Thursday, 1 January 2009

Vaclav Klaus :

I wish a very happy new year and best regards to Czech President Vaclav Klaus .

The voice of truth and common sense amidst a sea of mediocre Trash in the EU.

Keep up the good work by annoying Leftists, One World Globalists [Communitarians],Greens ,Communists and other assorted feeble minded garbage in the EU.

Vaclav Klaus takes up the rotating presidency in the EU which will be interesting.

May the force be with you.

The UK needs a politician like this instead of the POS Trash that goes by the name of Gordon Brown.

Gordon - do us all a favour and kill yourself.You might as well get it over with as it will be better than living in fear for the rest of your life for crimes against the UK [political and economical].You can run but you cant hide.

I forgot to add that anyone who is against the EU is now a "Nationalist" and the term of description is tossed around as if its some kind of insult or putdown when really its a statement of fact but the trash in the EU use it as a term of abuse and exploit its negative aspects when what it is really about is about wanting to protect the identity and sovereignty of individual nations so if that means i am a Nationalist then thats fine by me.

Also FUCK the left wing Economist magazine.They have NO credibility.Fucking Left wing Garbage would lose money if they held a jumble sale.

Also FUCK The Huffington Post .You did a good job of attacking the Neocons for the past 8 yrs otherwise you are all a waste of time.I prefer objectivity rather than left wing democrat / EU political slant.They are only the most powerful Blog/Website on the planet because the vast majority of people planet wide are STUPID LIBERALS.


  1. About Me
    Peter Wolf
    Pissing people off and telling it like it is for 40 years. Misanthrope. Partly from life experience and partly because i am anyway. I seperate the fact from the bullshit so you dont have to. Dont like me ? Tough Shit. Join the queue. Kind loving and giving to those i trust which is not very many. " No one was ever quite sure wether the spite and venom and ferocity with which he attacked his victims and his volatile sensibilities were activated by a savage insensitivity or by the holy egotism of genius...."

    Grow up!

  2. Any thoughts on the article in question ??

    "Grow up".Take a leaf out of your own book and add something to the topic or fuck off.Its up to you.

  3. I haven't even started yet. LOL

  4. When will you ever start then ?

    Get on with it.

  5. If all that individual can say is "grow up" then perhaps they should start taking a good deep look at themselves. If expressing your own personal opinions is in this individuals personal view not "grown up", then perhaps they should realise that they are fundamentally very boring. Don't bitch with the best whoever you are - you are out of your league!!