Thursday, 15 January 2009

Shameful :


Israel sends text messages to warn you that you are going to be bombed.Leave the building and go outside and get caught out in the open when it starts raining White Phosphorous.

"Only we have the Chutzpah to do this !!"

One of the JewTards in the video is complaining that its the Holocaust all over again regarding persecution of Jews.I have to ask WTF she is talking about because i am not aware of 6 million odd Jews being exterminated recently and i see no evidence of any persecution of them going on anywhere otherwise i would have known about it and so would everyone else and if that was the case she would have a legitemate claim of persecution ,imprisonment,ethnic cleansing /extermination but since Jews are not persecuted anywhere then i would say that she is talking utter garbage.

Its more like "WWWaaaaah !!! I am Jewish And they cant say that. We are being persecuted AGAIN !!"


Stupid Bitch.

Its their get out clause they use to try and silence opposition when in reality they are slowly becoming the new Nazis or rather the Zionist political cause is.The criticism and condemnation of Israel/Gaza and the recent offensives are a condemnation of Zionism which is a political/religious ideology and has NOTHING to do with race but it is about religion.They are trying to flame hatred for Muslims so its only fair that their religion should be criticised and if they werent behaving in the way that they are then no one would be attacking them so they bring it on themselves.

The irony of all this of course is lost on them all.

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