Thursday, 15 January 2009

Lily Allen :

Whats so good about her ?

Average non descript talent.She sings [a bit] and is totally shallow.

What has Keith Allen ever done ? The only worthwhile thing he has done was The Yob [the comic strip presents] otherwise he is just a chancer.

So what ??

"All my friends take Cocaine and go to work and its no big deal and its not a problem !" or something like that.

Boring.Cocaine is the most boring drug in the world and i cant stand the type of people that take it.If they werent so shallow and inadequate with a defecit of personality and character then they wouldnt need to shove Shit up their noses anytime they can.

Cant stand her at all.The epitome of Myspace culture.

"I want to be shallow - I want lots of friends - i want lots of clothes - I would love to be pretty - I want lots of love and i want to be funny - i want lots of shoes - i would like to have money - I want to have brains - I want to have talent - I want to write songs but my music's all Bollox...."

Myspace kills music.

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