Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The effects of White Phosphorous :

I was going to post pictures [from Gaza] of the effects of this substance upon civilians but i thought better of it .You have to see it to believe .Its not for those of a delicate disposition.Luckily i am not of a delicate disposition regarding that sort of thing.

White Phosphorous is a chemical weapon and its use is banned yet it is being used in heavily populated areas that compose mostly of civilians.

This is Sick and its going to harm UK/US relations far more than Iraq ever will.

The UN "urges" Israel to stop the offensive but it doesnt warn them to stop and neither does anyone else.They arent going to and dont have to listen to the UN and NO ONE in the West is going to threaten Israel in any way at all.So this can only end in one way and Olmert wishes to continue.Israel will bomb them into submission while the west sat by and did nothing.

This is going to breed hatred but Israel doesnt mind at all.

Not so much as fanning the flames of extremism but more like throwing gasoline over them with the inevitable consequences of more attacks on the west leading to god knows what.

Now referring back to just prior to the US elections Senator Joe Biden [same party not opposition and many others] spoke of an unspecified or unknown event that was likely to happen from approx second week of January or a short while after the inaugeration of Obama when he will "Be tested..." or something like that.They all seemed to be very certain about this which was news to me [pretending to be naive] as i always thought that things just happened.

Extraordinary comments and i have no exact idea what they mean.It could be bullshit or are events booked up in advance ? A lot of evidence says yes and if you take the comments literally then thats what they mean .

Without having the exact details of the event in question you could be forgiven for drawing your own conclusions and thinking that if it did happen it may have something to do with Israel and the conflict in Gaza.Either it will be a result of the political fallout and attacks from Arab/Muslim extremists or something executed and planned by Mossad.

I have finally washed my hands completely of mainstream politicians apart from those who are in a minority who have spoken out.

The rest of them can go to Hell and its like i was saying.

Oh and by the way Bush never tried anything on to steal the elections or anything else because changes oof power are usually pre arranged by the powers that be behind the scenes by mutual agreement.The election which like i said earlier was really a forgone conclusion partly because of the campaign and partly because those in the background like Brerzinski were already in position and making changes to military spending.Us foreign policy WILL NOT CHANGE under Obama.

Obama is already marked because of Rascists and Nutters etc but if he doesnt defend the Palestinians he will lose all of the respect and loyalties that he has with the Arabs as they will feel betrayed.

Its a dangerous game.

The Secret Service have their work cut out for them.

Bush and co have made their billions out of Iraq and will continue to do so even out of office.

Bush and the rest of them will be marked for the rest of their lives and will live in fear of their lives.They will all have contracts out on their lives and its just a case of who gets to them first.Unfortunately there are those much higher up the food chain than them who will get away with it just like they always do.

Bush is off to South America apparently as Texas is too close to home for when the shit hits the fan in the US as it surely will and then the Hamsters will get very angry and unpleasent.Bush is and will be set up as a scapegoat for everything as he is stupid and the perfect fall guy.The rest of them will go to ground and go into hiding as well.Its impossible for them to disappear unless they change their appearence which they wont as they are all too old.Bush does have Blackwater security to back up his personal security when he leaves office.

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