Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Pink Moon :

I was watching the Moon out of the window last night and it was a pale pink colour and this is the first time i have ever seen this in 41 yrs .


  1. Are you gay or just a faggot?

  2. Are you a semi literate Fucktard ?

    I havent been asked that question for a while.

    next question please......

  3. Are you a phoney? You sound like one to me. Give it up loser. Ha!

  4. Are you disappointed that i havent answered your question ?

    Why not visit a Gay chatroom or forum ?

  5. The anonymous person who made these comments clearly has a very unsophisticated view of an individuals personal perceptions. To me this reflects the worst aspect of a pseudo machismo character that there person is trying display, which in turn reflects a great deal of inadequacy. If you can't make clever comments then don't bother. Clearly Mr Wolf's blog is a little much for this individuals feeble intellect.