Sunday, 4 January 2009

Families are a blessing and a CURSE :

Theres no question about this and its probably the same with everyone but really its just one big disapointment to me how certain people NEVER change and NEVER learn how to STFU and say nothing and keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves JUST FOR ONCE ! .They never never ever learn and learn to exercise some self control and think JUST FOR ONCE and keep their fucking mouth shut therefore preventing stupid rows from happening as its pointless."I dont like this, thats stupid ,thats wrong and so on".They need to learn that others are sensitive and have feelings and that sometimes just sometimes its better to say nothing.I have had to **LEARN** to do this the hard way but i am a 41 year old late developer who has **LEARNT** to keep his mouth shut and let others do and say what they wish as it really doesnt matter so i cannot express in words how disappointed and saddened i am that a 71 yr old WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER shows NO indication of learning by the error of his ways and relapses back into the same repetitive behaviour pattern.

I was lulled into a false sense of security that they had changed.

I have changed.Anyone can change if they want to.

This person brings up the subject of money.STFU about money !!! S0 what ?? Theres more to life than money and using how much they have or dont have as a way of scoring points to the exent that nothing else matters.What about peace ,love and understanding and empathy and respect for others just for starters ??

STFU about money already.

If its trivial then its not worth arguing about when you consider everything else that is happening all around.

Pathetic so in the meantime fuck off and go and eat out for lunch on your own and while you are at it think of all the money you will have saved by not having to pay for mine.

Some people never ever change and NEVER learn and its as idiotic as someone who doesnt realise that if they keep hitting their finger with a hammer its going to hurt over and over again.

So why keep doing it ??

Heres how you change if you are doing something that pisses someone else off :


It would also help if people stopped transferring their own personal bullshit baggage and bullshit onto others as if they are a sponge who soaks it all up.Its their problem and not mine.If they want to talk about it or be counselled then i am only too happy to listen and offer advice but i WILL NOT TOLERATE irrational stupid behaviour from anyone because i cant stand selfish behaviour and emotional immaturity.

They need to get a grip on themselves before its too late and they ruin it for everyone concerned.

Its really pathetic that a son has to shout at his father.

And now they are back home again its lets sweep it under the carpet/pretend it didnt happen time again so really nothing gets resolved.the way i feel right now i could just pack up and hitch a lift home back down the M6 from Knutsford services which is quite close as i cant travel by train for 3 more days as i can only travel back on a designated train [cheap ticket] unless i fare dodge virgin trains or waste more money on train tickets.I think they are going to piss off and live in South Africa for a while so good luck to them and good riddance since they are not remotely interested in anything i say or do then 2 can play that game.

Like i said you cant choose them and if they read this then perhaps they might learn something.

I can recommend a very good book on emotional intelligence.


  1. You really need some medication and security Mr, or whatever you are. You shouldn't be out and about in this condition. Go see your GP!

  2. Saying someone needs medication is a tired and worn cliche but we all do it dont we ?I do actually need to see a GP to get medication for an ear condition [that wont go away] and i have been putting it off for a while so thanks for the prompt.Its a shame i cant get it over the counter as i have diagnosed it myself and the condition is easily treated with a course of eardrops that are a type of anti-histamine that are harmless.

  3. As for being allowed out and about the condition is non contagious as its caused by over chlorinated water in a pool and its an allergic reaction and allergies are not contagious.

  4. My God, if all this person can say is futile comments like "you shouldn't be out and about in this condition" then get a fucking life. If you are going to make retords with regard to Mr Wolf's comments then make them at least witty and clever. The world is full of crashing bores and this individual is clearly one of them.