic and Jurassic bullying behaviour will not be tolerated.

Which are you ?

On a sliding scale of 1 to 5 were you :

A :Offended ?

B :Very offended ?

C :Disgusted and appalled ?

D :Disgusted and offended and appalled ?

E :Frothing at the mouth with self righteous fury while also being disgusted ,appalled and offended to an irrational extent all at the same time ?

F :Public floggings and executions should be reintroduced.

Sign the online petition and poll and join in the fun with the Daily Mails very own style of Mob rule mentality.

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