Saturday, 3 January 2009

Northeners are more friendly :

I notice it every time i am up here and its like a slap in the face every time.Outside the pub i was having a roll up and before i know i am in conversation with 2 ex military [infantry] guys and a girlfriend of one of them and we are going through the whole Iraq/Afghanistan [where they had both completed tours of duty] scenario and its right and wrongs etc etc.What i noticed more than anything was how these guys were totally un-judgemental about myself and how i talk and what i look like [and vice versa]and we just got down to business and had a very interesting chat and really these guys deserve the utmost respect for what they do.They come from tough backgrounds and they tell it like it is and the fact that the vast majority of ignorant morons in this country dont support the military really does wind me up BIT as the average Moron in the UK doesnt treat them with any respect.

What would the average ungrateful POS Trash be thinking if this country was invaded ??

Thats right all of a sudden they would be expecting the UK forces to protect their useless , worthless , waste of space ungrateful selves from whatever.

These guys actually get physical and verbal abuse from the POS UK public so i make sure that they have my support whatever the rights and wrongs of the politics like Iraq and really the way they are treated by the public is shameful.

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