Thursday, 22 January 2009


This economic crisis is a SCAM.

There is NO need for taxpayers to bail out banks as it was computerised money that was never backed by real assets of any kind.

These banks should be made to go under or get taken over and troubleshooted like any failing business or wipe the slate clean.

Vodafone were writing off 6 to 10 billion a year in losses without running to the govt for help and bailouts.This happens all the time with large companies but all of a sudden its save the banks -save the banks-save the banks as if we cant survive without the parasites feeding off us the whole time.

Whats the big deal about not doing an asset write down of the banks ??

This is a scam that has been perpetrated on us by the elites and bankers etc to turn us all into little serfs who will be in debt to them forever.

Print the worthless cash but stick it on the taxpayer because they wont admit the scam that the cash doesnt come out of the economy and balance sheets but out of thin air or a computer screen.

Create debt out of thin air while giving away the worthless cash with no clue as to where it is going to and into whose pocket.

Debt keeps YOU right where they want YOU.

The Rats are jumping ship and bailing out [and being baled out] and feathering their own nests and its all the finest champagne etc where they are celebrating.

Wake up docile little Sheep and start getting annoyed .

NO pointless stupid rioting though Thank You .

Rioting is for MORONS.

Dont be a victim all your life.

The Fuckers will pay for this.

Globalist Hegelian Dialectic plays itself out while you all dance to its tune oblivious.

Worldwide Ponzi scam.

Biggest ever.

WHY should WE go through all of this for NOTHING ????

Multi-generational debt/tax slavery.

Get rid of all of the Global Warming Scam / UN globalist crackpot cult members who want to drive countries into obscurity to stop development and progress so they can keep you down and collect taxes from you until everything is taxed out of existence and unaffordable.

Not many bailouts in Europe and they dont seem to be following insane inflationary policy.

Collapse the two main economic /military superpowers .Destroy their influence and economic power and bring them in line with Europe to form one economic bloc ??

Or assimilate the UK into Europe [if only Hitler was still alive....Not that it matters as his biological offspring [singular] is doing her bit for German Imperialism.

"I love to listen to Wagner when i type...]

The Ride of the ValkEUyries...

Nafta will happen with the US, Canada and Mexico and they will be aligned with the EU Bloc.

Russia will not participate but the EU and the US [Nafta] will try their hardest to make them.

Ips and 2ps are not even made of copper alloy anymore as they are made of some sort of substandard cheap iron with a sort of spray on copper plate and when they are buried or submerged they corrode and disintegrate in no time at all.

This is good because they will drive detector users mad like ringpulls otherwise.Cancel out Iron.

This has been going on since 1993 while the copper is slowly taken out of circulation.

Not happy with the new designs of UK currency that only shows little bits of the heraldry etc with no regional references and the omission of Britannia for the first time ever.

Another small part of the slow , stealthy and insidious destruction of the UK.

The Queen is in on it all as well but i might have to still be proved wrong about this.

If it all fucks up i have had a half decent time of it and cant complain then whatever but i prefer self determination rather than living someone elses idea of the future that they have mapped out.

Good night everyone.

Sleep well and remember that this nightmare will stop as soon as you wake up and say enough is enough .

Its decision time.

No one has to take this crap.

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