Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I have just read one of the funniest ever comments i have ever read on a forum EVER.

Someone said that if they Google their own web content then they still get their own web content as a search result instead of someone elses identical web page/content that is listed online under a different name [therefore a different search result].

Its got something to do with Googles very intelligent search engine apparently.Its able to recognise particular patterns of letters that form recognisable words that form names,sentences,whatever really that match the words or letters that you have typed in and clicked on a search for Google to search especially for you.

This isnt coincidental .

Its deliberate.

"If i Google search my list of titles that are indexed MY list still comes up and yours doesnt !!"

Of course it does.Thats because you typed it in you Fucking Idiot.

Type the other list in as a different search and that will appear as a search result.

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