Sunday, 4 January 2009

Government/EU allow police to remote hack PCs:

This has been proposed by the EU Autocrats and has since been [quietly] adopted by the Home Office .This is all very typical of left wing control freaks .

2 solutions :

1:Buy a MAC [LINUX programming resists this kind of nonsense]

2:Unplug your PC from its connection to the internet when you are not using it .Also get rid of Microsoft IE and Outlook Express [Why would anyone use this anyway?] .

Firewalls etc etc are obviously NO solution to preventing PC Plod from invading your privacy [as they are only additional programmes] SO if you care about this sort of thing as a matter of principle regardless of what you may or may not have to hide then switch to using a MAC.

I do as i dont want the STASI poking around in my computer thanks very much and dont forget that if a home PC can be hacked remotely then it is also possible for the Plod to plant information into its hard drive.If using a Mac/linux then periodically reinstall/update the software and keep up to date with security updates and then you should have no worries as you will be hackproof.Also if you know anything about Linux programmes then you can compile your own installs.

This is assuming of course that the MI5/plod etc dont have their own inhouse Linux hackers.Not very likely as there arent very many around.

The EU/NEU Labour are becoming a problem.


  1. You got something to hide?

    Don't be so sure you're so invisible. (wink)

  2. I didnt say i was invisible.I said i was [virtually] hackproof.A different thing entirely.

    I have nothing to hide.Judging by that comment you sound like you go along with the "nothing to fear/hide etc" way of thinking .If you are then you are too stupid for your own good.In which case carry on reading as you might learn something.

  3. I will, thanks. I have learned something as well. Thanks for that also. I see you have a sense of humour. That's good. A sense of humour is a handy thing to have in your position.