Thursday, 22 January 2009


Dont think for one second that conservatives will take us out of the EU or propose a referendum on the |Lisbon Treaty or stop the UK from paying cash it hasnt got on EU subsidies because IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

There will be a change in economic policy though and they are usually better at it but far from perfect.

There is NO other difference between the 2 parties anymore.

The same with Lib/Dems.Token "Third Way" wishy washy liberal "we will do anything and go with the flow to get the votes" pro EU party that will replace the disgraced "New" labour party.


David Cameron is yet another pro EU mole and look who we have here .....Ken Clarke who is also heavily pro EU and who is fresh out of being primed to take over [next chancellor] from attending last years Bilderberg meeting.Bilderberg meetings take place under Chatham House rules as do Common Purpose meetings.

So what we have here is NO change and thats the way its meant to be.

Just the way YOU like it .

Elections are pointless unless independent candidates stand .

Welcome to the post - democratic era.

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