Friday, 23 January 2009

Here we go:

Obama pledges to cut the CO2 emmissions of the US by 80 percent !! and collapse the economy even more but create millions of green "jobs".

Participation is mandatory.

"Lets make things better again - Obama will heal the world -

Lets make things green again - Obama will heal the world -

Lets make things great again - Obama will save the world -

Lets spread freedom and happiness and poverty.

We are going to work together and unite and follow our great leader and implement the great 4 year plan.

Heating the home is now illegal.

If you see or hear anything suspicious report it to your nearest community project leader.

Where does this idiot plan on getting a GDP from ??

Where will the cash come from in a *depression* to fund the internal security green Brownshirt stasi force ??

Abolish the constitution and make him the great leader for life.

Sounds like a plan to get a country out of a depression doesnt it ?

The US will get no foreign investment either.

Who wants to invest in green Socialism ??

Bad investment as it will only result in failure.


  1. You don't seem to have many comments or visitors here to your blog. Do you think in some respects you are simply talking to yourself?

  2. No not really because i know it gets read.

    I am writing.I just put my thoughts and opinions across and if i dont get comments i dont mind.