Friday, 30 January 2009

Expensive charity shop :

My local charity shop has increased the price of its secondhand vinyl by up to 10 times.All vinyl was all 50p regardless and now some cleverdick who thinks that they know about vinyl is sticking 5 quid on some of them which is too much.I know they need money but they do get greedy for cash and scratched vinyl isnt worth a fiver.

Yes they need the money but this particular shop throws away vast amounts of the items that they are given because for some reason they are unsaleable.

I cant work it out as there is nothing wrong with any of it and i have fished around in it before and got loads of stuff out of it.

Why dont they sell this stuff off at 50p/£1 an item ?? instead of throwing it away ??

Stick it outside in boxes and say help yourself or donate.

Very wasteful.

Someone would like it or make use of it.I know i have done.

Charity shops are supposed to sell Tat and bric a brac.

Someone with little or no money might appreciate some old beaten up pots and pans or old scruffy books or anything.

This is a Marie Curie shop who do this.

I cant stand waste.Its one of my pet hates.


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