Friday, 9 January 2009

Train fares :

I havent ever sworn at or got annoyed with anyone who deals with the public in a shop or whatever until the other day when i was buying a train ticket .I should have dodged it because i dont see why i should pay 13.20 for a single to London from Brighton and then have to pay 20.80 for a single from London Victoria to Brighton.An identical journey except in reverse on a different day.

"Here you are have some more money and some more and some more fucking money.Fucking rip off scam.".

I felt like throwing at her as i was incensed.

4 quid for a single on the tube is a scam as well.The trick is to walk right up behind someone who is going through the barriers and if you are quick enough then there is enough time to get through before it closes.London Transport must be going bankrupt through loss of fare revenue on their bendy buses.They must be stupid providing a service that is so easy to cheat.You just get on and off like a free service.


  1. She was just doing her job you out of control prick! Is something wrong with you?

    This is a great blog. I save it regularly as web page archives. Thanks. LOL

  2. I said i have *never* done it before so i am hardly out of control and no i didnt feel good about it.