Friday, 30 January 2009


I am pissed at Royal Mail .I am Fucking sick and tired of playing a Lottery with them.

Will i get the package that was original artwork that i paid for from Ebay that i have STILL HAVENT GOT YET !! through my letterbox ??

Will i ??

Wont I ??

Will I ??

Wont I ??

I know the seller already and they sent it alright.

All because it wasnt sent by recorded delivery which it should have been .My fault for being complacent.This isnt the first time either.More like the 5th.5 different packages "lost"/5 different sellers over 1.5yrs.

It cant be traced now as its gone for good but if i could find whoever is responsible for it not being here and i strongly suspect dishonesty here or sloppiness which is what i call "The Human Factor" then the way i feel right now I may not be responsible for my actions.

Fucking Shit load of useless fucking cunts.

EVERYTHING gets sent by recorded delivery from now on because i am Fucking sick of this Shit.

I literally had a feeling this would happen.

Patience at an end.

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