Friday, 30 January 2009

Liberals :

Take a look at this gross ugly POS [looks like a Pig] who is a city counciller in Los Angeles who because of new Liberal - health fascist - Nanny State laws smoking IN ONES OWN HOME is now illegal !!! and she is attempting to stop a 72 year old woman who left Germany 40 yrs ago from doing so.

She looks overweight herself.

Heres a link for the video

"She will HAVE to go outside and smoke like everyone else does..."

You might say its fair enough a she smokes 40 a day and they stink but this is the thin end of a wedge and make NO mistake about it.

Liberals in the US and the UK dont respect the fact that your home is your castle.

I do though and the Brownite Fucktard Jack Straw has relaxed the laws concerning bailiffs by giving them more rights of access.

Its not a coincidence is it ? in this climate that they will potentially cause misery to millions who are stuck in this economic climate with NO cash ? therefore opening the floodgates to criminals who can walk in and just take what they want as the vast majority of people wont be able to physically eject them from the premises.

I wouldnt mind ejecting them for them and its going to get to a point where you have to take the law into your hands and do whats right.

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