Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I dont quite see why the US has to pay billions into Israel each year when they have their own economy and they are not exactly short of cash themselves.

Seems a bit odd really as its like giving aid to a country that doesnt need it.

On a slightly related note i heard a while ago that there were more Jews leaving Israel than others going to live there due to their distaste of the current regime.

Its also worth remembering that there are also Jews that are living in Israel in poverty.

Tony Blair says that an immediate ceasefire is possible if the supply of arms into the Gaza Strip are cut off.Surely it makes sense to apply the same logic to Israel as well ? It is a little more difficult to apply because Israel has a huge arms industry, not just manufacturing but also the development of them and no one it seems wants to address this issue.

So here we are back to the same old story of one law for one and a different law for another which is counterproductive and so on and on it goes.

However Mr Blair is saying that a recognised sovereign state of Israel is the only solution plus an immediate improvement to the living conditions of the Palestinians.Hamas who are a democratically elected political party will not renounce violence until Israel does the same.

Israel are just pissed that they dont have a large stretch of coastline of the mediterranean and the Palestinians do not to mention their warped Judeo-Christian religious philosophy that requires them to cleanse the land that they occupy through bloodshed.This is their main reason and justification for their behaviour.

I still cannot get over the fact that the Palestinians/Hamas in Gaza are described as "Militants" yet Israels military are described as "Forces" and not "militants".

Its a contrdiction of terms really and i detect a slant here that is saying that Israel is a legitimate force and the Palestinians/Hamas arent.

As an aside i have been informed that Tony Blair is to be awarded the Presidential Award of Freedom by George Bush which is the highest award that can be given to a civilian.

Fuckers they are.

I wasnt aware that you won medals and accollades for lying and starting illegal wars and occupations and for finishing George Herbert Walkers Bushs dirty business.

I wonder where Saddam Hussein is now ??

I ask because i have reason to believe that Saddam Hussein has not been hung or executed and is living in exile somewhere.............

[A lookalike was hung and even that is debatable because the whole hanging scenario was a farce and totally unconvincing.I am pretty sure that his sons including Uday were captured and executed.That WAS NOT Saddam Hussein who crawled out of that rabbit hole.


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