Thursday, 1 January 2009

More deflation in the UKplease :

Its about fucking time really.everyone has been paying well over the odds for EVERYTHING in the UK for far too long.The most expensive country in the UK nearly due to overpriced goods and excessive taxation that is imposed on its people.

Good news isnt it ?

Its not for nothing that the govt dont want a cycle of deflation as they will lose out on all that tax money they collect year in year out.

Everyone wants lower priced goods particularly in a recession and whats the alternative ?? More expensive goods that no one can afford ??

The problem with this fuckTard govt and its economic policies is that they want to have their cake and eat it and i believe that this govt wants the pound to decrease in value so that the UK adopts the Euro and they have been trying all sorts of tricks to let the pound decrease in value.

So why is deflation such a horror story ?

Its actually sound economic sense at the moment to enter a cycle of deflation because its the only way to keep everyone spending provided there is an all round drop in value of goods and services.Selling goods for less has to be a better alternative to selling goods that are too expensive that no one can afford.Its a recession so everyone has to face facts and accept that they will make less money than before but thats preferable to making no money at all.

Deflation combined with low interest rates is a good thing and anyway we have had low interest rates for over a decade as previously outlined here.

Really whats the problem here ?? The government makes less money for a year or two and collects less taxes ??

Oh dear my heart bleeds for them.

You CANNOT enter into a recession and expect to makes as much money ,collect as much taxes as you did during a period of economic growth.It is IMPOSSIBLE to expect to do that.

This govt thinks that inflation is the way to fight a recession with potentially disasterous consequences.


EVERY SINGLE TIME a govt when it has been faced with economic downturn adopts inflationary monetary policy it ends in DISASTER and ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.Read your history books.Italy ,Germany ,Zimbabwe etc etc.Making LESS profit from investments and goods sold has to be a better alternative to making NO money and collapsing/debasing a currency doesnt it ?

A period of deflation along with a reduction in the cost of goods is the most painless way of riding out a recession.Notice how high St shops have already adopted this policy themselves without asking the GOVT if they can do it.Its normal business practice and this country doesnt operate communist/soviet style price fixing.

Prices go up and down so tough shit.

I have reduced my professional rates of pay to compensate.Obviously i wouldnt choose to do this [and will try to avoid it] but you have to face reality in order to survive and as long as the cycle of deflation continues then in theory i am still no worse off because everyone else has cut the cost of goods while at the same time the pound doesnt keep dropping against the Euro ,Dollar etc which is what is happening at present so in reality i am no worse off.

This Govt runs the economy as if it is a chimps tea party but its a deliberate policy of theirs to trash the UK economically and politically prior to its full assimilation into the EU

And really so what if the official rate of interest is 0%

So what ??

Its not as if the bank is going to pass that rate of interest onto anyone who takes out a mortgage or loan.Banks can set their own interest rates and they wont loan out at 0% anyway.

Deflation discourages investment [apparently] but so does a recession but really recessions are a very good time for investment providing you have a clue

[I think that the Govt because they are Libtards get confused about economics because giving them money is like giving it to chimps wheras with right wing Govts they dislike inflation as they actually understand economics.Libtards have caused this mess anyway so enough said.Everything back to front with a LIbtard]

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