Saturday, 24 January 2009

Question time with Gordon Brown :

You need an unspecified amount of time if you fancy a go at this.

You may even be there all night as Gordon doesnt really like answering questions.

As an example it took 8 attempts at least to get an answer to a question about the state of the UK economy during an interview on the today Programme.

"are we in an irreversible decline that will lead to a depression ?" etc etc and each time Gordon digresses and changes the subject and it attempts to steer the conversation away just like a liberal always does.Its either denial which is typical or its guilt or its the fact that he knows something we dont and doesnt want us to know

Its probably all of these and more.

So even when the UK is on the brink or has actually gone over it you still cant get a straight answer from our unelected PM.

Sometimes someone just needs that little extra something that helps them remember or keep their minds focused on the topic in question until they choose to answer which is why you need lots of time.

The PM needs interrogating.

Alistair darling was almost painful to watch when interviewed on Newsnight.He will and did try and blame it all on the US [while this govt did exactly the same thing] as its all their fault which is partly true [Democrats] but otherwise its Gordon Browns fault for using the same economic model/pyramid scheme as the US/Federal Reserve.

Did the US force the UK to bailout bankers ??

Dont think so .The blame game doesnt really get very far.

"We are heading into the worst economic disaster ever seen" or something like that and at this point Alistair sounds like he is giving the interviewer a ticking off.

Still its all wasted time asking either Gordon Brown or Alistair Darling for solutions or answers because they dont have solutions and you always get the wrong answer when you want the right answer.

There is something a bit creepy or odd about Alistair Darling as there is with all of them.

Gordon Brown saves the world.

Gordon Brown couldnt save a cup of coffee.

These Morons are going to fuck up everyones life and the misery they will cause will be untold.

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