Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Anonymous Pet Spammers get called out online !!

What a shame i forgot to include the headers in the screenshot from the email i was sent by Blogger that was a notification that the faceless anonymous shithead spammer posted more SPAM.

I believe that i have your full attention.
You are not doing yourselves or your little company any good if this is how you go about generating business.

BUT wait !! Look at this !! [As you know negative publicity is very good for business.All publicity is GOOD remember ? especially if its going to get maximum coverage like you are saying]

"Publicise your company or business here for nothing on Peter Wolf"[after providing the usual info like names, details,company name ,line of business etc and proof that you are genuine and not spammers etc]

See ?? look at that generous offer !!

Its an open ended offer to you until you respond.

I dont want your fake shit website going to the top of a website search.Get this blog up there instead using your know how .If you understand business then i dont need to say anymore.Its a shame that you have all chosen to have such a bullshit attitude.

Why have fake when you could have the real thing ? Fake is never quite the same is it ?

You would have to pay a lot for PR of this nature.

You publicise me for nothing [without ANY abuse or insults etc etc you know the sort of thing, ,dedicated websites ,inflammatory derisive material against myself,using my name without my consent, referencing without prior consent etc etc] and i will publicise you for nothing and provide a link to you from here.This could work well if you want it to ....

The path ahead stops but has 2 paths leading off it and its up to you which path you choose.....

Think carefully before choosing.......

[I/we are launching a website and possibly a forum so theres plenty more of this from myself and many other contributors.Some known and some unknown.Factual articles,satire,opinion,humour,art,whatever.I do have good contacts and the contacts have good contacts so i can spread publicity.]

Anyway on with the show >

Comments are *approved* and *moderated* before publishing OR deleting stupid.I delete abuse but comment wont be deleted but because of the recent spate of abuse of my place here i have no choice but to have to moderate comments.You give people an inch and they always take a mile.

Comment received today for moderation from my little pet Spammers and Trolls who still choose to remain anonymous:

"As you will be deleting our comments like the shithouse that you are, you will be making yourself sound convincing to whoever may be reading your posts. How will others judge you?
Easy, they will see you as not having the guts to leave those posts by us up, thereby giving the reader the chance to judge.

It's all about you isn't it?

No worries. All your drivel has been backed up and will appear on a special website dedicated to you. Unlike you, we have knowledge of SEO techniques that will put us if not at the top of google rankings, then very near to it. Giving us all the exposure we need to give you all the exposure you want,but haven't got the intelligence to get.

Keep watching wolfy. "

Put your name up then ! .You know mine so why cant everyone know what yours is ? Post it and i will publish it if its genuine.Explain why i or anyone else should care about who you are.

I have asked you time and time again to publish who you are here and you have still yet to respond to that.

This place IS all about me.

In the meantime post who you are so that everyone will see you put your money where your mouth is.

I await your response and the case against you grows and now that you have given away your intent in your comments this post will serve as a disclaimer [for now] against any harmful garbage that you may post about me that uses my name ****without my consent**** ,that is dedicated to ,or impersonates or whatever.Your comments can be traced and if you post a website it can and will be removed .Or you can pay to use it.I will copyright anyway.Name and material.

When you do dont forget to post a link here and i will promise to publish it here so that everyone can be directed to go and look at your SHIT website that you have created.

Free publicity from an anonymous shithead[s] WHO STILL WONT POST HIS [their] DETAILS ONLINE !!

FREE publicity even if its your kind of shit is still GOOD publicity !! and publicity is what i want but i dont want any old Shit.Make sure that you create the website from scratch with working links etc etc and have it individually designed and created.

It had better be good.

NO free templates etc etc as they are easily recognisable and look Naff.

If its not up to scratch [content or visuals] then i will have it removed and i will give you plenty of feedback about what i think.

What are you waiting for then ??

Off you go ! Go get to work on it !

No time like the present !

Looks like i have got you all working for me for nothing and i dont have to do anything !!

A whole website that is full of your retarded comments that you cant post here all about me !!

Go on you little anonymous Shithead Respond.

You know you want to and wont be able to stop yourself.

You post the relevant checkable info about who you are that *Proves* exactly who you are then i will publish every comment that you wish to post here.If you didnt have an attitude problem i would let you post as much as you like

If you werent a coward you wouldnt hide behind anonymity [not for long] would you ?

Everyone chooses to be unpleasent when its so much easier just to play nice instead.

Its the naughty child syndrome.

Is everyone enjoying themselves ?

Good because i sure as hell am.

[You are not liberals are you ?? Just curious....Israelis ??...]


  1. How cool calm and collected you are. LOL.

    Obviously nothing bothers you at all does it?

  2. Sometimes i just do it for effect but its all a new thing for me with Spammers and Trolls as i havent had them before.Its sort of enjoyable as well but like a lot of other things it will become boring and i will lose interest.

  3. Why do you even consider responding to these spammers? Just ignore them.

  4. Moderating them seems to be effective.

  5. We're busy, that's all.

  6. *Moderating them seems to be effective.*

    In brushing them under the carpet and pretending they are not there do you mean?

    Like an ostrich, head in sand type of thing?

  7. Surely it's important to allow your readers to see what you are actually fighting against, otherwise you expect them to just take for granted that there are spammers. Maybe you are just attention seeking. I don't know.