Monday, 19 January 2009

Anonymous Spammers:

You keep commenting and i will keep deleting.
[I dont usually talk to garbage]
You might feel clever posting your shit abusive comments because you know that there isnt much i can do apart from that but i fucking guarantee you one thing and that is if you were standing in front of me no matter how many of you there are you wouldnt be mouthing off like you are doing and that is absolute guaranteed FACT and i would be laughing at the shower of inadequate POS standing in front of me.

Anonymous.Thats what you are and thats what you always will be so enjoy.

"I wonder who anonymous is ?" - "Who cares - probably the usual trash you get everywhere on the internet.."

Its like being infested with Cockroaches.

Council Estates:You comment that i come from or live on a council estate as if its a term of abuse.The fact is i dont and never have and i have lived in places that you can only dream about and it was fucking great.I had it all and enjoyed it but you wouldnt know what thats like would you ?

Working and benefits:The fact is i have worked hard for 20 years and i dont even know what the inside of a dole office looks like and thats why i am getting somewhere in life and you are most probably not.

As for the rest you are nothing and i am someone .Your posts say it all and show only too well the kind of 3rd rate illiterate, illeducated losers and garbage that you show yourselves up to be.

This is why there is a rubbish bin in the lower right corner of each comment posted.Its not there for nothing.

You sound angry and bitter and frustrated so what is it like ? I only ask because i have NO idea what it must feel like being yourself and how it must feel each day when you get up to continue your pointless worthless existence.I bet the future is really bright for you.You might as well kill yourself now and end the suffering.

Transferring your hopeless inadequacy onto me wont get you anywhere.

Like i say keep commenting and i keep dumping you in the trash where you belong.

The irony of Losers and cowards who post abusive SPAM on someone elses webspace and then call myself a loser.You wouldnt have thought of that yourself .I wouldnt give you that much credit.

Are you all from a background of abuse ? It seems that way to me as you all keep coming back again for more.

You all sound like Chavs to me.None of you can even swear properly.You abbreviate your English and post in text speak so i know what you are alright.Learn to speak and write correct English instead of illiterate drivel.You definately sound thick .No question about it and thats why you are who you are and its the reason why you are where you are today.People who are thick usually dont realise it so i hope you dont mind me pointing it out.

Go to Youtube where you belong.

Whos next for a kicking ? Theres always some dumb idiot who doesnt know whats good for them.


  1. Of course, this isn't bothering you at all is it?

    Do you realise how many people are laughing at you?

    Not just nobody's on The Net, but people who live near you and know who you are.

    This is gonna be so much fun when we out you..

    Keep deleting idiot!

  2. Read the above post and in the meantime instead of making idle threats fucking do something.

    "People who live near me and know who you are... ..."

    Nobodys who live near me.I am out and about every day so try anything you like .

    Get on with it.

    Less talk - more action .

    If what you are saying is true and you do know who i am and where i live if i see you and again no matter how many of you there are i will not hesitiate to put you down and incapacitate you right there and then and make no mistake about it i can back that one up.

  3. There is also a trail that you have left courtesy of your IP address that you use to post here that leads straight back to where you are right now.

  4. As you will be deleting our comments like the shithouse that you are, you will be making yourself sound convincing to whoever may be reading your posts. How will others judge you?
    Easy, they will se you as not having the guts to leave those posts by us up, thereby giving the reader the chance to judge.

    It's all about you isn't it?

    No worries. All your drivel has been backed up and will appear on a special website dedicated to you. Unlike you, we have knowledge of SEO techniques that will put us if not at the top of google rankings, then very near to it. Giving us all the exposure we need to give you all the exposure you want,but haven't got the intelligence to get.

    Keep watching wolfy.

  5. ps. You're quite selective in what you want people to see aren't you, coward?