Monday, 12 January 2009

Israeli firework display:

Israel denies that it has been using White Phosphorous against the Palestininans and instead claims that it has been lighting fireworks over Gaza inbetween its airborne offensives to provide some light relief and entertainment for the Palestinians who have been under seige for the last 2 weeks.

I made that up but the Israelis are denying that they are using it when the photo proves otherwise.

Israelis deny everything if it suits them because they know that they can get away with it.

They are denying that the Israeli military are burying dead Palestinians into mass unmarked graves.

David -Sellout-Tony blair MK2 - Cameron has commented that trade embargos/ not buying Israeli goods is Lunacy [or words to that effect] and is "Damaging" and "worrying" and that criticising Israel "can lead to anti - semitism".[Yawn].anyway at least he has the courtesy not to say IS Anti - Semitism.Anyway theres nothing to see here apart from another career politician who will promise "Change" in the next election.Another career politician who knows what side his bread is buttered.

There will be NO referendum on the Lisbon Treaty when David Cameron is elected.

Quoted from a news article regarding the above statements:

Speaking to around 500 MPs, peers and party members including former leader Michael Howard and Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague, Cameron warned that solving the Israel-Palestinian conflict would not stop problems in the rest of the Middle East, �It is naive to think that solving the peace process will stop roadside bombs in Iraq.�

David Cameron also states that Hamas are not a legitemate political party despite the fact that they were democratically elected.I could say the same about "New Labour" or the conservatives because there is hardly any difference anymore and David Cameron knows this only too well.

Personally i dont think its naive at all as Israel/Palestine is the root cause of virtually all of the anti-US/the West feeling in the middle East and Arabs worldwide.

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