Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Isreali truce :

The Israelis are allowing a 3 hr window [daily] in the senseless violence that they are inflicting on Gaza to allow humanitarian aid through and to allow relatives of the dead children and women to pick up the pieces as it were before it all kicks off again.

Perhaps if they could increase these windows to 24 hrs and then 48 hours until the window of non violence is increased to 365 days a year then we might be getting somewhere.

There will be NO peace in the middle east until there is a recognised Palestinian State and the Israelis stop using Palestinians as slave labour.

Not to mention Israels illegal nucleur arsenal plus the activities of Mossad.

Zionism which is a political sytstem/ideology and NOTHING to do with race [just so you know] .

I was going to comment on Talmudism until i realised that i am totally out of my depth on that subject so its best left alone.The Talmud does contain some very negative material but so does the Koran and so does the Bible and i prefer to keep away from the subject of Religion.

All 3 ideologies breed psychopathic behaviour.

Also if anyone wants to play the blame game which really is quite correct and considering that the buck always stops somewhere then the buck stops at the house of Rothschild.

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