Sunday, 11 January 2009

Caption competition :

Condoleeza Coconut Rice :
"You cannot expect to fire rockets into a heavily populated area and not kill lots of women and children"

"You will have another shipment of arms from the US in 3 days.In the meantime try not to waste any.Make every bomb kill and maim as many Palestinians as possible.Send in land based forces and operate a shoot to kill policy."

"If it moves and it isnt Israeli then shoot it."

"Shoot Women and Children first !."

"I love the smell of White Phosphorous in the morning !."

"Palestinians out !."

"The US will support Israel regardless of the rights and wrongs of the situation"

"We want to wait and see what happens but in the meantime kill as many Palestinians as you can"

"It is clear that it is Hamas that is the aggressor here and Israel is acting in self defence"

"Do what you like ! We dont care !"

"I am a sellout to the entire Black race !."

"I have deep rooted Psychopathic tendencies !."

Henry Kissinger:

"It is clear that the situation is very complex so the time is right for a NWO to emerge"

"We must seize the opportunity to impose a NWO on the subhuman Goyim"

"We will create the problems and the solution will be a NWO"

"I want to see a NWO be imposed before i die or my lifes work will have been a failure !"

"Globalism/NWO is a political solution even more stupid than Communism !"

"Who will continue "The Great Work" after i die ?"

"Globalism is an utter failure !"

"I am a dirty murdering, manipulative, lying, POS Trash and a Failure !"

"The Palestinians are subhuman garbage that should be exterminated."

"Tell me where you want your next war and i will start it !."

"I also have deep rooted Psychopathic tendencies !"

"I am a Megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur !."

"I am the cause of at least half a dozen different wars and conflict follows me where ever i travel !."

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