Thursday, 15 January 2009

George Monbiot:

He is OK and i do read his Blog and articles but i just wish he would stop rabbitting on about "Runaway climate change" and Carbon Emissions as its unfounded spurious nonsense and really he ought to know better.

Dont believe the hype.

What about Solar Activity ? The giver of life ? plus the fact that Solar activity is currently at an all time low [in recent times anyway] regarding sun spot activity yet you hear hardly anything about it.

Bollocks to social control/engineering via the UN/rothschilds and various other very very very rich "Philanthropists" as they like to call themselves [surely a contradiction of terms] disguised as enviromental alarmism.

Fuck them all.

Al Gore is a stooge.

[A philanthropist" I:E the Rothschilds etc etc are people who think that by virtue of being extremely rich and powerful and influential think that this gives them the right to play god as it were and decide who lives and dies in the future and what kind of population control measures they can implement via the UN and other organisations that they fund.They think that they own the planet.]

I know what lets take out the Trash and Garbage like them and improve the planet.Get rid of the parasites that feed off death and misery and destruction.

We are the host body and they feed off everyone.

What i wouldnt give for 5 minutes alone with that Beardy junior Rothschild MF who fronted Live 8.

Where the FUCK is the "Global Warming" that i was promised here god knows fucking when ??

I am fucking sick of having to pay for fucking heating and shivering and having to wear more layers of clothes and hats and living in a shit climate for 10.5 months of the year so give me some fucking "global warming" or shut the fuck up.

The credible opinion about this matter plus credible evidence is suggesting that we are going into a cooling period and perhaps another Ice Age but theres NO money in that as taxes and social engineering wont stop an Ice Age.

Its fucking Liberals and Communitarians/Globalists etc etc who are pushing all this Bollox.

You have ALL been scammed.

"Turn off that AGA at once !!!" Why dont you turn off your fucking mouth you hypocritical whining bleating Fascistic gullible little MFs.


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