Thursday, 22 January 2009


This is the face and look of a political and economic failure.

I cant explain why but i find myself almost feeling sorry for him in a way.

But not quite.

He has just been doing what he was told to do.

All used up and washed out and getting visibly older by the day.He knew what he was involved in but still a very sad sight.

I cant feel hate for him though.

This is what being weak and doing what was politically expedient does.

Gordon is a Moron because he sold off all the UKs gold reserves some years ago for 250 £ per troy ounce !!! and hardly anyone noticed or commented or thought thats a bit odd - a country with NO gold.

This is what happens when you get lazy and complacent and dont pay attention to politics like you all should have been doing.

He will be scapegoated but he is only low level Bilderberg and a lackey for Globalists.Chewed up and spat out by those who put him where he is.Another fall guy like Bush.

This is all the proof you need but i dont really think its good enough that this sellout Moron who pushed his failed vision of a more liberal UK should be allowed to get away with it.

Either what is happening now is the end result of failed liberal policy or the potential economic collapse of the UK is going to be the end result and when that happens it will result in every Liberals wet dream coming true when the state siezes everything and we all in turn will depend on the Govt in our hour of need.

This is the end result that they have all worked so hard for.

Liberals want everyone to be the same and since they hate self reliance and self determination they want everyone depending on handouts and state control and ownership of everything.

What could be "fairer" than that ?

Everyone ends up skint.

Thats fair isnt it ?

Everything has to be fair and equal in their stupid little naive childish idealistic bubble that they live in.

Liberals hate self determination and self reliance.They hate anyone who thinks for themselves.

This is the face of someone who knows that he is in serious deep Shit.He needs to be arrested and cross examined like the rest of failed traitors in "New Labour".

He knows the game is nearly up.

He knows he is going to be held accountable but he will do it "for the greater good".

Some think that he is an agent of the EU and others dont.I do believe that myself.

Apparently from what i know the Establishment as it were will not allow Brown to scrap the pound and join the Euro.He is and always has been watched by the intelligence community [like all of New Labour]and by the best minds in the country and there will be an exposure of Brown etc and a payback before this country collapses.Apparently this is the case and it should happen sooner rather than later.

He should be removed from office.

I believe and [almost] know that "New" Labour systematically set out to destroy this country in every way possible so it can be swallowed up by the EU and become just another state within a superstate.This was the plan and it has very nearly succeeded but a lot of us know exactly what is and has been going on.

They thought they could distract everyone with cheap easy money and an economic boom all built from credit and it was like a trap and everyone fell for it while at the same time they have been busying themselves with selling out the identity and sovereignty of the UK as they dont want it to be self governing as the EU want to take over all that.

Not so much stealing power [although they have done their fair share of that] but more like giving it away to the EU.

I am not a Nationalist per se and i dont have any problem belonging to an economic community either but i do have a very big problem with being taken over and losing the right to self govern and self determine especially when its being done by stealth and when it is against mine and everyone elses self interest.

Its nothing more than a hostile takeover by a load of third rate globalist garbage who wouldnt even get a vote from anyone apart from their own deluded Fucktard followers within their own stupid little hive mind if only we were given the chance to vote the fuckers out of office.

We can all look after ourselves thanks very much.

" Every one will be the same and we can all live happily ever after and their wont be any more wars and we can all be one big happy family with the all powerful autocratic - we know better than you - Totalitarian state watching over us all.We will all be so happy and the big govt will give us everything we need from the cradle to the grave."

No more voting or perhaps just a token vote for the one party state.

"Vote for your next "Leader" who will work hard for you and represent you in the Totalitarian EU one party state !!"

Loyalty to the party will always take precidence over individuals right to just about anything you can think of.

You will all get treated like children as thats what you are to them because Liberalism is politics for little children.

"Are you paying attention Citzen Smith - EU database profile no:9898498464646546546+546514 [assimilated 22/02/2010] ??

When a country collapses Democracy goes out of the window.

This was probably all planned at a Bilderberg meeting.

Get all this trash out of office now.

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