Thursday, 1 January 2009

Nice start to the new year:

Will someone PLEASE sort this mess out so it stops once and for all ???

Thank you.

Anyway wheres OBAMA when you need him ?? On vacation in Hawaii.I would have thought that he would have something to say about this since he is the ONE ?? I must admit that i am very disappointed in the Messiah so far and IIRC i think that he mumbled a few words about the fact that if his house was being bombarded by home made rockets he wouldnt be very happy and would retaliate which was rather surprising for a Libtard/Pacifist.To be fair though it must be difficult for him and a complete conflict of interest because on the one hand he is down with the Arabs and Muslims and the oppressed etc yet at the same time he has sworn allegience to the state of Israel so one side is going to lose out and guess which one that is ??

You guessed it:Unwavering and unflinching and unconditional support for the state of Israel NO MATTER WHAT.The Arabs/muslims can go to hell.

Anyone got any spare Change ??

I am saying what i think here so there is really NO excuse for a President elect to say virtually nothing when he had plenty to say before the election.

He does have one big plus point in my opinion and that is his pre election policy of engaging in talks with Iran instead of bombing them.I support this 100% but it remains to be seen wether it will actually happen or not.

Since he is in the pockets of Neocons and Israel it is very unlikely.

In the meantime NeoCon Garbage like Chickenhawk John Bolton are still pushing for strikes against Iran when everyone else says that they are not developing WMDS and have stopped enriching Uranium since 2003.The problem with the likes of John Bolton is that they are clearly in the pockets of ther Israelis plus the fact they are on their own Jihadist Christian fundamentalist crusade and no one takes them seriously any more since Iraq.


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