Friday, 2 January 2009

My thoughts for the day:

Firstly:I had a bad feeling about todays long distance train travel and sure enough i was right as firstly i missed my train by 3 minutes and then a light aircraft for god knows what reason decided to crash into the train line i was travelling on killing the occupant who was flying it.As if there isnt enough space either side of it that they could have chosen to crash into.Thanks for missing the train though.In his last heroic moments he managed to somehow miss it.....

Delays - delays delays..............
Stupid idiot.

Secondly:Door closers:the sprung variety that is screwed into the back edge of the door and doorframe.

Why ?? I have a grudge against these things as i find them pointless and annoying as if i am somehow incapable of closing a door myself as in the case of these annoying things they remove any choice out of the equation unless you want to piss about about with door wedges.The other thing is that a few years ago i came a cropper with one of these things because the back edge of the door slammed too on my finger which got trapped and therefore squashed by the weight and force of the door that slammed shut on it VERY HARD which resulted in a loss of a finger nail and blood that sprayed out of the end of my finger all over the wall opposite.Its not my house [away from home] otherwise i would remove every single one of them.I dont mind wedging doors open but i do mind that if i dont do this the fucking thing slams in my face or mutilates my finger.

Thirdly: The monarchy being the last protection for the masses against President Booth style insanity.If this is the case then her Maj has some serious waking up to do as she is sitting back and doing nothing while Gordon Brown signs away the SOVEREIGNTY of the UK via the EU/lisbon Treaty not to mention the very numerous treasonable acts commited by New Labour/Blair/Brown.She just lets it all happen so in my opinion her inaction is tantamount to being complicit in it so therefore she is a traitor to the sovereignty of the UK [the monarchy will remain in place but HER parliament will be abolished or slowly reduced in power until it is as impotent as she herself is].There is no way she is not aware of what is happening.I have no respect for her as she isnt Aristocracy anyway and i wouldnt care if she died in a house fire as she doesnt seem to have any interest in her subjects as far as i can see it and her bloodline can be traced back to German Pig farmers .A waste of space and money.

She has even approved it herself so whats going on here ?

She is like someone who has no control over the accounts and spending who just signs the cheques.

Fourthly:Trains are hermetically sealed and there is not ONE window that you can open so after 3 to 4 hrs i feel like i am very slowly suffocating.Awful.Sitting next to a load of Japanese fidgetty adult children who cant sit still and need a constant source of amusement like all their stupid little noisy plastic toys that make bleeping noises and even show TV really pisses me off and i find it all rather pathetic and childish.Sit down - stand up - sit down - stand up in the aisle OVER and OVER and OVER again.Bloody annoying Kidults plus their constant getting up and using the bathroom every 5 minutes.Pathetic.Plus their constant grazing which gets on my tits.

Also one of 3 podgy young females emitted a very very bad smell that was [and this is no word of a lie] THE foulest STRONGEST smell i have ever smelt in my ENTIRE life.It was unbelievable and it was like a mix of sewage/sileage and industrial chemicals.I exaggerate NOT.They seemed to find it amusing as the guilty podgy little Bint sits there sniggering and holding her nose in that stupid childish way like some 5 yr old.Absolutely revolting.I had to hold my breath so that i didnt breathe any of it in as i resent having to breathe in her poison filth.

Travelling with people is PURGATORY quite honestly and i couldnt afford to pay for first class which makes train or air travel a lot more tolerable than Cattle Class.
i did have a bit of a chat with a guy who is a university lecturer in something or other who was alright.

Fifthly :You never get ANY legroom in these F-ing things either as apparently train designers think that everyone is a uniform shape and height plus those stupid pointless little armrests and the way that my knees are squashed up against the hard plastic back of the seat in ends up as agony unless i sit sideways accross 2 seats.Just like in planes.

Their constant yapping made it damn near impossible to hear any of the announcements concerning the plane crash.

Fucking nightmare.


  1. For someone so together and in control you really are showing your true colours in this blog.

    Stop trying to kid us all and go take a look in the mirror. Your mother bless her must be fucking ashamed of you.

    Don't bother deleting. This whole blog is being archived as it rolls along, with all your crap added.

  2. What my mother is or isnt ashamed of isnt any of your business and everything that is posted on the internet is archived stupid but i never knew i have so many dedicated readers.I suppose reading it fills up some of your spare time in your pointless little life.

  3. Yes it does. Thanks for being so concerned.