Saturday, 10 January 2009

Anonymous Spammers:

Heres a post that you can comment on and tell everyone a little bit about yourself as so far you have contributed NOTHING except a lot of Bollox of which NONE of it relates in any way to the topics in question.You talk a lot but you dont really say anything.

So fire away........

Who are you and why should i care ?

Everyone is watching and waiting......

Cue insult - abuse - insult - abuse - insult - abuse..............

[The more you insult the less credibility you have]

Talk is cheap when you are typing in front of a PC isnt it? and i am already breaking my own rules by replying to you but i sort of enjoy it really despite the fact that it isnt really fair game so perhaps i do actually need to grow up a bit instead of replying to your lame juvenile comments.If you are an inadequate or have problems with low self esteem and frustration then i might be able to help you or refer you to someone else that can .

I might do it for nothing because i feel a bit sorry for you as it must be tough being as low down the food chain as you are.

Think "I am not a worthless waste of space and oxygen - I am someone who can make a difference and make a contribution"

Say this out loud or think it silently like a mantra.You will receive what you give out and its the secret to a happy rewarding and fulfilling life.You are not pissing me off but i would find it surprising if you havent pissed anyone else off with your attitude.Having a pop at others that you dont know is a sign of deep personal insecurities and lack of self fulfilment.Be less judgemental of others and instead get to work on yourself and your own back yard.

As for your concerns about my mental health etc or needing to be medicated then i am all clear and my temper is something that runs in the family to a certain extent and there isnt any need for medication and sometimes we argue and fight but we always kiss and make up as its routine and my mother is very tolerant and so am i which is why i am being very tolerant of yourself.Its not a concern of yours to be honest.

Anyway never mind all that what are your thoughts on the conflict in Israel / Palestine ??

How would you feel if you were living there [in the Gaza Strip] and the Israelis were leaflet dropping from the sky telling you that their hostilities are going to increase ??

This post also gets archived too so you can archive this in your own little file on your PC because the material here is non copyrighted and i have no objection to anyone storing any on files etc because i could sit here and write all day with no effort on my part and if my opinion or posts annoy you then it means i am doing something right especially if i have attracted my own personal Troll.

In the meantime have fun but remember that i can and will bite.Not because i am annoyed but because i enjoy it like a Cat enjoys playing with a Mouse.

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