Sunday, 4 January 2009

Israel :

It seems like those nice Israelis are using white phosphorous.

Enough said but after all they are Israelis so that makes it alright really doesnt it ?

In NO WAY is Israels use of force in any way disproportionate.Not at all.Thats because they are Israeli White Phosphorous Shells.

Istraeli land forces have crossed the border into the Gaza strip and are now occupying parts of it but thats OK because the Israelis can do what they like cant they ??

Hamas are "Extremists" , "Militants" , "Terrorists" etc etc while Israel despite the fact that they seem to have NO interest in cease fires,peace settlements ,concessions,plus their disproportionate use of extreme force against the Palestinians can do NO wrong and their actions are entirely justified because they are Israelis of course.

The UN cannot agree amongst itself a consensus about Israels use of excessive force and use of White Phosphorous [despite the fact that they themselves have declared its use to be illegal] which is NOT IN THE LEAST BIT SURPRISING but it doesnt leave much to the imagination what the UN and the US etc etc would have in mind if Hamas were using White Phosphorous against Israel.

We all know why that is dont we ??

If the population of the Gaza Strip were collectivly bulldozed and pushed into the Mediterranean after a sustained bombing campaign then that would be alright wouldnt it ??

The Israelis would probably love to do this and build themselves a beautiful coastal resort once those annoying Palestinians have been disposed of.

Dick Cheney approves of the actions of Israel of course and he probably sits at home watching the footage that the western media WILL NOT publicise over and over again on his own giant screen TV.He enjoys this sort of thing apparently.

Israel could use its own illegal nucleur warheads against the Palestinians and Dick Cheney would still defend the deployment of them.

You dont even nedd to be pro Palestinian to see that the actions of Israel are immoral and reprehensible.

more on this later.

Back for more now:

Anti - semitism : Dont anyone try accusing myself of that Shit here.I am not "anti - Semitic" [incorrect definition anyway] and i am not anti Jew in any way shape or form so let that be the end of it.I have had Jewish friends,i still have Jewish friends and i have no reason to have any kind of dislike for ANYONE who is jewish despite the fact that terrible things are happening in the Gaza strip as i type.

The problem i have here with the state of Israel is WHY ?? a solution to this problem is really so difficult when to an outsider its plain obvious.That solution is a recognised state of Palestine and even better than that - integration.

Lets break this down into a very simple analogy :

My next door neighbour is annoying me by playing his/hers music far too loud over and over again.In the end my patience snaps and i go round and knock on the door.The door opens and i smash his/hers face in or give them a torrent of abuse.


This is exactly what is happening right now in israel as i type.

Alternatively i choose not to do that but instead i choose to enter into dialogue with my neighbour in an attempt to be reasonable and diplomatic.I am a firm believer that most if not all problems with someone else can be solved by engaging in dialogue instead of physical violence.Personally i do not condone violence and i would much rather find a non violent solution to a problem despite the fact that if violence was the chosen route i would Win anyway.Thats not the point though as i would rather compromise myself than go there.I prefer a live and let live attiude to others as everyone is different and ultimately we all have to co exist together so we can all get on with the business of living and getting on with our lives.

So i talk to my neighbour and i explain the problem and how it is affecting my life.My neighbour listens to what i am saying and thanks to my diplomatic skills and the fact i am going out of my way to be reasonable my neighbour understands the effect that his behaviour is having on my life and we agree between ourselves a compromise and a solution is found bearing in mind that i have no wish to impose anything on my neighbour that is beyond common sense and being reasonable.We both kiss and make up as it were and live happily ever after.

Its all quite simple really and i should know because I WAS the noisy neighbour in reality and my behaviour was affecting my neighbours [true fact - same situation in real life except in reverse]yet once i was alerted to the problems i was causing i changed my ways and the problem was solved with no hard feelings on either side.

Dont tell me this isnt possible as i know what i am talking about as i have had plenty of experience with physical violence and confrontation and probably more than you have ever had [probably] and i have been in violent situations with thugs and i have ended up making friends with them even after violent altercations SO IT CAN BE DONE !!

There is NO need for HATE and there is no need for killing.We can all get along IF WE WANT TO !!

Regarding Israel : I compare Israel to a damaged abused child who has never been shown or experienced love and compassion.What Isreal needs is counselling by someone who can empathise with their situation and can offer solutions that dont involve violence and death and destruction.

There has to be a better way than that.

I dont hate Israel for what they are responsible for as hate breeds hate and it gets us nowhere.Lets instead stop the violence and crack open a few cans of beer and lets talk about it.Lets find a solution.Lets stop the violence as it gets us nowhere.Lets find a way where we can live together IN PEACE !!

Why is this so difficult ??

Why do we need to continue a cycle of violence ??

"Death is the silence in the cycle of violence - in the cycle of violence - death is the silence etc etc"

It has to stop and really its a very sad indictment on the world community that this has gone on for nearly 60 YEARS !!! and its a sad indictment on the failure of politicians WHO DONT WANT TO MAKE CONCESSIONS !!! on both sides of the fence which means that the bloodbath continues to this day.

For FUCKS SAKE give it up !!

Israelis are not going to go away and neither are the Palestinians and in this case i will point the finger at the israelis and say that they are 80% responsible for the mess we see today.YOU ARE GUILTY of gross violations of human rights AND YOU ARE GUILTY of what YOU WERE SUBJECTED TO by the Nazis and YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER !! and YOU NEED TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE !!!

You were nearly wiped out en masse by an inhumane regime [the Nazis] BUT TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE A RIGHT !!!

By that i mean that the Gaza Strip is the worlds largest concentration camp with an inmate population of approx 1.5 million who are kept in inhumane conditions.

You cant trade on the past forever and you have to move on from that to move forwards.Objectivity is needed here to solve this problem and if the extremists in the ADL dont like what i am saying here THEN TOUGH FUCKING SHIT !!!

Truth hurts.

I tell it like it is and truth hurts but you cant hide or shelter behind your Jewishness forever.

Now i do realise that the Israeli government dont represent the views of
all Jews and i am pointing the finger here at a minority of Zionist political thugs who are nothing more than a bunch ofwarmongering thugs who have NO interest in peace but who are only interested in DOMINATION.

By the way there are plenty of young Israeli conscientous objectors and they deserve and need everyones support.

The fact is though you are just making things worse for yourselves in the long term and the fact is you are a disgrace to your race/belief system and i point the finger mostly at those of you in politics and in Banking.You know who you are and so do i.

You are a disgrace to yourselves and you are a disgrace to all other Jews of whatever description.

You are the ruination of the worlds economic system and you are the ruination of world peace and prosperity.

I have run out of words right now but the Israeli government and the Jew zionist bankers who have very nearly destabilised the entire planets economic system are an ABSOLUTE FUCKING DISGRACE !!!!

If they dont like being told this then tough fucking shit because i dont give a fuck as i tell it like it is and truth hurts.

Everyone is sick of you.

Shame on Shimon Peres as sometimes you have talked reason and common sense but you are one big disappointment as i thought better of you than this.

Fuck the Anti - Defamation - League. You have been defamed.

Fuck Bernard Madoff

Fuck Henry Kissinger.

Fuck the entire board of directors of the FED

Fuck Alan Greenspan.

Fuck Bernanke

Fuck Paulson.

Fuck Neocons

Fuck Gordon Brown

Fuck Dick Cheney

Fuck George Bush who wont condemn Israel.

Fuck John [syrup of figs]Bolton [yes its a wig!].

Fuck Zionist propaganda and the mass slaughter of innocents.

Fuck illegal jewish landgrabs.

George Bush/Neocons set a very dangerous precedent by illegally invading Iraq and getting away with it [retro-active immunity] which leads us to where we are now.

Fuck the feckless , toothless , corrupt , inhumane ,hypocritical spineless amoral politicians/lackeys who do nothing but serve Israeli interests and sit by and do nothing while the FED wrecks/scams the USA [not to mention the rest].

Fucking load of criminals.

FUCK you all.

Fucking disgrace and may you all reap what you sow.

Fucking load of fucking cunts.

Palestine doesnt have F16s or Tanks or White Phosphorous or any of the rest.

This ends.



  1. This is a disgraceful use of The Internet. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope someone finds out who you are and where you live and teaches you a lesson.

  2. Aw there there.

    You obviously support genocide and the use of White Phosphorous against Palestinians therefore you are a disgrace yourself.I support free speech and if you dont like it then fuck off.

    Anyone who would try to teach me a lesson will be taught never to try and teach me a lesson again.

  3. You dont know what the fuck you are talking about.

  4. Not like you eh?