Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Israeli land grabs:

Its worth watching Al-Jazeera if you want a more balanced view of what is going on in Gaza.

Israel have been targeting medics within Gaza plus there have been incidents where Israel have been targeting Aid Convoys .

This isnt really what you define as war when there is no discrimination between Combatants and Non-combatants.Its more like Genocide.

Whatever happened to Rules of Engagement ? They dont seem to apply to Israel.

The UN dont seem to have any juristiction over all this either.

The worlds political community ought to be ashamed that they are allowing this to happen.I watched footage of the US congress that featured various members of it shouting out their hysterical blind mindless support of the Israelis offensives.

Quite sickening really but exactly what i expected.

How anyone can look at the picture above and see what is happening and not condemn it is totally beyond me.

Someone i know who is a US born Israeli was saying that Hamas are making the situation worse as they are a Muslim organisation wheras previously Palestinians were always secular.I dont believe that this makes a scrap of difference personally as Israel will not stop until every bit of land is under their control and the Palestinians are either evicted or wiped out.

The world political community has NO credibility anymore as far as i am concerned not they ever had much in the first place.

The political community dont reflect the strength of feeling against Israel that is being generated by all this from outside of the political community.

Last of all yet again the US media is trying to overstate the case for US airstrikes against Iran.

If i remember correctly we have been through all this before with Iraq with a military campaign against another country based on spurious "intelligence".

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