Saturday, 17 January 2009


Tony Blair ,Gordon Brown ,Barak Obama have a philosophy that Palestinians should accept whatever deal they are offered by Israel and the West because they are Palestinians and are therefore third rate so they are only fit for Israels leftovers and are in NO position to make demands.They will let Israel do whatever it likes.

I havent heard much from that Cowardy Spineless POS Brown apart from a mumbled stock reply of condemnation for bombing the UN.I havent heard much from any mainstream politician.

America is arming Israel with hundreds of containers of arms including chemical weapons by the end of January.This shipment = 325 20ft containers.The previous shipment back in december was for 989 20 foot containers.Most probably nearly all used up by now.

Yet Hamas have to disarm ??

NO slant towards Israel of course.

50% of the population of Gaza are below the age of 14.

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