Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hilarious picture :

Gordon used to be a bit of a hit with the ladies apparently.This picture must have been taken when he was a young naive and gullible radical leftwing student who probably thought "one day i will be prime minister and i will sell out the UK and destroy its sovereignty".

He looks a bit freaky in the picture what with the heavy oversized jawline and the rather faraway look in his eyes.Funny eyes as well.The hair is just wrong and looks like a syrup and actually the head looks like it has been cut and pasted onto another body very badly as its badly off centre.It does have a bit of a look of photoshop about it .Still someone has to be at the back of the queue when looks were given out.

It also looks a bit like one of those pictures you see in the background of have i got news for you.


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