Friday, 30 January 2009


Yes we really do need another insipid female singer.We really need another identikit Dido Drone whose recorded output is nothing more than wallpaper/coffee table insipid Pish.

"Its amazing" and its here we go again time.

The song sounds like it was written by an under 12yr old.

"Finally Woken" - Go back to sleep.


She used to hang around in Brighton and used to hang around with the clubbing fraternity who i cant stand and with FatBoy Pisshead Slim who i also cant stand.I used to think it was funny the way that he smokes a cigarette.

Shallow Bint.

She isnt any oil painting.Love the side parting.

FatBoy Slim is a Dickhead.

A friends brother who is a photographer said that thet were taking photos at his house [something like that anyway] and they had to cancel the shoot because he was pissed apparently.He is Bipolar or a Manic Depressive.

Never have i been so happy to see someones music sales decline.

"I need to chill I have been up all night clubbing..."

Fuck Off.

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