Thursday, 8 January 2009


Rumor has it that the latest offensive/wave of aggression courtesy of Israel is because they are unsure of where they stand because of the political affiliations of Obama [Muslims,alleged terrorists,Arabs not to mention the oppressed in general] and the changeover to the Democrats although as far as i know little will change regarding foreign policy plus the strong pro Israel /Zioinist/dual nationality Israelis within his cabinet not to mention the power and influence of the Israel/Zionist lobby who own US politics and who owned the Neocons.

Israel are striking now before the changeover because they fear that the Obama administration will be more pro Palestinian than the Neocons are/were and therefore more likely to be less tolerant of Israels aggression and more likely to rein them in .

Personally i think this is unlikely but time will tell but Obama is caught between the two and its a case of divided loyalties and if so Obama will more likely be pro Israel but if in the instance he isnt then he will need to increase his personal security massively as he will be in the firing line and if Mossad want to get to him then they will regardless of the security as Mossad are second to none when it comes to this sort of thing.

If he wants to live he will side with Israel and the chances are he knows this already.

Any politician who tries to abolish the Federal Reserve will get shot/asassinated like Kennedy.

If someone pops Obama then Joe Biden [a committed Zionist] will take over or possibly Hillary Clinton.They all know the score.

I think the Israelis want this over with very soon unless it escalates but thats unlikely because conflicts with Israel never seem to last very long.

Its also worth remembering that Hamas are not a very pleasent organisation when dealing with members of the opposition parties and they are far from being perfect or even a reputable political force but they pale in comparison to Israel and its terrorist activities regarding the US and Mossad.

Israel has been patient and has been subject to a sustained bombing campaign but the effects of that have been minimal.

Israel is using depleted Uranium ordnance which is a bit dumb because the prevailing winds are blowing the dust and fallout back into Israel.

Israel is trying to push the Palestinians out because they want the land to complete the process of cleansing it [that region] and to develop it and build a resort like an Israeli Las Vegas.They want to complete their ownership of the coastline which is occupied by the Gaza Strip so that the remaining territories that are Palestinian controlled are completely surrounded by Israeli territory and land locked so that they can cut off all supplies of arms etc to the Palestinians and eventually drive them out completely because the Palestinians will be effectively under siege by Israelis on all sides.

Personally it would be a lot simpler to let them have half each by drawing a line across it from the coastline halfway down across to Jordan .

There are oil/gas reserves off the coast in the Mediterranean apparently and the Israelis dont want to share it with Palestinians.

Thats as much as i know.

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