Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Todays new comments from Gordon Brown:

I need to do more research and get the exact comments word for word but i did hear today that GB knew that the exact scenario that we are witnessing right now was always going to happen.There is another enlightening comment that i just cant think of right now but it will come back.

He has also been plugging his dream of a NWO economic system again !!

"We must sieze the opportunity to blah blah blah...".

He will start dribbling and foaming at the mouth sooner or later.

Typical Liberal.As stubborn as a Mule and just as stupid.

Where is the opposition to all this in the "New" Labour party ?

There isnt any as they are a hive mind organisation and Gordon Brown has cross party support apparently.

Back for more later.

Yes lets carry on with the same failed economic/political model or we wont see a new global economic system unless we collapse this one first and then play by their rules that they *impose*.

How about *concentrating* on this country just for once and looking after its best interests ??

Never mind what is happening over there.

I quote Gordon Brown [the new Internationalist]:

"We face a choice. We could [should] allow this crisis to start a retreat from globalisation.

It will be like turning around a supertanker
George Osborne, Conservatives

"As some want, we could close our markets - for capital, financial services, trade and for labour - and therefore reduce the risks of globalisation.

"But that would reduce global growth, deny us the benefits of global trade and confine millions to global poverty.

"Or we could view the threats and challenges we face today as the difficult birth-pangs of a new global order - and our task now as nothing less than making the transition through a new internationalism to the benefits of an expanding global society - not muddling through as pessimists but making the necessary adjustment to a better future and setting the new rules for this new global order."


He said: "As the downturn spreads across the world, we are, for the first time, seeing cross border flows growing more slowly than domestic flows. And we are seeing banks favouring domestic lending over foreign lending.

"This is a trend which must be halted if we are to avoid the risk of a damaging worldwide spiral of deleveraging and deglobalisation - with adverse consequences for all economies."

If these are the difficult birth pangs of a new global order then you can be sure that when the baby finally drops then it will be agonising.What will happen if the birth of the baby has to be induced ?

I dont even want to think about it.

It sounds like the baby should have been aborted much much earlier on but its never too late.

If you apply the rule of reversing the politician globalist speak then this could mean that globalisation is going to be scrapped.

Lets hope so as its globalisation that is partly to blame for this mess.

"A better future" translated or reversed means a worse future.

The cause of the problem claims to be the solution providing that he gets to choose the solution that furthers the agenda.

"And we are seeing banks favouring domestic lending instead of foreign.." !!!

FFS !!

Thats what we want isnt it ??

Banks lending to UK based business to help their cashflow or even start them is a bad idea ??

If he hadnt just given the money away to banks without conditions and constraints then half of this fucking mess wouldnt be happening now.

Whats the point of a UK bank lending to SE Asia in a recession for example ??

What is the fucking point of that in a recession ??

Invest in the UK and buy British you dumb fucking idiot !!

"cross border flows growing more slowly..."

Just call it overseas/foreign investment.Stupid jargon.To or from.

Who wants to invest in the UK with this fucking idiot running things ??

Foreign investment into the US has fallen since the elections.Not just because of a downturn but because of Obama.

Lets have some of that and keep some of our money in this country and keep investment in the UK just for once.

Over half of the US bailout cash has already gone overseas already !!


Globalism doesnt stop poverty.It just moves it around.There is poverty [mass foreclosures on homes because of loss of employment that went overseas] in the US because of Globalism.

Tent cities in the US en masse !!

This is the fucking idiot that gets someone who was in secure employment in the UK for a financial services company ,a bank ,or a credit card company ,to train a foreign worker [an Indian in this case] to do their job and then promptly move that job overseas resulting in unemployment for the UK? employee.

Well that really does make sound economic and business sense doesnt it ?

Thats really great for the UK.

Thats Globalism or an aspect of it.

The UK is already bust.

How can this incompetent , obsessed Moron run the UK when he is more interested in creating a NWO ??

Still lets not be "Pessimists".

Lets be one NWO Global economic happy family with one bank and a single currency.

That will save everything apparently.

If the UK and the US are already in recession then what is the point in investing overseas like Asia for example when they are making the bits of plastic that we buy to keep them in jobs [and make them [overseas companies] LOADS of cash] while still paying more or as much as they would cost if they were made in the US or the EU despite the fact that the labour force who made this computer i type on in Asia for a subsistence/slave wage when if there is no investment here !! that means we cant buy their fucking bits of plastic because there are no jobs here because the Govt/globalists have fucked the economic system and the whole thing collapses !!

Its globalism that sent all those jobs overseas in the first place.

Its no use investing in them unless we are invested in first as we put the [scraps of] food on their plate.

Lets create a credit bubble and sit by and do nothing and even actively encourage even more of it and sit by and do nothing even more and then sit back and wait for it to pop and then say we didnt know it was going to happen as it all happened so suddenly OVER THERE and because of GLOBALISM and INVESTMENT OVERSEAS !! it affects the UK as well in just the same way.

We clear the WW11 debt with the US in 2006 so what do the US do and the stupid [W]Bankers/govt here go and do ??

Buy more debt from the US and stocks in poorly regulated Investment/Ponzi houses !! etc etc[foreign investment/globalism] instead of keeping the now freed up cash in THIS country instead of OVERSEAS therefore stopping the UK/US economy becoming as interlinked as they are now because of OVERSEAS INVESTMENT !! which means that if they fall we fall and if we fall everyone elses falls because of GLOBALISATION !!

So you cant invest OVER THERE before investing HERE to create the wealth to invest THERE.

They cant buy the goods they produce OVER THERE because they cant afford them or at least the workers cant so overseas investment right now is pointless.

Chinese workers are already facing unemployment en masse and are being sent home packing.

How has Globalism improved the lot of the average Asian worker apart from all of them leaving the land like another industrial revolution and working endless hours in factories with NO employment rights for a pittance ??

I would prefer to live off the land or hunt and gather.

Thats Globalism.

We put Asia where they are today and without us they would not have succeeded economically and if we stop buying then they all go back to subsistence farming.

The Globalists have done Fuck All to improve the lot of the worlds poor.

They dont give a FUCK.

Fuck it .

Globalism is an ill conceived disaster waiting to happen.

I have yet to hear a convincing argument for Globalism.

All those G20 cockroaches will be having another of their "summits" in /april that will be held behind closed doors.

Create unemployment here and impose it on an already debt ridden economy and you have economic slavery.

ANY chance of the people being bailed out ??

Can the Bank of England bail us out from "New" Labour and Gordon Brown and the rest of the Brownite Fucktards ??

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